: Player's Internet prerequisites for Ranked games
Actually... might not be a bad idea to put a connection check into the client, so when you click 'play' (for ranked only) it runs a quick latency, packet loss, jitter test... and displays the results. If outside 'normal' levels... could give you a warning, that if you enter a game and DC, you will get a more severe punishment...
Ingénue (OCE)
: I know a couple of people, but it is pretty rare. Congrats and good luck with the climb!
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: mm not quite there yet my young padawan https://i.snag.gy/0XQTS4.jpg
I have 34 keys... :(
Jason (OCE)
: A problem with LoL, and a solution
solution ? Before champ select in norms, there is a role preference section. You pick your preference +/- secondary. Have time to chat with others and change as needed... 15-20 seconds should do. Then when you go into champ select... you are assigned a role based on preferences or chance (in the case of multiple people wanting the same role) Just reduce the champ select time by 15-20 seconds to compensate. Or... random assign lanes on entry into champ select, then can trade lanes with others. Or just change it so its like ranked.... {{champion:17}} As a side note... In regards to lane trading... should make it official, like trading champs. One person initiates the trade request... and then the other person has to accept. This would be beneficial in ranked to remove confusion with swaps. In regards to off meta team comps (lane wise)... should limit that to 5 man pre-made teams. In addition... have to make sure those who don't comply with roles given are penalised appropriately... otherwise we are back at square 1.
Shana Rei (OCE)
: True but that is the problem, no matter what system you use something is always broken. To me a big part of the matchmaking that doesn't work are provisional matches. If everyone started at 0LP Bronze 5 every single person would experience climbing. However, since you play your 10 matches and either get lucky or not, you are more likely to end up at a rank different than you deserve and you either have to climb up and out or lose games against better players. If everyone started at 0 the pros would climb up and out easily and everyone would filter to their appropriate ranks. Halo 3's ranking system had it's flaw but it's still the best system I have ever come across and everyone started at 0 in that. You could even add "boosting" mechanics to ranked when a new season starts. What I mean is even though everyone starts at bronze 0 say you ended Master tier at the end of season six. At the start of season 7 everyone gets 10 games (wins) worth of inflated LP. Masters could get 80LP for 10 wins (800LP total) (on top of the base LP gain). This pushes everyone up from 0 at a much more consistent rate than the total shot in the dark 10 provisional matches we have now. People always feel better when they are climbing and are far more likely to want to play ranked. Even us lowly silver plebs would have far more enjoyment in the game if we had to climb from bronze 5 back to silver 5. Instead of being given silver 5 and then not climbing anywhere. I know what I would rather do.
You have some great points. I always did wonder why new players would often get placed in B1-S4... set up for the big drop back to B5. Seems to make more sense to reset to 0 and let people climb to where they are supposed to be.
Shana Rei (OCE)
: The matchmaking system is never busted. You win more games your MMR rises regardless of your lp. If you are getting 17 or less lp per win your mmr is below that ranks average, 17-20 is the sweet spot and 20+ is when your MMR is higher than your perceived rank. it is literally as simple as that. A challenger smurf playing on a fresh (inflated) account would easily break 35+lp per win and start skipping a lot of ranks (eg go from silver 3 to gold 4 in 1 set of promo games) as the MMR is way higher than there actual shown rank. You think it LOOKS one sided but in fact I would guarantee the ranks are a lot closer than you think. If we could actually see our real MMR I guarantee that if you took all 5 on your team, added them all up and then divided by 5 and do the same to the other team that number would be very close. This is how the system works. The system does NOT match each persons number individually. 1600+1400+1400+1400+1400 VS 1600+1450+1350+1350+1350 If you take those above lets say you are 1600 on the team on the right hand side. Your team MMR is 7100/5=1420 The other team is 7200/5=1440 See how the numbers look so different but in fact the teams are very very close to being even?
Maybe the problem here is the role assigned to the 'highest' MMR player. Maybe on one team the jungler is the 1600 and impacts play all over the map... and the other team the support is 1600, with a bonobo for an adc, so no matter how many plays the support makes... it doesn't help. Maybe given the way role select works they could match lanes by MMR instead of whole team average. Only problem would be lane swapping then I guess which would throw things out.
ZealxWest (OCE)
: Horrid Top player needing help
I'm going to suggest something a bit different to the others. I think the reason people suggest not rushing in to ranked is due to the likelihood of being placed low... and ending up in Cardboard 12 MMR.... Ego. One of the problems with normals is that not everyone playing normals is playing to win... people will be trying odd builds, off meta team comps, etc much more frequently. Also theres the hassle of champ select, trying to play the role you want to play. If you are keen to get better at league and don't mind the blow to the ego that would be being the lowest rank... just play ranked que. Concentrate on 2 things only first: CS and 'Not Dying' If you can CS at even 5/min and keep your deaths to <5 per game you are already streets ahead of most people in the depths of Bronze. Try to ping when your lane opponent is missing Don't worry about or focus on kills or objectives yet... Once you can maintain CS and not die... then start worrying about harrassing, engaging, objectives. It may be slow progress but you will climb with this strategy. I did the same thing... played mainly Co-op until level 30, then tried ranked. Ended up being placed in S1, somehow managed to climb into silver with Vayne, prob was carried... then dropped like a lead weight to B5! I just used the time in B5 to learn. TLDR; take ego out of the equation, learn in the depths of bronze, and climb out. ez pz.
belquin (OCE)
: Good spot thanks Gimble!
Glad to be of assistance {{champion:84}}
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ThatsBS (OCE)
: It is sick a valid point IMO. Why do you need a duo? It's almost a huge advantage usually. I know the matchmaking considers the duo to even the teams up but really? Why the need for it. Solo questions should just be that..... It makes your solo elo just that. ....
Yes I have encountered quite a few people who duo with 'smurf' accounts of much better players to win more... then the friend 'smurf' will feed back to their preferred bronze elo... makes a mockery of what should be a solo skill queue. Given that queue health is already not great with flex... why not boost its appeal by making duos play flex?
Swany (OCE)
: A free summoner icon is better then a kick in the teeth :D
Yes, but I want a free skin! Lol.
Swany (OCE)
: Rewards?
Nice! I got a reward too... just a summoner icon though... {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} Keen to know why you got 2 skins!
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: Cant Improve
Youtube -> Leaguecraft 101 Series -> Win
: Because then it's open to manipulation by having someone leave to make sure only one person loses LP. How about instead of complaining, you think up a system that isn't going to just be gamed.
How about... If you are in premade with the afk... then you and the afk get double LP loss Chat log review... could be a message at next login 'would you like your afk penalty reviewed by Rito? Y/N'... if someone has been harrassed or bribed into afking... then the afk gets the leaverbuster penalty and normal LP loss (cos its never ok to afk), and the harrasser/briber gets an escalating time ban and double LP loss The innocent collateral summoners are spared LP loss... {{champion:4}}
Wean (OCE)
: Scripting in League of Legends is not a new thing, it happened quite a number of times throughout my time playing the game, not to mention that this happened to me very recently. There are several ways you can use to detect a scripter. Firstly, see their actions, like if they go into a lane when there are enough champions on that very lane, and if you chat with them but they do not answer, this might indicate that those champions are script controlled. Other actions may include: willingly give kills, and not retreating back when they are low in health, run into the enemy's turret in spite of the fact that there are no minions within the turret range, and not retreat back when the number of minions are low within the turret range. Secondly, if a champion leaves the base without getting any items, tell them that they forgot to get their items, and if they didn't go back to get their items as well as ignoring you, pay close attention to them as there is a possibility that they are script controlled. There is quite a possibility that a script controlled champion will not get items at the beginning of a game before they leave their base. Thirdly, if there are no script controlled champions in a game, it would be more likely for the enemy's team's turret to be destroyed than your team's turret being destroyed. If you hear 'Your turret has been destroyed' too frequently in Coop vs AI, stay alert, and observe all the champions to see who is scripting.
I think you may be referring to botting.... rather than the performance enhancing 'scripting'.
Talon12 (OCE)
: Only rengar and talon were given a real burst time reduction (Akali too, but that goes with her next buff in 7.2, which practically returns all her scalings to her original state instead of 1/2), zed, kha, fizz and all that still instagib you though. Shaco was nerfed recently to remove his ability to burst anything but he can clean up fights very well. Talon literally can't get his damage out unless you walk into a bush he is standing in then end up in melee range, his delays are too long to serve him well in fights, mainly because the delay on his w negates all his ulti effects if the second strike hits when in his ult.
> [{quoted}](name=Talon12,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=sJJE1E0a,comment-id=000000000002,timestamp=2017-01-15T11:40:59.660+0000) > Akali too, but that goes with her next buff in 7.2, which practically returns all her scalings to her original state instead of 1/2 What when how where?? Are notes out somewhere or is this from PBE?
Neosinf (OCE)
: As a xerath player i can say a couple of things: 1. Its easier to hit r early on because most opponents haven't bought boots. In lane phase opponents always move towards their turret when fleeing - it's not hard to guess which direction they are going to try to sidestep. Later on there are no turrets and no obvious escape routes. 2. Its a good trick to charge q while facing a random direction so that you do not indicate to your opponent where you are going to fire. Then when you are about to fire you snap your mouse over your target and release. I hope this can explain the xerath player's behaviour/success Also your cheating teammates probably turned on their autoevade scripts late game.
Hey cool, thanks for the heads up.
: If you're ever unsure if someone is cheating or not, it's always safer to report them and add something like "possible [offence]" to the description. That way if they are doing the wrong thing they'll get picked up by the system and if they aren't your report weight should be safe enough (don't quote me on that, I'm unsure how it works with the report comments).
Yeh, that is the question. Is it ok to report when you just think they are? Guidance from a rioter would be great here....
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: Op.gg isnt trustworthy half the time and im going to assume you being in b1 vsing people that are higher than you is a sign saying that your skill level is suppose to be higher than what you are currently. May i know how much lp you are currently getting because it would definitely help Lp system i have no clue. Im going to giess that its sort of a sense of how you do in that elo or determine whether you belong in it or not. How else are you going to go up the ladder is another way of thinking
At the moment I am gaining about 24-26LP per win and losing 10-12LP per loss.
: Greetings Gimble, In my opinion the main way the ranked system is the way it is in showing what rank you are rather than your MMR is to give a real sense of improvement. A great Starcraft personality said back in the day that if you are ever playing a game with a ladder your rank ins't what your skill level at however it is showing your improvement which is a very big thing to visually show. --- Now I understand your points that showing MMR will give a greater idea of what your rank actually his, however I think that there are a few points as to why Riot hasn't done this. The first of which being that climbing up the ranked system with the way it is, feels a lot more satisfying and really gives you a sense of accomplishment when you win your promos. Notice how they decided to have a promotional series as a real test of skill as to if you deserve to go up in rating, it doesn't really matter if these are hard for you to win at the time, or just a breeze through they are a stressful few games that choose if you go up or not and the feeling when you make it through successfully feels amazing. This is something that I don't really feel can be matched if you just watched a number go up and down at the end or start of a game. --- The other reason that I think it is done through the ranked system is to keep everyone at a somewhat similar pace. Yes if you are climbing and your MMR is higher than your rank you will go up faster if you keep winning with more LP per win. However the issue is if there wasn't the ranked system and it was purely based off of MMR you would have players flying all over the place ranked wise either going up way faster than they should, or snowballing insanely far down if they go on a loss streak. So in a sense the ranked system not only slows you down in a sense, but in a good way because you can see your improvement as you go. Along with this if the ranked system was based purely off of MMR, it would be insanely easy for challenger for example to fill up with smurfs because of how easy it would be for them to climb back up there on a secondary account. --- Another reason I think would be with how the ranked system is they are able to split people up into different groups of players. Riot has said that if you are for example in Taric's Masterminds players on your friendslist that get to your league have a good chance of getting into the same league as you, just as much as you have getting into the same league as them. This creates friendly competition between friends and you can watch either climb or fall. If Riot were to do this through a MMR system, it would be extremely difficult to split them up into groups in my opinion and would give players a very weird sense as to where they were on the ladder. If players weren't grouped you would be rated out of the 200,000 or so players on the server and given a ranking number, however with the way it is, you can see a goal to work towards and it seems within sight and reachable. I think that for me it would be extremely demotivating if the system told me directly what rank I was compared to everyone else in the server, however with the way the system is, I'm motivated to push towards that next division, not just a number. --- I hope that this helps, if there is any other questions I can answer or anything that you want me to clarify on let me know. Good luck in your games! ~Elam _ (P.S. Fellow Akali player fistbump!)_
Thanks for your detailed response. I did not think about the 'cushioning' effect of the leagues... But... if they use our 'hidden' MMR to match us then it should not be hidden. If they use our rank to match us... then thats fine... but not the case at present.
: > [{quoted}](name=He Meant Mine,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=inGJVZsG,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-01-12T03:50:40.580+0000) > > Op.gg isnt trustworthy half the time and im going to assume you being in b1 vsing people that are higher than you is a sign saying that your skill level is suppose to be higher than what you are currently. May i know how much lp you are currently getting because it would definitely help > > Lp system i have no clue. Im going to giess that its sort of a sense of how you do in that elo or determine whether you belong in it or not. How else are you going to go up the ladder is another way of thinking i feel like that is the completely wrong way to go about it, especially with all their "trancparency" promises. i want to climb, so i should be paired with and against people in my rank, regardless of the mmr i have, until i get to that rank. otherwise you are facing better teams than your team is generally.
Yeh, that was what I would think would be 'fair'. If I'm B1, then I should be playing with and against B1 +/- a tier... so that the 'rank' I have actually means something... and if i'm not supposed to be B1 then I will climb. Rather that being in B1, playing against Silver/Gold players... and not climbing as quickly.
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Tele (OCE)
: > I don't think it could be abused if someone could only be blocked from being in your team for a... week/fortnight/month/season (in progression with each block)... so still could play against them. In that scenario wouldn't the incentive be to block unskilled players instead? So that then unskilled players only appear on the enemy team and not on your team.
They wont be on the enemy team for long... MMR OP.
: Yeah I get what you mean. It'd be so easy to fix league if people wouldn't abuse it. But perhaps you could implement it so if you "block" someone, they can't be put on your team. Yet could still be matched against you. Or even if a player receives reports in mass from other players, they are banned from match-making for X minutes, hours etc. Or perhaps unable to join games from the people they were reported or blocked by for X minutes, hours. I feel like it might sound like I'm complaining still, but I'm just spit balling ideas here.
I initially thought that block function would stop them being matched with me... then realised what it was, and stopped using it. I don't think it could be abused if someone could only be blocked from being in your team for a... week/fortnight/month/season (in progression with each block)... so still could play against them. That way it would be silly to block 'good' players, as you will eventually have more chance of them being on the enemy team. I guess the problem would be increased q times? If all the ragers/feeders/toxoids were blocked... you may not have much of a summoner pool to join a game with... lel. {{champion:17}}
: I'm terrible at unlocked screen >.>
Yes Just keep playing unlocked... the more you play the more comfy you will be. Also, what may help... is if you have a gaming mouse adjust the sensitivity to make moving the map easier.
: When To flash
Basic 1. Save yourself (only if it actually will save you) 2. Secure a kill Advanced 3. Save your carry (sacrifice) 4. Initiate (eg. Malphite flash ult) 5. Steal baron/dragon over wall Given that you are new, best thing is not to worry too much. Just make sure that if someone says you used it wrong and you are not sure why... use the replay system to go over the play... find out the problem... and learn from it. But don't be too worried at this stage... just learn from your mistakes if you can.
Ninox (OCE)
: Autofill exists for a reason. 40+ minute queues are a massive barrier of entry for a vast number of players. Players shouldn't have to face queue times longer than those issued by an actual punishment system just to get into a game.
I do agree in the current state of play with our community size and also the lack of enthusiasm generally for playing support... hence a need to force the roll on some people some of the time. Where we differ is in how it is executed.... choice is better than random i would think. The 'point' values can be changed to suit... potentially even changed based on the number of people in queue for different roles. Though that would make things much more complex.
: A clearly better solution would to actually fix the redundancy issue that exists within the "support" role, there is a very good reason why no one wants to touch that role, which caused the role-queue to fail and that Riot has to force people to "get into the barrel" in the first place. The problem? Because support has to function on no gold, despite being the most important team member in the entire crew, and they are also not allowed to carry and make plays despite the class itself is all about controlling and turning the table. Not only that, alongside we have Riot who also only ever want them to be both attached to ADCs AND being stuck in bot-lane, which is just absurd. Any chances of support class being used anywhere besides bot would be immediately nerfed, and combined with the point just above makes support roles a very aggravating experience and utterly inflexible role to fill, hence the vast majority of people avoid it like a plague, again for a very good reason. Instead of trying to fix a system within a system with more addition of systems, why not just address the root of the problems and fix it instead? If we give more freedom to support champions and don't reflex nerf them every single time they do anything remotely extraordinary, this effectively removes BOTH LoL's age-long cripple of being hindered by bot-lane meta creeping, the fact nobody wants to play support, AND the issues associating with role-queue. I say 3 birds with 1 stone, why the hell not?
I do agree with you in that the support role is problematic in its current state. There are people who like the role, but they are definitely less than 20% of the playing population... hence the need for an 'autofill'. As you have highlighted... support 'plays' basically less rewarding personally due to the egoistic mentality of most people... we want the kill ourselves. And secondly the role itself results in gold anaemic play, where you have to get certain items... sightstone, aura items, etc... But in the absence of this revamp we are stuck with having to play support occasionally... So the better option IMO would be to give people control of when they will be playing support before champ select... rather than randomly when the dreaded 'autofill enabled' comes up in lobby.
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: Doing well at ranked.
You did the similar thing to what I did. Hit 30, played norms for a bit, then provisionals landed me in B1... managed to climb to S5 (prob carried by others ;))... My champ pool was small (4-5 champs)... and I dropped... hard... all the way to B5. Last 2 months... have learnt a few more champs... and have climbed to B1 again... much more confident playing all roles with multiple champs. My advice... ride your wave down to where you 'belong', it will make for much more enjoyable games... learn new (fun... not necessarily 'OP') champs... and climb as your skill improves. Don't worry so much about your 'rank'... just how you play... improve CS, objective control, map awareness, etc.
Ricky1370 (OCE)
: Only getting 58fps (most of the time) on the Howling Abyss with a high end graphics card
I think you have to turn the refresh rate sync option off. Even though you have turned the frame rate cap off... the program is syncing you at your monitor's refresh rate... I had the same prob with a R9 280. Went from 58-60fps to 230-250fps!


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