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: riot would rather have more money but id like this to be added
i mean it's not like they'd really lose sales, we're paying for the full amount we're receiving & lets keep in mind that its not like they need to spend anything out of their own pockets for sending the RP to the customer. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
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: Matchmaking still broken after almost 10 years of release
100% agree. My team will either be predominantly of lower skill level compared to the enemy team & we will end up being eaten alive from the beginning of the game & it becomes such a grind to even attempt to make our way back because the match up (player wise) is horrifically unbalanced. Sometimes i'll be playing against people way above my skill level & it just does not make sense to me. Other times, i'll be the only one on my team who can carry. Like you, I will get into a losing streak & it just ruins the game & turns me off playing it. It's not fair, and they need to fix it.
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