: I played with this sort of people before. Basically troll pick then trailing me in the jgl to run it down any lane i was about to gank. No pitty from me, cant play more than 1 champ?
I can, I was just pissed why the person would even ban the champion when I already said I going to have it. And I was going to be the tank so i could peel for adc's and the damage because top laner (pretty sure) banned rammus and chose a bruiser. And no pitty? You have to be kiddin right?
Exhausted (OCE)
: you got banned because you acted like a child after you didn't get your way. you lost your pick, is the other guy a dick? sure. But that doesn't mean your team mates have to suffer. Be the bigger person.
But I had to suffer, like why would the person even do it. I think it might be because I'm bronze 1. But like why. It's like a team game but thne your team doesnt play it and bans your champ? Which would make your team suffer as the rammus was going to be tank, and we didn't have a tank at all.
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: Gmae crashses and goes through files and then crashes again.
please someone help. the game just crashed again. EDIT : and im stuck in the cycle but im not leaving because i dont want another leavebuster
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Nightjar (OCE)
: ***
I just read this and it really helped me, I didn't really think about it that way. And it's most likely because of how new I am to the game. I decided to have a go with Lethal Tempo I found it very effective early game especially if I can get a laner to come and invade a champ that has "weak" clears, and or needs to "power farm" until level 6. There is this one scenario where I ask for an invade onto blue buff (top side, against Kayn) luckily he ended up being there but he had fellow summoners we traded 2 for 1 us being in favour (me dying). And one of the reasons we were able to get the kill on the Kayn was because of the extra attack speed. Maybe PTA would've been better. But that's what happened to me. I won't nag you anymore I just want to know what you think about Lethal Tempo as you gain attack speed and being allowed to go over the hardcap? Edit, I also saw that he had Dark Harvest, and thought that on Kayn (as you mentioned) "bursty assasin" being why I asked for the invade to try and not let him build stacks easily or for free. Thanks, and I really appreciate how you wrote to make it more understandable for me. ~goldy
Sn4ke (OCE)
: Probably worse imo use runes that ppl have high winrates and pick rates on don't try something that isn't used much on such an important role just stick with PTA
The reason I play dark harvest is so I can carry better late game, and because I haven't unlocked ranked yet. So my team builds random things and not having any map awareness meaning when I'm trying to hold them off a tower I have to try and 2-3 v 5 ( depending on who has a brain). Making it much harder for me to try and hold them off while tanking and not having enough damage. On the brightside I've tried Dark Harvest and it works well for me. I powerfarm until hitting level 6 allowing me to gank with ult and build dark harvest faster by having succesful ganks. Also whenever I ping when I'm coming for gank the laner most of the times just stays back and I end up being cc'ed and killed. This way I can still have enough damage so my ganks are better. But that is because it normal (Draft and Blind). That will most likely change when I get into ranked. Thanks for the feedback.
Nightjar (OCE)
: for warwick I'd suggest either Fleet Footwork (better against immobile carries if you run the triforce fighter type builds), Aftershock (good in balanced comps and helps if they have a frontline, works well with tankier builds), Unsealed Spellbook (if you plan on splitpushing or flanking and playing for lategame map pressure) or Glacial Augment (if you need to counter a splitpusher or you plan on alot of skirmishing, provides alot of extra sticking power but is largely replaceable with a frozen gauntlet). Aftershock is probably the best option overall and outside of niche situations, and Fleet Footwork is good for smurfs.
Hello, thanks for the feedback. But the reason I ask is because I play normal (Draft and Blind), the reason I don't play ranked is because I can't (level 24). And so far I have watched a lot of videos about improving working with your team and such. But whenever I look on map I see no one responds to my pings. And if I build tank with warwick I cannot output enough damage to atleast try and carry. I know that this will most likely change when I hit level 30 (I think that's the level to play ranked). Because people will be checking mini-map, having better map awareness, responding to pings and just better game sense.
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