: Bronze 4; 11lp wins and 20~ lp losses, need some advice
im also bronze and i learn more and grow as a player when i play normal games not bronze, i believe you should take a break from bronze sometimes and play normal because bronze players tend to get stuck in a certain pattern and there is hardly any growth in that division
Custardd (OCE)
: Not able to login
Ingénue (OCE)
: It's actually easier to say nothing at all.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7xrxrEEGVdM&spfreload=10 LET RONAN KEATING EXPLAIN IT FOR US ALL
: What part of that quote exactly reads to you as a joke?
he is in denial and lying to himself because he cannot admit it
: [GIVEAWAY] 10$ RP.
:O i didnt know that advertising your youtube channels etc... was allowed on the boards, good strategy though i will keep this one in mind cause $10 advertisement is pretty cheap.
: The meta right now for junglers
its enough to drive anyone nuts
: Blood for the blood god ya know gotta do what you gotta do Nah but srs hundreds of hours of practice and frustration. all about lookin towards that end goal though ya know?
oh no i believe you put in the hours and that you have the skill, lol i was being silly with sheogorath hes one of the elder scrolls game gods who has obsession with cheese :P
: I'm Chief Cheese, Midlaner for Chiefs Esports Club, AMA!
did you make rituals to sheogorath to get where you are today?
Fitzky (OCE)
: Ummmmmmmm
restarting client is leaving so yea leave buster:P
: We got a lot of smart mouth people here and a lot of Non-Australian playing late night till early morning
well it is oce server not australian server theres bound to be some kiwis and surrounding areas here at times...
: Im moving from Japan to Australia. I wonder what your league community is.
first off when you do come to australia you will be realizing that no one will be saying earned a job, getting a job here isn't seen as a reward like it might be in japan, anyway have fun with oce ranked
Tele (OCE)
: pls no jar jar fizz omg it will tilt me so hard {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}}
fizz should be general akbar and obviously when fizz does his moves that make him untargetable he should be yelling out its a trap
: Star Wars skins for league of legends
What about blitz as R2D2 and tahm kench as jabba the hut
: Is something going to be done about the reports we put through?
Is your name supposed to be a mix of the anime gintama and guantanamo bay?
: Looking for a duo bot lane for casual ranked team
:( oliver twist always asking for more
: Total Champion Games Played
try www.lolking.net i know they have this information on ranked matches it shows how many times you played with that champ and also how many times you have won/lost a game with that champ just remember when you search the summoner name to click on the NA box and change it to OCE, go to the ranked stats, also shows your avg kda overall and your avg creep score
: > [{quoted}](name=DarkShade918,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=XAGnniv0,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-08-11T00:31:38.298+0000) > > 2. dead mans plate from black market brawlers is still available in norms? Dead Man's Plate was an item they crafted for the Bilgewater Event deliberately to test it out for release outside of the event to tie in with the "Juggernaut" champion updates they're doing. Riot Axes explains: http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-feedback/pu4sZtr7-dead-mans-plate-heading-to-summoners-rift-on-the-pbe EDIT: Although I'm not sure if it's actually _supposed_ to be live right now or not.
not just norms i see it in ranked too atm
Alamo (OCE)
: Play lol during school hours or late in the night. Avoids dem rebel teens
yea i tend to win more game l8 at night but during school hours sounds good, when im not working i can do that then XD
Rioter Comments
banezy (OCE)
: holy shit, everything you post is so cringe worthy. you awkward as fuck bro
holy shit you must like to cringe because you read them all :^)
ghfusd (OCE)
: buddy if you cant hand a little bit of satire get outta here.
and my responses wernt lel? seems to me liike i hit close to the mark and got you all upset dw ill leave you to echo chamber of childish remarks and the litte giddy feel goods you get from reading them
ghfusd (OCE)
: but why would i do that when all i want is some girl that wants to duo with me in league ggwp i dont want anything more than a duo
"my main is top 50+ in challenger can prove if u can prove via voice comms ur a super hot girl mmmmmmmm" *pref asian thanks why does she have to be hot or asian then? if its over voice chat why be shallow if its just to duo nothing more your post suggests that you have more interest then just duoing with them by stating your sexual preferance ie hot asian women ,or are you that much of an orbiter that you will just carry the women and at the end of the matches with them you will have some "alone time" with yourself over just what happened sounds like you just want some sexual fantasy because you are alone i wasnt trying to be mean just saying you sow what you reap if you do want to meet someone overcome your social awkwardness and go out in the real world, it might just suprise you how wonderful it is out there
ghfusd (OCE)
lol if your only willing to look as far as your screen for a girl then good luck with that XD
: What do I do when a support decides to troll and farm on me?
this happened to me once at early game after dorans blade i just got ancient coin so if it got taken i still could make some gold off of it not sure if smart or not but didnt take long for me to recover the money lost on ancient coin and then some
: Champion Insights: Tahm Kench, the River King
XD i imagined a champ coming out like this but i imagined it to be a turtle that can hide them in his shell, this works well though devour fits nicely XD
: Late night Matchmaking
"Tl;dr, why do low mmr teams become shit tier after 10pm " because most of the people who do play this late dont have work the next day so are either high or stoned when they play
: Mecha Rengar
i just want an omega squad rengar, and for him to look like the predator off of the predator movies lol
: ***
again, you seem to dodge what i ask you you said previously for him to post on EUW server to ask for oce players, and that it is rude and unfair for english speakers to have to be put in a game with non-english speakers, 9/10 times people would assume that this is called having a problem with someone who speaks another language i do not know what you would categorize it as, yet you seem to be in denial and there is some truth to what i say or you wouldnt be so upset as to report me god knows how many times and call me an asshole or an idiot in every post, so once again tell me why did you ask him to post on EUW when hes looking for players on OCE and why is it rude for someone who doesnt know english to speak on an english majority based server, in truth your just upset that i called you out and now you seem to be backtracking, or sidestepping one of the 2 XD well i might as well leave im not gonna waste time responding anymore because all you do is twist everything so yea do another post because we both know you cant leave it without having the last word
: I believe [this](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oNzP8Trc0bY) has already been done.
so has people being born and living out their lives doesnt mean we cant have any fun though does it XD
: Oh wow, I never saw that. And Ive been on here for ages. Thank you.
LOL you never addressed any of the points i was making to you all you did was lie and and called me idiot in every post you still have yet to address why you have a problem with people speaking other languages even when they are recruiting for a team and you are not on that team seriously you told him to post on the EUW server to ask for oceanic servers thats like me posting on dota 2 forums asking for lol players no1s gonna see it............ tell me why you have a problem with people speaking other languages even when they are looking for a team which you wont be on anyway, i hope your able to actually respond and ACTUALLY ADDRESS what i have asked of you nearly every back and forth we have yet you still dodge the the big elephant in the room and keep beating round the bush tell me why then i will stop XD
: Please someone help explain
its got to do with your mmr rating i think
: Unrank player
especially the ones who just hit 30 and dont even have any runes XD
Essembie (OCE)
: Am plat in korea
all those south koreans downvoting u :P
Exhausted (OCE)
: Just report the name and move on your making a mountain out of a mole hill.
dont downplay pedofile names wtf is wrong with u
juznut (OCE)
: Riot allowing paedophiles?
: it's a fucking name online. Is it really that important to you that someone has an idiotic name. At least he's being honest with himself unlike of the people that use the name of pro players.
so u agree with child molesting names?
: The reason I see behind these requirements during pool party being so hard is because of what riot things we do. I believe riot thinks it is easy for the community to gather a group of 5 people before game and play that constantly together when truthfully a group of 2-3 people pregame is more realistic of the League of Legends community. It is nearly impossible for me to gather a group of 5 people that I know, and even though I could do what others are doing and form a group through a gathering message on a forum, it is highly possible that the group formed through that forum will be at each others throats and disperse immediately after the game is over. The average league player can easily find 1 or 2 friends and play a normals or aram but finding a 5 man group is very difficult and really sets us back. If the requirement was set to a group of 2/3 or more in a party on summoners rift, aram, or crystal scar then the requirements could be easily met in the time limit without even people realizing they were gathering points. Another thing is that you can gather points through sending gifts to other players and friends, but truth is nobody is gonna spend their money on other people. Even though that is the fastest way to gather points nobody in league ever thinks about sending a whole enemy team and their team all a skin because that is around perhaps 40 dollars a game just to get about 800 points which isn't worth it since our goals are in the millions, you would have an easier time playing 160 games of aram than spending 40 bucks. The other thing is the preconception that all league players have money to spend, a lot of league players do have jobs but there's also a large majority that are in high school, college, or are people who are still paying taxes and mortgage as well as child support. Blowing money on League just to get a free skin isn't worth it. What I'm trying to say is I believe the requirements right now are way to harsh on the community around the pre-made game and this does make the goals a bit more impossible. An easy way in my mind to fix this would be to lower the 5 point requirements from a pre-made 5 man team to a pre-made 2 man team or more because then you would still be playing with friends and having fun and this would make the points increase drastically as well as community output. Most league players play alone or with one or two other friends realistically and since summer sales on steam are going on right now even more people are away from league and playing the new games they just got. I'm not angry at riot for making these standards a bit tough, it just proves their thoughts of us and how much they believe we work together as a community. It's just based on this being the 2nd or 3rd day and we've only just reached 5 million and need 10 million to unlock each of the next prizes it just seems a bit impossible. These are just my ideas on what could be done to keep what riot wants yet still make the goals more achievable.
atleast have the decency to tldr this my god -.-
: Why is Darius's picture Rumble face?
did this give you a heart attack?
Rioter Comments
Talwyn (OCE)
: That's a very wonderful design. Unfortunately that design is not original and is already been used by a professional team. Thank you for replying to his thread though.
"Unfortunately that design is not original and is already been used by a professional team." That's what your team name is though so i fail to see the problem??
: Unranked to Ranked
do not do the placement games once you hit 30 with no runes.... and also play normal games till you atleast have a decent winrate then go try them out with atleast 30 champions unlocked and also try play all position till you are familiar with them all so when you cannot get your best role you are able to still atleast play half-decent with one of the other roles
kJs (OCE)
: You know you're going to win match when..
: Simple facts of ranked Solo Queue
It's too hard for many lol players to admit that they've reached their limit, for some absurd reason they believe that the more games that they play should result in them progressing continuously. Yes all the best players do get where they are by practising everyday but i know that i am not going to be one of the best even if i play everyday, more people just need to admit their limitations instead of torturing themselves everyseason by lying to themselves that they should deserve better. if your a good player then your a good player if not stop torturing yourself why put yourself through the self abuse and stress for no reason??
: > [{quoted}](name=greatdeathz,realm=OCE,application-id=FjGAIbRv,discussion-id=d6weWuhO,comment-id=00050000,timestamp=2015-05-29T13:26:12.768+0000) > > I doubt the ones that have never learnt english have used or even seen a computer before so you can strike that one off your list, besides the older generations who live in suburban areas or cities. The younger generations who havn't learnt english are more than likely to have grown up away from "white" civilization... so yea no internet in the parts of australia that are still considered "3rd" world, and yes australia does have areas which are 3rd world, its sad but true. This particular post is disturbing to read to say the least. Not about the last part of your post but your understanding about how the world looks like as a whole, scary aye.
this worlds shit yea :( one day i hope it gets better
Alamo (OCE)
: Why should I get Karthus
playing karthus for the hope that one day there will be a team fight which will lead the whole enemy team down to low health giving you the option to use your ult for some awesome insta-penta kill XD
Alamo (OCE)
: The Continued Saga of Jesse Perring
tfw i stumble across a post where its pretty much op just talking to himself *backs away slowly
: Toxic Players
is this your first experience of something like this happening if not what do you hope to accomplish from complaining on the forum boards besides looking at responses which agree with you for some sort of feel good pat me on the back im not the only one type of feeling you are chasing?
: eSports team looking for Dedicated Coach
It looks like you just used an advert which was for recruiting players and replaced the word player with coach, idk just try and add some info about what sets your team apart from other diamond+ players, make your advert look more enticing compared to other ones if you want a better chance of recruiting a decent coach.... not just a list of demands followed up by fill in form below.( I might be ignorant here your team might be some really great/popular team people are pining after to join if not then your advert wont really hold much merit.)
Yondas (OCE)
: @RIOT is there an eta on the new player reform system for OCE?
dont hold your breath im guessing it will be rolled out next season maybe?
: Lol you cant get angry at someone for not being able to speak English (one of the most irregular languages in the world) on a computer game. Bahaha classic cant believe you posted this.
English is the most widely used "second" and "learning" language in the world used for international communication in various fields like aviation, business, INTERNET, science and technology to name only some. Yes it may be an irregular but your ignorance isnt surprising. But in mentioning this there's no reason for OP to get all butthurt about people typing in different languages. There are other methods of communicating besides chat
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