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mkaracon (OCE)
: Update Custom Lobby Options w/ Suggestions
OCE does not have a large enough player base for virtually everything you've recommended. OCE will never have all the features and game modes other regions have because if we had them all queues for actual ranked games would be an hour long.
Zeebrá (OCE)
: Why is ranked in this region so messed up?
I don't actually have a reason why they're so bad, but the staff at OCE seem to be a lot less competent than other regions. I've lived in other regions too and my experience with OCE has been the same. In probably 90% of my games someone gets told to kill themselves, hang themselves, slit their wrists, uninstall themself etc. I'm certain all these players get reported. I know I report them I'm sure the rest of the team do, but I keep names of all the players who do it and nearly all of them are still playing and their accounts not banned. I've leveled over 30 accounts to level 30+ now, and large amounts of them were leveled by just running it down mid game after game after game and only 4-5 accounts have been banned. 4-5 may seem like a lot, but I'm talking out of literally close to 40 accounts. I don't believe it's possible the staff at OCE are just worse at their job than the rest of the world, I'd say it's more likely their hands are tied due to the unique constraints of Australian law because they host servers here, but I'm honestly just guessing here and hoping they're actually not as bad at their job as they appear. I'm only talking about ban bans, 14 day or perm. Not referring to 20 minute game restrictions as they do nothing you just load a second league client in a VM and queue the restricted account on the VM while playing another account on your desktop and completely ignore the 20 minute game timers. All those game timers do is make pissed off tilted kids more pissed off and tilted they had to wait 20 minutes to play. Australia is one of the few countries in the world you can actually call the police if someone is harassing you in game and they will do something about it. I believe it's the reason OCE didn't have a tribunal when the rest of the world still did. My understanding of it is it was a minefield of legal problems if someone used the tribunal to punish players they didn't like. The laws put OCE players in a unique position also. You can literally call the police and report someone for hate speech in game. It has to be legit hate speech though, you can't just ring the cops because someones calling you bad or a noob, but if someone tells you to kill yourself and riot don't ban that player then you are well within your rights to call the police and tell them someone was trying to encourage you to kill yourself. Honestly I think if players want to force Riot's hand to start actually doing something about intentional trolls and toxic players the best method they have is to start calling the police. With the current anti bullying climate, and a number of people recently killing themselves after being told to do it online, if the police suddenly have tonnes of calls all coming in about the same game, you better believe Riot will have some legal questions to answer about why they're allowing these reported accounts to continue playing
Mennea (OCE)
: player names how is this allowed LMAO
Riot don't care. I had a player in a bunch of my games called [REMOVED - [REPORTING OTHER PLAYERS](] I've reported them a bunch, account still exists, still plays games, still has the same name. Reported it on forum since report in game did nothing and was given a warning for naming and shaming people Riot OCE enables trolls. They are the very definition of enablers
ghost42 (OCE)
: Club chat
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