: The Ranked reset actually BROKE my MMR this season.
You haven't notices the flaw in your argument? If so many gold+ got dropped down, and all the silvers got dropped down to bronze.. Then you're still fucking playing with last seasons gold players
: Maokai isnt a dash, its a blink, so assuming you let the cast animation go through the stun wouldnt do anything as its already been cast. I think you need to have a read up on the differences between blinks and dahes, and the very small list of uninterruptible dashes (most of them are noted on the actual skill itself because its not common but there are a few that dont have that info listed) Also re read veigar e http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Veigar it doesnt say anything about explicitly stopping dashes. infact the only reference to dashes and blinks is where it says it doesnt affect blinks. Again if theres any one thing you dont want to go against me on its game knowledge. Please have a read on the wiki of how all the skills work before your next reply. Edit: i was mistaken maokai is infact a dash, but he also becomes untargetable during said dash so its literally impossible to actually hit him with cc mid dash. If you want a way to visualise what i am saying instead of reading, get a friend to play lux, grab a bunch of champs with dashes and dash into her, unless the dash specifically says "cannot be stopped" they will get binded mid dash animation and stop moving. Yasuo is not unique in that weakness. Infact its the primary difference between a blink and a dash, a dash you can still cc them during the animation, a blink there is no animation so you cant cc them, its designed with that weakness in mind.
Talks himself up on game knowledge. Gets it wrong. Lololol
DipperOCE (OCE)
: Complete Losers.
Sounds like they had fun. That's what games are about no? I play ranked for a competitive game
: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BFXgbequzhc&t=995s thats how you beat akali
gnmish (OCE)
: Hey guys, update, goes to show we need to submit tickets for these kind of guys, riot has our back. I presume he has been banned or chat restricted. Feel good moment when you see their response. https://s27.postimg.org/3rmzddthv/toxic3.png Thanks riot for having our back!
Perhaps in the future you will avoid instalocking. Absolutely infuriating behavior and will only serve to bring out the worst in the people queued up with you
Siris (OCE)
: hahahhaah jesus christ dude, clearly some random persons words on the internet have cut you deep which just shows you've got some shit going on irl. Cry all you want about it, I don't care. What are you even on about at this point. If that's all you see in the chat log that just proves my point that you connected late to chat so thanks I guess :^) Leave it to Riot to sort out, I'm sure they're reasonable enough. And for the love of God get over it dude, the only person who's being impacted negatively from this whole thing is you, I can basically feel how mad you are which is kind of odd to say the least Have a good one buddy X
So you can see the effect that you have had on the dude, and yet you feel zero remorse. In fact you just seem to find it funny? You realize that's basically the definition of being a senseless asshole?
: > [{quoted}](name=Wast3land ,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=sei1bEGl,comment-id=000a,timestamp=2016-12-07T02:34:18.951+0000) > > I've played with you before, and from what i've seen you're not a very good player ( No offence ) Although i don't remember you being this Toxic. Lux against Yasuo is such an easy lane and Yasuo has a lot of counterplay, ofc i wouldn't expect someone form NA to have the braincells to know that but sure, Calling Zed and Lee a "Brainless" Champ is so out of the question as i've seen 0 games of yours with either of them. In Fact you have below 50% win rate in an Elo you claim to be above which is kinda depressing people would believe you being a "Diamond 90%" win rate. Blamming the enemy champ for your own mistakes is a low blow especially since you're "Diamond" and you should know better, there are a lot of things that Lux can do against Yasuo and for 1 in involves skill in which i presume you do not have based on this Text. Yasuo has been nerfed and thats all he's been getting, tell me the last time he got buffed, what last year? Yasuo's Windwall is on a 23 - 18 sec cd lv 1 - 5 and only last for 4 sec so the fact that you think that is OP shows how "Diamond" you are. And no you're not bored, you're 100% salty. Reading further i can see you have trouble poking Yasuo which is Ironic seeing that Lux has one of the best pokes in game next to Xerath and Varus. Did you know that Yasuo has a 48% Win rate currently across all Elos? You just think he is OP cause you 1. don't know how to verse him 2. Afraid that if you do beat him, your team mates will just feed him, and not because he is actually OP. It's funny how you're talking about getting someone banned but here you are getting banned, a bit Ironic on your part but ok. You bitched and whine the whole game and on multiple occasions called players no-skill/brainless and basically just slammed the whole of OCE calling them inferior. Now i get how this is a joke like "EU LUL" but i hardly think you're joking when you say that, and if you say Masters on OCE is Plat on NA and you're Gold on OCE, does that mean you're Bronze in NA? Also, Junglers DON'T need to gank, for anyone, there is nothing that says Junglers are obliged to gank for laners so i don't know what you're complaining about. For a "Diamond" player you sure talk a lot, let me remind you, you are in a team that you have no idea of and you're trying to reason with them on why you're feeding? DO you think they care? They don't know you, you don't know them, why bother trying to reason with them, at the end of the day, they will forget about you, and you will forget about them, you're not bonded, you're not friends, who cares? They don't care if you're feeding and you shouldn't either, everyone has bad games but the fact that you chose to make this bad game even worse by trying to prove yourself therfore making yourself more stupid. Toxicity is a choice, and you chose it, it's not about the words you use, it's about how and when you use it. The worst part is you spent $700, trying to prove yourself to people you don't know and never will know for what? To get a little satisfaction? To show that you're not a feeder? You need to understand that people have bad games, and you are no exception. Trying to prove yourself is not the way to go. You just spent $700 trying to prove yourself, is it worth it? Paragraphs... :) I went from a 90% win rate to 48%. The game was already awful before I even said anything.
90% of what, 10 games? If you actually had the skill to win 90% of games then you would not have the stats that you do. Simple
: Another "Ezreal" ?!?
Taric likes to wear the glove during Taric time
Crzy (OCE)
: Riot plz
Never mind the costs involved in paying staff to redesign him. That $20 is totes worth
: The overwhelming number of bots in Coop vs AI games
In a game mode that you only play to 'test your ping', why is this 'the real problems in league'?
: Literally just realise how strong boots can be before full build by watching RossBoomSocks....what have i been doing...
Mate I usually buy t1 boots first back.. I'll have t2 boots finished usually after my first complete item, sometimes before it if I'm playing melee
: Lock offensive items for people that are losing.
: I do know how to buy boots, but i don't want to : ^)
Then there's your problem. A melee carry with no boots
: > [{quoted}](name=StealthVortex88,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=YEGcTxHX,comment-id=0002000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2016-11-11T03:46:26.218+0000) > > You, my friend, are very toxic. It's people like you that ruin other people's experience. Please go and boil your head, fish no i'm not. I speak the truth. if you can't handle it you need to grow up. the new client is worse than the old one. it might look better, but it's clunkier, the entire chat system is bad, there are no more chatrooms.
It needs to be tested and built upon. That's why it's there. That's what you agreed to when you downloaded it. Everyone knows it's a WIP and it is there only for the people willing to experience a BETA experience. Obviously that's not you, but that shouldn't default you to a post like this, which undermines the very purpose of a beta
Letrico (OCE)
: Btw i am the owner of the account, i can't answer the account recovery questions. because i can't even make a ticket without logging in. as i don't know what the password is now i can't do anything about, so your saying now it's just RIP to my own account. with the money i've put into it aswell.... you guy must be able to help me somehow instead of redirecting me to a ticket... like seriously is that your jobs someone has a problem then you'll tell them to fill a ticket, why don't riot put their hand out to anyone and help them personally and be treated as a customer and now being accessed that i'm not even my own account. i feel very disappointed and unhappy with this situation. There must be away you guys can do something useful for once....
You already said that you opened a support ticket to recover your password. They support rep would have replied with a series of questions. If you were able to submit a report, then you are able to reply to those questions. To say now, after reading your original post, that you can't do this just sounds extra suss
: Stop covering Rito's ass, please. We're sick of hearing "the server's too small" when they wont even put it up and actually see if people play it. Ranked TT has been discussed more than a few times before and, if I'm not mistaken, there are always more than a few people who tell Riot to "suck it up" and just give OCE a *chance* to have it. Of course, people like you always *have* bring up that age old sh!t of an excuse.
Think of the scenarios that could come from ranked TT: 1) All regular TT players jump to ranked, and thus the normal queues are abandoned, completely shutting the map out from first timers or those that don't want to play ranked 2) The TT players are split, with a portion of them going to ranked, and doubling the queue times for both normal and ranked. 3) It entices more people to play TT, and further lengthens the already agonizing queue times for Summoners Rift Ranked queues. It's not that hard. As much as you 3 or 4 TT players are sick of hearing "the server's too small", we are sick of hearing shit responses like yours
Talon12 (OCE)
: Well, there you have it.
Clicked for the thumbnail
: Continue the Story, Credit: iAkeno
Nightmarish thoughts rush through her mind. She feels a weight in her limbs, and feels almost immobile. With a passing moment, she finds herself in a dream like state of fear.
Bambooze (OCE)
: uhh, I'm pretty sure normal wins are shown in the client, in the profile tab
I am at work so can't check, but I think I remember having 0 wins recorded in the alpha client. Don't remember precisely though
: > [{quoted}](name=SkarSkarSkarner,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=99W0Zvji,comment-id=000200000000,timestamp=2016-10-26T01:11:50.109+0000) > > I don't want to look through it all again to name everybody, but you abused Teemo and Thresh at least. There was no reason to be abusing a Teemo up in top lane, like were you actually playing the game or just watching him up there? Focus on yourself. He taunted me that I missed 4CS because of his poke, then sat under the tower and spammed taunt and laugh. The issue with those logs is that you can't see what they _said_. I didn't start any of that, they did. But that's a card I'm not even going to bother with as no one believes it.
Nobody gives a shit what they said or did. Perhaps they deserve a ban too, perhaps not. Who knows, we can't tell. But flaming a prick and flaming an innocent soul are both flaming all the same. You know what is really infuriating to the pricks that start the fights? Ignoring them. They will be so annoyed when you ignore them, you should try it
: No you dont know. You knew what bronze was like X number of seasons ago. But heres a crazy concept for you, as more and more of the good players climb out, then a much higher percentage of the players left over will be those "unwinnable" teams. Ive played league since 2009, i may not have played ranked till season 5 but ive been here since the start on various accounts. I can tell you first hand, the longer the game is live, the worse the lowest ranking players get. Hell look at me season 5 compared to s6, i was b2 last season and on the cusp of escaping bronze. So why am i stuck in b5 this season? Only 2 explanations, either i somehow got worse. Or the people around me got worse. One of those two has a reasonable explanation behind it (more good players climbed out than the number of bad players falling back into bronze) The other is just an explanation that has to exist to justify the problem, infact arguably i have improved my play since last season, my csing is up, my deaths are down, my kills are up, my objective contributions are up etc etc, im better than last season across the board, but my ranking performance is down. That one fact goes against everything you are trying to tell me. Which is why i ignore it. because every time you mention statistical averages or imply such things the first fucking thing you forget about. Is statistical outliers. Is it probable that i can be stuck in bronze and not play like a bronze? no its not probable. is it possible though? well if im a statistical outlier then yes actually. Not to mention the fact that as i mentioned again the skill delta in the lowest ranks of league has been steadily decreasing each season, a great example of this in action is if you take a diamond/plat player who has not playing in bronze for many season and say "win every game in bronze until you hit silver" they cant do it. people have tried and they cant do it. The only people who can are those that regularly smurf in bronze or have recently been in bronze, and thats not a matter of skill, thats a matter of knowing the mindset of bronze players of the current season and exploiting the most common mistakes made, which in itself is a skill, but a skill that is developed with trial and error and not by being better at league. And again because you are a fattyhotdogs clone who thinks his statements out a little more, im going to guess your next comment would be something along the lines of "well if you are one of the statistical outliers like you say, why cant you climb then, it should be easy, i did it" And thatd be a good question, if you asked it of anyone else they would be stumped, but luckily i know exactly why i dont climb. One word answer. Tilt. it is literally that simple, if i dont play league for 2 weeks ill come back win 10 games in a row and over those 10 games my performance will slowly decrease game after game until finally i start losing. Now you could attribute that to my mmr increasing, except my mmr is currently so low that i can win 30 games in a row and still be matched with exactly the same people, which means the only variable for my performance decreasing in that scenario can be myself. Which then asks the question, why does my performance decrease over the period of a dozen or so games, it cant be magic there has to be a logical solution. And this is the reason why i blame my teams, im not saying they make me lose directly, ill repeat myself again and again i could give less shits if they are the worst players in the world, if im in a good mood and im not getting trashed in lane i will solo carry them, 9/10. The real reason i blame my teams is i cannot deal, with idiots. Plain and simple, you put a dumb %%%% in front of me, and ill sit there thinking to myself "how the fuck do you even function, and why the fuck are you alive, you shouldn't be allowed to breed because that would just cause further damage to the gene pool" Some people have that opinion because they are edgy memelords, i fucking believe it. I honestly believe that this enablist society has bred a generation of complete utter fuckwits that can barely tie their own shoes. And im in the mmr where they all bloody congregate, great if im not tilted because i can hard carry a game while watching a tv show (which btw is how i play half the time, not even paying attention to the game) Terrible if i notice them making stupid decisions because it puts me in a spiral of tilt. Because unlike other elos where its just one team that tilts you, ALL my teams tilt me. In fact its a breath of fresh air when i reach the end of a game, win or lose, carry or dont carry, and am not tilted. Like fucking hell the days where im not tilted? i usually end up getting my mains banned out for the next few hours, its literally that big a difference. And none of your advice will help me with tilt, none of it. None of your statements, none of your tips, nada.
I was bronze 4 this very season. Tell me I don't know what bronze is like ay? And no. You are not a statistical outlier. Somebody that plays as many games as you do is not a statistical outlier. In fact if you wanna employ the word statistical, then statistically the larger your sample size, the more average you are. And you have a very large sample size bro. If tilt is the reason you are still bronze 5, then stop playing when you are tilted. Obviously you will stop losing and you will climb. There, you know the tool to climb. Go use it
: > [{quoted}](name=fattyhotdogs,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=Npgprnar,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2016-10-25T02:02:17.238+0000) > > So the 9 other people in the game have to sit through a 5v4 because your power went out? No thanks You don't have to sit through a 5v4 for the whole game, I was going to return to the game. Everyone who brings up this point always disregards the fact that the disconnected player will normally return. Everyone just assumes they stay afk the whole game, which is not the case..
The match is ruined by the time you get back. It's an automatically lost lane
: Remove the stupid remake option.
So the 9 other people in the game have to sit through a 5v4 because your power went out? No thanks
: Your assumption that i follow guides is cute, i stopped following guides before i even started playing ranked. The reason why i dont buy zhonyas is because its a double edged sword, sure your invicible, but you also lose control of your character for the duration. I can understands its use in higher elo's where you have a reliable team, and can reliably get the same result from correct usage. But in bronze? im just as likely to e q w ult zhonyas and get the kill, as i am to e q w ult zhonyas and have my team run away from the fight randomly and then die as the enemy team collapses on me. In other words i dont want to take control of my actions away from myself unless absolutely necessary, thats why i run armor per level instead of just flat armor, because im itemizing around not having zhonyas. As for the ancient coin, sure ok i can understand that, but the passive hp gen is useless when you are being 100-0'd so basically to be gold efficient the price of the item would have to be worth 5 cdr and the passive gold gain, so basically to break even id have to stand under tower and not last hit ever for 350 / 4 x 6, lets say 6.25 to account for cannon waves, thats uh 14 waves, now if i was to sell the coin i could chunk off 140 gold so 210 / 4 x 6.25 which is 8.4 waves which with minion spawn timers being 30 seconds thats 4 and a half minutes. Just to break even, not to gain gold, to break even. And thats assuming during those 4 and a half minutes i never back once, i never last hit once, i never die once. i basically have to afk for 4 and a half minutes, just to make the item gold efficient. Thats why i dont buy it. Maybe YOU Should think about itemization if you honestly think that was a good suggestion.
Maybe don't engage as akali. Maybe use zhonya to block zeds ult. Maybe don't complain about being burst 100 to 0 after telling us you refuse to buy the exact item that would keep that from happening.
: Lower priority queue SHOULD decay
Nobody wants to queue with somebody with such a low temper anyway
: > [{quoted}](name=fattyhotdogs,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=sM9Aj22O,comment-id=000300000000,timestamp=2016-10-22T06:32:46.396+0000) > > 5 hours ago > http://boards.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/miscellaneous/J1tAGbRT-lol-chat-bug-urgent > > 6 hours ago > http://boards.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/miscellaneous/OBtjONcb-lol-bug-urgent > > 9 hours ago > http://boards.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/miscellaneous/7XJL5kq6-when-will-clubs-be-back-on-line > > and plenty more after those posts. > > with reference to your claim that my comment has no validity, it could be seen in the client as early as yesterday. so your invalidity claim is invalid? It hasn't been as wide spread until only recently (the term 'recently' is used very loosely here and can range from 'since when it was fixed' to 12 hours ago relative to this comment). And plus the main problem is you commenting like you have some kind of authority over us, calling these posts "nonsense". Perhaps I'm looking too deeply into this but it really makes me think you have an insatiable sense of ego in OCE Boards
An insatiable egotistical jerk with a grasp of how to search through existing boards before creating a clone of multiple existing threads on the same issue.
: > [{quoted}](name=fattyhotdogs,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=sM9Aj22O,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2016-10-22T05:54:01.604+0000) > > It has been recognized and announced. It says so right in your client. There is zero need to post nonsense boards like this. They're not just sitting back drinking froffies and laughing at all the QQ threads online. They are working to fix it, and it will be fixed when it is fixed This post was made 3 hours ago, thus this comment has no validity. You're commenting like you've got authority over us, "nonsense boards like this", you're not above us so don't talk like you are. Sit down son.
5 hours ago http://boards.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/miscellaneous/J1tAGbRT-lol-chat-bug-urgent 6 hours ago http://boards.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/miscellaneous/OBtjONcb-lol-bug-urgent 9 hours ago http://boards.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/miscellaneous/7XJL5kq6-when-will-clubs-be-back-on-line and plenty more after those posts. with reference to your claim that my comment has no validity, it could be seen in the client as early as yesterday. so your invalidity claim is invalid?
: Riot Fix your shit
It has been recognized and announced. It says so right in your client. There is zero need to post nonsense boards like this. They're not just sitting back drinking froffies and laughing at all the QQ threads online. They are working to fix it, and it will be fixed when it is fixed
Vhaegor (OCE)
: Dude literally just do the math, crit chance and % auto attack increase is exactly the same over time.
Over time, yes. But in skirmishes? How often do you see an adc just standing there auto attacking for an extended time?
: i feel like no haven't read the whole discussion, the advice isn't for me, i am well aware on how to verse him, the advice is to ADC mains
Yas is pretty much designed to anal rape ad's. His best bet is to either dodge any and all whirlwind, or play silver and block any and all whirlwind. But playing adc and complaining about yasuo is like playing nasus and complaining about renekton
Jason (OCE)
: Want to learn Video Editing? | CSU
Anyone that likes the idea of what you see here but don't wanna pay for Vegas pro... Check out DaVinci resolve. It's free software, industry standard for color grading. Still not the best linear editing software but its improving a heap. Also much better than imovie
: Id be more than open to some tips from a more experienced akali main, especially as with the upcoming rework my "signature" gunblade+2 ad items builds is rip (2 ad items because of the 50% spellvamp (35%+gunblade) from the ad and with the amount of ap i get its usually around an extra 300-400 magic damage on autos that can hit towers) The main thing i think people forget whenever they bitch about me bitching *cough* fattyhotdogs *cough* is that, i play snowball champs. The first rule of snowballing is to capitalise on enemies mistakes, if i am aware of and able to abuse the mistakes of the enemy team, would that not logically mean i am aware of when i make those same mistakes? which is why i get pissed whenever people try to tell me i dont admit to making mistakes, its not that i cant see them, its that i literally dont make them, infact i abuse them, does that mean there are mistakes i make that i wont admit to? fuck no i just dont see those exact mistakes, and tbh if i knew of them i wouldnt make them either and id snowball even harder because itd give me even more tools to abuse.
If you literally don't make any mistakes, then stop dying and losing. Legit find me one person in the world that will believe you don't make mistakes Also, find me anyone in gold + that would claim to not make mistakes. I challenge you
: Well i cant play doom bots anymore.....
Just have fun. Do you play for fun or for icons?
Vhaegor (OCE)
: You didn't say ANYTHING about there being more AD on either champion so I assumed logically they had the same. These stats are exactly the same in the long run, they just remove random burst.
Did u assume I was comparing level 8 corki with two items to level 18 tristana with 6 items?
It doesn't matter who has the early lead if you can hold on and push the game out to the point when everyone has their full build. When the xin inevitably reaches that point first, the enemy team is receiving diminished returns and you will begin to catch up
: Hint your lying. The cops have to give you a 10% allowance before they can even book you, meaning minimum you have to be going 67.
I live in Victoria. They remove 3 km from your detected speed to work out your accused speed. I was detected at 64.
RonyStark (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Jonius7,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=nuH3QEr0,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2016-10-18T00:30:01.318+0000) > But ultimately your laning phase is your responsibility. Accept that you lost and sucked and need to improve. As long as any bronze does not do the part above, s/he will be stuck at that elo.
Yellowbrickroad will never look critically at his own game. Every single mistake is someone else's fault. It's because he gets pentas sometimes. That means he's so much better than everyone else in the game. Because penta is skilz
: Just so we are clear, this isn't going 70 in a 60 zone. This is going 61 in a 60 zone and being pulled over and booked. This isn't me getting caught, this is a shit ban.
I got booked for exactly that. An offense is an offense and I paid the price. Edit. If the police did a manual check of all my speeding history, they for sure would have taken my license. Fortunately for me, they cant do that. Unfortunately for you, riot can
: > you racked up a history of negativity Which if this actually applied, would have honestly gotten me banned years ago. Fuck i hate talking to you now that your the fucking Emissaries, all you do is ass kiss without thought now.
So let me get this straight.. Because you fell through the cracks for a few years, that then means that you don't deserve to be banned now? Your chat logs are atrocious. Seriously, try this.. Whenever someone blames you or flames you, just say 'lol' and nothing more
Vhaegor (OCE)
: They wouldn't get the same dps increase though... Do you know how maths works? lets say Corki and Tristana both have 50% autoattack increase (the new stat) now Corki attacking 1.5 times would make him do 150% (his regular autoattacks) plus 75%( the 50% increase) for 225% overall AD damage. On the other hand Tristana would do 250%(her regular autos) plus 125%(the 50% increase) for a 375% overall AD damage. 10% crit chance should do the same damage as 10% autoattack damage, just without the rng of getting a crit or not.
That's not how it works bro. Go insert some numbers and see what you come up with. Don't forget that at 1.5 atk speed corki is gonna have greater AD than Tristana
Vhaegor (OCE)
: Have Riot given up on Crit?
Because corki with 1.5 atk speed should not have the same dps increase from crit chance as tristana with 2.5 atk speed. That's why it will always remain the way it is
: So i got that gold smurf again.
Here's an idea, if you tilt, stop playing. Problem solved. You'll play just 2 games a day and win them all. You'll be challenger in no time
: So i found a summoner school article that i should 1v5 int bots to get out of bronze
It's less about just winning a 1v5 bot game, and more about winning a 1v5 bot game without dying. Not once. If you die, quit and start again. That will teach you to play smarter
: Not many people play a champ in more than one role. I know If I select Warwick, I'm JG. If I select Blitz, I'm sup. If I select Tryndamyre, I'm top. Why not just change the spells accordingly.
Because sometimes I like to play Leona jungle, that's why
: See I just had another game where I chose Shaco, and forgot to chose smite. It would be nice when I chose Shaco that it automatically changed my spells to include smite. I have also had games this week where the JG has forgotten smite. My solution would have fixed that. Are you guys saying, you have never forgotten to change spells when you go from JG to another lane, or vice versa?
Are you saying that you have never played a champion in both jungle and Lane in separate games? What if I main jungle Graves but want to take him top?
Toidle (OCE)
: i lost so much skill rating because my game froze
: Spells by Champion
What about Champs that play more than one role? It's not very hard to change your summs
: before you go off saying this guys lazy omg he should be fired ill explain the situation im in.. Im an IT trainee, Im filling in for another trainee, ive been here for 2 weeks - (not even) My job is to pretty much be of assistance to everyone around the office, Both the managers and the other dude is on leave which makes me in charge.. Now heres the good part right (SARCASM) They left me with no work to do.. legit the most ive done today was give someone a Charger for their laptop... I could be doing **REAL** at the Job I usually work at however because they "need" someone to _"help out"_ im just sitting here like an idiot believe it or not I actually want to do work it keeps me occupied So believe it or not HeartVine I want to do work but have nothing to actually do .. the manager told me if youre not busy do course work which ive done course work and my cisco shit but atm im legit on League Board because theres only so much you can do.. :P
Your desk has been wiped clean and tidied today? Any pen marks to scrub off? Any pens in the office dried out and not working? Replace them. Squeaky chair or door? Check it out see if you can fix it. Any old paper forms that have been sitting around forever? Chuck it out. Look around your environment and ask yourself how you can make it better
: I can't do anything in ranked when I'm always up against premade teams.
Perhaps it's not so much a case of you're oponents being so coordinated, but perhaps you are terrible at coordinating with your team? Thus making the enemy seam more coordinated by comparison
: Pretty sure I remember my stats being reset when I moved to OCE when it opened up
Was a long time ago though, could be wronk
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