: Why dont you give us evidences of this self defence; Instead of crafting a story out of thin air, to suit your convenience.
I made a thread about it and just after this lol.
619 (OCE)
: Trash Talk vs. Toxicity
League of legends motto You chat? You banned.
: >Most people getting punished are victims of trolls, THAT IS THE MATTER AT HAND. I'd argue that at a point you stop being a victim and start being a participant. I'm not saying that makes starting shit ok, but stopping to their level to what, get back at them? I don't think that's ok either. Less than 1% of players will ever see a punishment, and of those about 75% will never see a second one. Reform rates plummet after that, so there isn't much value at all in having any more than 4 chances. Even if you don't agree with all the community rules, you have to accept that to be a part of the community they govern you will have to abide by them. It sounds like you're largely talking about gameplay offences though, and I'm the first to admit they take too long. Chat is pretty clear cut, and even easier to review, but gameplay is more ambiguous. What is the difference between an intentional feeder and a genuinely new or bad player? Not much unless the inter is just being completely obvious about it (which does get picked up pretty quick). I'm the first to say that gameplay punishments need to be faster, but I'm also the first to say we shouldn't be ignoring chat offences in the meantime, and someone else starting fights shouldn't give anyone a free pass to do whatever.
> [{quoted}](name=Seras Dragon,realm=OCE,application-id=T8eq2lFQ,discussion-id=RHJXR413,comment-id=000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2018-10-18T11:49:05.901+0000) > > What is the difference between an intentional feeder and a genuinely new or bad player? Not much unless the inter is just being completely obvious about it (which does get picked up pretty quick). > You're right it's so hard to spot a bad player in gold elo, it's obviously a new account and you know he's bad because he's wandered from his jungle into your lane to tax xp and gold and then feed your lane opponent his buffs and sit at your tower and afk. WHOOPS, I've been reporting people in ranked for griefing and int feeding when i should have just ignored it because they need to learn these things in gold. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
Bobobub (OCE)
: Teammates and banning system
There's nothing casual about league of legends. Normal/aram whatever, All game modes are treated the same.. An obvious int for e.g like 10 deaths at 10 minutes would probably catch a ban. let me correct that, it probably won't even catch a ban, It will catch a Chat restriction depending on the tier of penalties you're on/had. In ranked if it's for e.g 7 deaths at 14 minutes which is a death every 2 minutes.. I don't think system would detect an int. System doesn't care about gameplay 90% time. It's probably a statistical analysis over a duration of time.. like damage done,damage taken, deaths, gold etc shit like that. (i'm assuming)
: yes. and why were these changes necessary? because they nerfed the hell out of "solo carries" and the solo playstyle. Still nowhere close to the Solo Carry potential of previous seasons.
: its actually the exact opposite of that; this season has been the most team orientated league has ever been. You clearly didn't play 3 or 4 years ago.
No....... Riot literally made a video how theyre trying to make it easier to solo carry that's why the bounty gold increased aswell as first turret gold can be given to a single player.
: He wasn't perma'd for that log, he was punished for that log. He was perma'd for ignoring all prior warnings, including an explicit threat of permanent suspension for any further violations, and continuing with problematic behaviour. If it had been his first offence, it more than likely would have just been a 10 game chat restriction.
No. It's "don't use the chat feature but troll as much as you like because riot doesn't record game play".
: Did you know that Riot used to do infinitely stacking chat restrictions? The record is something like 13000 games. They didn't work. The punishment tiers are what they are, because reform rates past 4th offence are so low they aren't worth catering to. You have a choice, you can allow 100 more toxic players to play a couple more toxic games (up to 900 players negatively affected) so that one player has that one extra chance to reform. Or, you can save those up to 900 players the negativity. It's worth noting that from everything I've read the reform rate at this point is much lower than 1%, this was only an example. You get 4 demerit points on your license, because noone should need 5 chances to get their shit together, and if they're at that point, they likely aren't going to. The same principle applies here.
I didn't know and I don't think it matters. Most people getting punished are victims of trolls, THAT IS THE MATTER AT HAND. I have a voice and if I don't use it I can do whatever I want, if I decide to use it there's hard proof evidence that I am a toxic person to the community that needs to be exterminated regardless why. WeLcOmE tO SuMmOnErS RiFT
: Yeah, you're being punished for calling a %%%% a %%%%. This is bullshit.
hard to tell if it's sarcasm XD
: its a typical yasuo
That's so funny ahahah but honestly it's a typical chinese person. They always say shit like this.
: He wasn't perma'd for that log, he was punished for that log. He was perma'd for ignoring all prior warnings, including an explicit threat of permanent suspension for any further violations, and continuing with problematic behaviour. If it had been his first offence, it more than likely would have just been a 10 game chat restriction.
He may have been saying worse stuff for his other penalties it's not like there has been very clear indication of what is and what isn't okay, we've had to learn from reading what people have been punished for. I never thought I'd get banned for saying "b5 pos throwing smh boosted monkey git gud".
: We already get that with the current system. A minor offence or two will not result in any form of punishment, like that speeding fine you get out of because you weren't *that* much over and you've never offended before. A chat restriction is like losing a demerit point or a speeding fine, a perma ban like losing your licence. If you jump straight from clean record to 50 km/h over in residential you aren't going to get out of that.
That's something severe though which is on the spot instant loss of license, it's not like going over 3-5kmph of the speed limit which you'd probably get away with. Just like murdering someone, it's not like talking smack to someone with kindergarten insults which in the end.. still warrants the worst possible punishment. You move up the punishments tiers too fast, like.. the current system doesn't read how severe, it's just told "valid" or "invalid" and you move up a tier. Maybe you should suggest having a demerit point system. I think i like it. atm it seems like we have 12 points and saying your bad twice in chat takes 4 points... where it should be like 1..... ? You'll probably say it pretty much is already in place but as i said, you move up the tiers too fast for minor stuff. It needs to be able to detect what is severe and what isn't. Just as it can detect racism and all that no tolerance stuff. that stuff i completely agree with.
: Let me give you a taste of what you've dissed out. Silver 5?0LP, after 586 games played? 50% Win rate, barely hanging on the edge of being in deficit? How the hell can you talks about other people, like you are better than them. A silver 4 can call you a boosted monkey, because of your 0LP. You are what others would called "hard stuck". You're focusing too much on other people's problems and complained on it; Because you are willfully blind to your own mistakes. Do you like what you see? because that is what other people saw, when you're venting. If i got banned in such a way, i would accept it. After all those warning, and it's still not enough to instill fear; Then obviously i'm not too bright. Or dont care about the outcome. The system is not going to morph itself for you. If you cant adjust, then say good bye. This is just the reality of this world. If you cant fit in and co-operate, then you will be removed. We dont live in a one size fits all world.
He may have deserved a punishment but not one so severe. more specifically he didn't deserve a perm ban for shaming someone for playing bad. But...... yeah, If we don't like it and Riot won't change, there's only one thing to do.. Some people can understand and some cannot, some people can't tolerate being bagged on.. Riot doesn't show others chats because we're only responsible for our own actions but like you said.. Riot's focused on what people type not how people play. If I remember correctly, Seras said there's no system and it's high work load to monitor game play, I don't think it's a good reason to not have it, we know Riot is a multi million dollar company. It's not like they don't have a budget to have something like this. Feel sorry for ya bud, atleast if you make a new account MMR will be clean and there'll be less toxic people you'll get matched with. Good luck.
: If I go 20 years without murdering anyone, but then one day decide I hate someone enough to murder them and follow through, should I be protected from consequences just because I had the decency not to murder anyone before that? Honour is an achievement, not a free pass to be negative every once in awhile.
Then why in the U.S can you use your good driving record to appeal a traffic citation ?
: [4:24] Kai'Sa: stop sitting so far bacck [4:49] Kai'Sa: then learn to ddodge morgs stuns [5:19] Kai'Sa: im bad [5:24] Kai'Sa: ytou have been hit by 5 morg qs [5:33] Kai'Sa: i got no lane control cause you sitting so far backj [5:59] Kai'Sa: because yyou cant dodge a morg q If you tell me that I cannot dodge, I will get hit even more often, because I will try harder and fail. It's always like that. People know when they perform poorly, yelling at them won't do. You blame the support for not having lane control (which might be true though), but blaming is considered a sign of negativity. Instead of saying that, you could explain in a nice or neutral manner what she/he is doing wrong. I would have said "please try to apply some lane pressure, I can't farm" or "it's okay, let's wait for our jungler, let them push". [7:36] Kai'Sa: im afvk [8:13] [All] Kai'Sa: im trolling? [8:17] [All] Kai'Sa: you wwant 6to go trhere [9:09] Kai'Sa: he uuses skills on minions have fun [9:40] Kai'Sa: nah imma farm up [10:26] Kai'Sa: ping me again [10:28] Kai'Sa: i dare you [10:45] Kai'Sa: ping me one more time ali [10:48] Kai'Sa: i fucking dare you [11:31] [All] Kai'Sa: how am im being toxic? Here you were already angry and while I can understand why, I can't understand the reaction. Flaming is like fighting fire with fire. You lost farm, gold, items, map awareness, kills by wasting time to type in chat. After that point I got pretty toxic I wont lie after I said stop sitting so far back which was the first thing I said to him, I got told to goo kill myself. I wont deny that I was toxic, but this quote, 'We know there are bad games and people can have bad days. However, exhibiting a toxic behavior constantly will be followed by a punishment - how it was in your case.' does that not put the idea out there that it is for more than just one game of toxic behavior? regardless of the degree of anything that is negative behavior in game? I'd also like to point out this quote from my ticket as well'. 'It's not okay to behave like that in a game and the chat restriction was a warning'. If its a warning then why do I still get punish more than just a chat ban? I still lost my honor level that took me 3-4 months to get 1 check point off level 2, so I loose my end of season rewards? because of a 'warning'.
Yeah I don't really understand why punishments affect your honor but having good honor won't protect you from being punished.. It's hard work getting honor back from level 0/1.
Rioter Comments
: I just played a game where a Kayne just started running into fights 1v5 because he wasn't given a lanes minions early, The game before had a darius jungle and a kayne top the kayne afk'd in base and darius was just being a troll because the apparently forgot to swap knowing that the remake wouldn't kick in. Like do something like the CSGO thing where you watch highlights of someone that was report for cheating or something. But when A support staff says I got penalized because of consistent bad behavior, when I was notified, the only chat log displayed was that game. This below was a summary of after 'breaking down' my chat log from that game -trying to defuse the situation -admit that someone can have a bad game -if that doesn't work, mute + report -trying to farm and catch-up. Now here the thing 2 other people commented on his actions in chat log before I said anything at the 4-5 minute mark, surely support would have access to that, It was not a bad game it was the player intentionally throwing the game, muting would not have done anything at 6-7 minutes I had multiple deaths getting 3 manned tower dived while Ali stood and watch I couldn't farm because I wasn't safe at my tower obviously and I describe what happened in detail earlier in the ticket Then the same staff later posted this. 'Intentionally feeding is different from feeding. I really doubt that you had 200 consecutive games with intentionally feeders in your team. Players feeding? Yes. Intentionally? No.' I did not say of intentionally feeding I said almost 200 games of toxic games. Earlier in that support 'Toxicity is a wide term and you have the necessary weapons to defend yourself from it. You can mute the players that are flaming you and you can report them after.' I agree its a wide term in the game but the only tools provided is muting chat. reporting people after game just feels pointless. I still do it, What motivation does someone have to play ranked with some intent of taking it seriously so to speak? a honor system? get penalized once its takes a few months to get it back, so in my mind they need something more like what they have in DotA where you cant play ranked, and you have to play a few low priority queues. And after the changes that has happened this year, I could understand that contributing but i feel like its slowly got worse over the years and it's just led up to this.
A bit hard to understand what support said because it's not broken down enough. Can you send your chat log lol. It's not going to do much good but some people may say that was bullshit if that's what you want to hear, it's just trying to get riot to hear it that's difficult.
: Chinese People
https://imgur.com/a/ya3MzsK Good response from a good china man. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} I forgot to report him which sucks.
: Your spelling is terrible, spend more time in school and less time on Lol please. Trash talking is fine if you follow the rules. You can trash talk all you want as long as it is game related. Don't bring race/religion/family/etc into the mix and you're fine. You can say "get rekt noob", you can't say "I fucked your mother you dirty Jew". People get banned for a reason, and proper game related trash-talk isn't it. Racism, homophobia, or any other hate-speech isn't trash talk, it is just trash behaviour.
Sometimes I wonder if you have more chance of being banned by trash talking in team chat instead of all chat..
Notoxic (OCE)
: this is funny because you think its anyone elses responsibility to control you. grow up.
: Sad Days
Smarter to afk :D
: The state of the reporting system is a complete joke. I have had the same toxic, inconsiderate player in multiple games where they spend all game refusing the play or cooperate in a team based game. I watch players who will split push when objectives are being taken, refuse to gank as a jungler, sit in bushes all game watching people try their heart out to win 4v5 and just grief intentionally games that are very much playable. Its disgusting how players who constantly do try are punished and players who don't, get away with it constantly. The current system doesn't work and its clearly evident of the case. OCE is at its worst state.
There needs to be something that monitors game play.. can it be done though..
: With some help from the EU volunteers I've dug up some more specific info as well: >[75% of players tend to improve their behaviors after an initial verbal warning, and the rates of improvement just plummet after that. We never saw a benefit of using 1 day, 3 day, 7 day, 14 day bans *and* chat restrictions and ranked restrictions, so that's why you don't see as many shorter bans--they don't improve anything beyond verbal warnings while longer bans do.](https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/369a4k/reporting_feels_so_useless/crbz8bh/) It's admittedly quite old, but well after the introduction of the new system, and as far as I can find has never been defuncted by any new data/changes.
Yeah some interesting perspectives from people on that thread. A line does need to be drawn somewhere and as far as the warnings go, some people are lucky to get more than the 4 with good behaviour it resets. This is from that thread and it's pretty good way to understand riots logic. **"There is evidence to suggest that detection and not severity of punishment is what really reduces offenders. If people knew they will almost certainly be punished, they won't do it. Even it there is the threat of perms ban, players may think, 'I'll get away with' or 'Will never happen to me'. Second, how does a perma ban for being extremely obnoxious sit with an account where someone has spent hundreds of dollars on in game items? Can it be, from some perspectives, too harsh?"** I just think it's sad to lose an account for calling someone words like moron/stupid/dumb/bad/boosted.. I just imagine kindergarten insults, even thrown in with some f words, It's all at the same level of abuse in riots eyes, there's worse things to say but it's all having the same effect. Sure it's negative behaviour all the same but perm ban worthy..? I can't agree...
: Report system update needed?
Can you tell us what Support said? If they are representing riot you should make it public. I don't think it's the most toxic game by the way, Fortnite/PUBG and any game with voice chat is pretty bad when it comes to racism and other common stuff but really no one cares. NO ONE. League is toxic because of the game play and how much one person can impact your experience in a game. Where as other games, It's hard to troll someone specifically. League you can tax their farm, follow them around take their xp feed their lane etc etc. But if they don't use the chat feature, guess what? No detection of a problem in the game. You abuse the person trolling you? BAN HAMMER OF JUSTICE!
: This game is ridiculous. I had two chat bans so I've been really careful not to swear or say anything that could be considered abusive. However, I just received a 14-day ban for refusing to support an ADC. I didn't int. I didn't AFK. I was getting frustrated because we couldn't make any plays because she never had any mana. She was playing Sivir. I suggested she use her shield to get mana. She got angry at that suggestion. So I left lane, because I felt like there was nothing I could do for her, we just kept dying and I felt I was better off roaming. I continued to play the game, just not in the bot lane. There isn't a single swear word or insult on my reform card. If you read the entire transcript, the same couldn't be said for 3 of the 4 other players on my team. I bet they're not banned or restricted, though. Everyone on my team decided our team's loss was my fault and reported me, so bam! Suspended. The day I was banned, I played with people called "[REMOVED - [REPORTING OTHER PLAYERS](http://boards.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/announcements/BjArMH2B-boards-universal-rules)]" and "[REMOVED - [REPORTING OTHER PLAYERS](http://boards.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/announcements/BjArMH2B-boards-universal-rules)]". Not that I personally care what their usernames are but the point is, where's their punishment? Is Riot too stupid to filter the usernames for such obvious misspellings? Clearly the answer is yes. You can also basically DO anything in a game . . . steal other people's roles, int, troll build, you name it, and nothing happens. But you SAY one thing and bam. You play a game with a duo and one of the duo doesn't like you? Bam. Two reports. You threaten to report someone because they've done any of the things I've just mentioned? Bam. They report you in retaliation. And Riot gives duo and retaliatory reports the same weight as yours. Pathetic. Never spending another cent on this game considering you can just be banned on a whim. And it's just completely pointless to ban anyway, because who doesn't have a smurf?
Hey mate, take a look at this thread on reddit, here's the link. https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/9lyha2/riots_public_stance_on_inting_sion/ and now take your case up with riot saying that it's a strategy and really theres no reason to be banned because if you werent like you say you werent being toxic at all, just being strategical, then what can they say? Take your case up with riot and let me know how you go.
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: Riot would never do it considering they want "communication". If the chat feature isn't used for anything relating to strategy it's considered abuse, excessive and not needed. in reality, it's a pointless feature. All friends in high elo tell me typing is the most detrimental thing you can possibly do. You can move the chat window off your screen except you'll be at a disadvantage with time stamps. I'm the same type of player as you except not been permed I don't think we should have to take such measures for insurance we aren't going to get our accounts banned. What they have a zero tolerance for right now(racism homophobia self harm encouragement etc) is the only things that should matter.. calling someone a monkey warrants a perm ban depending on warning numbers. It's hard to have a perfect system and right now Riot is telling us to yield to the way their changing the game.
I've also thought they should have a vote kick in champ select, just to protect your LP if someone was to lock in something troll and said they were going to troll, something like that. It happens pretty frequently especially when riot trolls someone by giving them mid in one game and then support the next. It's the most tilting thing ever. But, you can see how easily this would be abused by pre made teams and what not. I don't know why autofill is a thing because people dont like getting roles they don't pick. I, personally, would be happy to wait an extra 5 minutes to get the role I want.
: Disabling Chat for toxic players who want to stop.
Riot would never do it considering they want "communication". If the chat feature isn't used for anything relating to strategy it's considered abuse, excessive and not needed. in reality, it's a pointless feature. All friends in high elo tell me typing is the most detrimental thing you can possibly do. You can move the chat window off your screen except you'll be at a disadvantage with time stamps. I'm the same type of player as you except not been permed I don't think we should have to take such measures for insurance we aren't going to get our accounts banned. What they have a zero tolerance for right now(racism homophobia self harm encouragement etc) is the only things that should matter.. calling someone a monkey warrants a perm ban depending on warning numbers. It's hard to have a perfect system and right now Riot is telling us to yield to the way their changing the game.
: >Hacks4Dayz: Vayne is boosted Hacks4Dayz: Dont worry noc Hacks4Dayz: She will be B5 again soon >Hacks4Dayz: I want real silver adc Hacks4Dayz: Noit B5 >Hacks4Dayz: This adc is B5 all day every dfay and you can see it in her stats build and items >Hacks4Dayz: What the fuck is mentally wrong with you >Hacks4Dayz: I got ezreal adc Hacks4Dayz: You got a real adc >Hacks4Dayz: WTF WAS THAT EZREAL Hacks4Dayz: YOU BOOSTED MONKEY Hacks4Dayz: OH MY Hacks4Dayz: Go back to B5 To just pick a couple, this is self defence? self-defence: the act of defending oneself, one's actions, ideas, etc defence: taking action in order to *protect* someone or something *You* are defending OP. You are arguing his case. While there is some defence in that log, OP was *attacking* his team. There's nothing defensive about "Go back to B5 you boosted monkey". Past warnings *are* relevant. Even if you ignore the *you've been a rule breaker before so we're keeping an eye on you" aspect, consider the "a chat restriction, a second chat restriction, and a 14 day ban with the explicit threat of a perma should this behaviour continue, was not enough to dissuade this player from continuing to be a negative influence on the community". It's not like this perma came out of nowhere or was a surprise. The 14 day reform card states ["If this behaviour continues, your account will be permanently suspended."](https://imgur.com/U4XhEGo). Even if you don't agree with the rules, that doesn't change the fact that you have to abide by them if you want to remain a part of the community. *Any* community. Despite multiple warnings and a very explicit threat of permanent suspension, the behaviour continued. So if temporary punishment is not enough to prevent the negative behaviour that hurts *everyone*, what is Riot left to do? Permanent chat bans were proved to not work. Reform tactics like giving accounts back after x amount of time with good behaviour was proved not to work, so the only option left is to permanently suspend accounts that repeatedly offend. That is why his past punishments are relevant, and that is why he was permanently suspended for this.
Okay. Good point, it doesn't seem like self defence, but you can't say it isn't without seeing another player in the game chatting, which you will also say it doesn't matter who started it in riots eyes, which is something that should be changed (sort of). I just don't think it's fair that if both parties were toxic one recieves a chat restriction and this fella has recieved a perm ban. It's also an old system were reporting a player for being "unskilled" was an actual thing so calling someone bad is something that riot pretty much encouraged. If that makes sense? It was reportable anyway.. What is riot is left to do? No idea, toxicity isn't something you can beat and I see they've brought down the hammer on it but they've missed something. Can you answer on riots behalf why they won't bring the tribunal feature back? Or change the way IFS to recognise that things such as this shouldn't warrant a perm ban. I saw you say something about they've tried the perm chat restriction and it failed miserably, could you link me to this? I could be wrong but when you're chat restricted it's usually a lot easier to play being given limited messages so that you wont excessively chat.
: That's kind of in the grey area. If you punched him while you're actively being mugged, I think there's a pretty solid argument for self defence. It isn't necessarily wise, and may be an overreaction depending on if the mugging is actually violent or a grab and run type deal, but there's a credible argument there depending on the situation. If you see him on the street an hour later and slug him then, well that's different. Not that it's a perfect analogy anyway.
It's someone who cares about winning getting frustrated with a bad player to finish the game and get greeted with a permanent ban. The lowest possible form of abuse btw. How does this chat warrant a perm ban? Forget the fact he had past warnings, it's an irrelevant factor based on this chat log alone. A chat restriction would be suffice, not a two week ban and not a perm ban. It's not about who started it, you should have the right to defend yourself. After investing time in a game for someone else to play badly and then afk is a frustrating thing. Being permed ban for such a manner isn't a suitable consequence.
: >Last get this out of the way first of all. They do not offer the full chat log as it is condemanding to them. That is a fact. I would very much be interested in proof of these facts. I was never arguing the other player's behaviour, if they did something worthy of punishment they will receive one in the same way that you have. The stance is that *it does not matter who started it*, that is a child's excuse, and is a poor thing to accept as a reason from perfectly capable teenagers and up. Given that, the rest of the chat log is irrelevant. It wasn't a case of you quoting someone who said 'kys' or anything of the sort, so as far as your behaviour and your punishment is concerned, your log is all that is necessary, and all that should matter to you now, given you will likely never see those players again, and you are not responsible for their actions, only your own. >Back in the day of the old " Tribunal system " It's for the reasons you listed and more that tribunal was removed, because it didn't work. >It has nothing to do with so called " Privacy " Policies change when they are problematic. Those problems existed *6 years ago*, and not even on this server. They are hardly relevant now. >it has everything to do with the fact Riot would not be able to ban half if not 3/4 people they do if it came out.. What? You are responsible for *your* actions, and *your* actions broke the rules. >This player was ban after he had to deal with 30+ mins of people saying how bad and shit he was Why do you get a free pass for doing the same? If you feel that behaviour is not ok, why should you be allowed to demonstrate that *exact* behaviour with no recourse? Why didn't you just mute them? >Yes.. Over a year ago.. I came back after a very long break from the game. You restore your accounts status by playing games and demonstrating positivity/neutrality, if you didn't play any games there was no way for that to happen. Restoring status just by time is meaningless, because players with multiple accounts could just switch between them and never worry about permanent suspension, it is much to easy too abuse. >Why? It is due to the numbers If that were the case then false punishments would be rampant. They aren't. If you were punished, you are either one of the *extremely* rare cases of false punishment because something you said or did triggered the system mistakenly, or you said or did something worthy of punishment. Data from *6 years ago* has little to no bearing on the present. I wasn't deep in the systems when they first came out, but like any system I imagine there were problems in it's infancy. That is essentially meaningless now. >So please do not lie or try and past off what you believe as fact when it is far from the fact. I could say the very same to you. You haven't offered any proof to the alternative, only data you (a single player) collected *6 years ago*. Especially given your punishment was a valid one, you haven't exactly offered a strong argument to consider.
You can't say he started it is a child's excuse, if someone came up to mug you are you going to just walk away? You turn around and get jumped. It's a self defense thing and it's totally justified.
dute9 (EUW)
: Why is trash talking not alowed in a lol?
25 game chat restriction for calling someone a dumb%%%% and having a debate why i shouldnt help someone who is inting my lane. Guess who got the punishment..
: mate you need to calm down. im not saying its the next meta breaking thing. im just saying its not as bad as you say. with stacking traps rapters and a leashe on red. you clear your first 2 camp really fast. and with a bit of practice ive got my first clear down to just 2 seconds slower than a kayn. i've definitely won alot more games than ive lost with it. and yeah i get people might be a bit hesitant and be like oooo spicy wtf XD. and even early game (Depending on the enemy jgler) you can go for an invade. theres nothing wrong with going 'troll' picks in norms. but there is something wrong with trolling. again. have you ever gone an 'off meta' build?
Wouldn't bother with this guy.. Literally takes context out of anything he can to instigate an argument to feel superior. honestly.
: yep you were right. i still think its a pretty silly punishment for a silly crime. an email saying "hey just leading know these kind of actions will get your punished" would have been enough. i worked my but off to get honor 3. and now im down to 1. just because someone decided to troll. riot said "ill see they get punished" but its a shame theres not guaranteed way to see that anything actually happened
Prolly won't see them get punished, Riot won't manually punish them because they think their system is more efficient due to the IFS banning based on "constant" behavior instead of a one off game where they may been negative. in 90% of cases, you'll see the punished ones getting banned opposed to the ones who are really causing the loss. I rather have a flamer who wants to win rather than an afk farming jungle and occasional inting.
: can ANYONE explain to me why im chat restricted
because riot wants to perm ban accounts so players make more accounts and spend money :'). Support will tell you that it's best not to say anything at all and although you werent toxic youre behavior still has a negative impact on the game and you typing is preventing you from playing.
esp (OCE)
: Lost honor level?
Hello riot ? Are you going to tell me why ?????
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: Is the lack of Blue Essence driving people away?
BE is so great, you know why? If you're 10 blue essence off of a champion, GUES WHAT? You don't need to play just 1 game to close the gap, you need to play 10! WOWOWOW {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
: Lemme see if I got this right
Lol they arent even targetting bots. They are targetting the people who are victims to others trolling that retaliate with "naughty words", and this isnt even including racist or self harm.
: Can u ban someone for the client chat
If bot didn't pick it up, they arent going to do anything about it either. lol
Lumaxious (OCE)
: That's up to Riot's discretion, I just had A similar experience on an alt account, I made one mistake and got killed so the nunu started flaming me, I don't get why this happens, It's a team game yet so many people only care about themselves. https://imgur.com/a/5QRXUcx
> [{quoted}](name=Lumaxious,realm=OCE,application-id=T8eq2lFQ,discussion-id=HFRmWEOH,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-05-19T01:59:43.676+0000) > > That's up to Riot's discretion, I just had A similar experience on an alt account, I made one mistake and got killed so the nunu started flaming me, I don't get why this happens, It's a team game yet so many people only care about themselves. > > https://imgur.com/a/5QRXUcx "SOLO" queue.
: Permanently Banned
Riot will slap you in the face with their scrotum buddy. They don't unban accounts, period. They should really start though.
: Is there a way to not derank due to your teammates afking right after 3 minutes
Odds are against you in EVERY game, there's not much you can do about it. Sucks to know but that's how it is in SOLO queue.
Antonis8 (EUNE)
: Penalty for dodges should be increased
It's tilting when you get mid 3 x and then the 4th queue pop gives you support. That's tilting af.
: why do i have to lose my promos because people afk and im the only one whose losing
: That's the sad part, I do not intend to win or play good, I just muck around and do random shit. Yet somehow I win any way. My only goal is don't feed to hard (I did on the odd games but its like 1 in 5 games at the moment). I just got honor level 1 today as well, no idea how I got to it considering my builds and how I have been playing. Have not been salty but I did refuse to help my salty team when they flamed me for my troll builds so I just farmed all game until we lost. I got dragons so technically I got objectives ;)
That's the problem with riots priorties on who/what they're banning people for.
I play a lot of riven, but not in toplane mainly because I just suck at toplane and I'm a mid main. I think her early to mid-game is pretty good depending on match ups. I usually win lane and even if I don't dominate I ward their jg and kill him, it's good 1v1 potential. But against tanks, yeah, I feel useless-ish.
4y5tvb8 (OCE)
: For Optus users with the "issue" causing us to not connect to games
No more issues dude. I think you're safe {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Mindstar (OCE)
: Thanks for letting us know. Did you ever hear from Optus or have any indication that some kind of action was taken to fix things? Or did it just randomly start working again?
No notification was given, they took my phone number when I spoke to their live chat and said they'd alert me/contact me but my phone died that night. I would have posted my tracert on their boards but everytime I went to do it it said their website is busy {{champion:91}}
4y5tvb8 (OCE)
: Is it safe to test bot games (co-op vs intermediate AI) without the risk of leaverbuster?
You could even try spectating through the league client, i think?
: Leavebuster Due to Optus
They won't do anything for you through the boards, you have to go through the process of submitting a ticket. sucks, i know.
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