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: 2018-03-21 Ranked Disabled & NZ players increased latency
would it be okay to reset my ranked games back to provisionals because thats when i started having the high latency problems and random disconnections then ended up in b2 because of that
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: Patch 6.15 notes
come on riot{{item:3070}} making me stay up all night waiting for my project skins{{item:3070}}
Ingénue (OCE)
: Its incredibly difficult to get rid of smurfs, and technically they aren't breaking any rules. >can try catch all smurfs by ip with a bot and try to keep them on their elo I know a lot of players that share a computer and have varying ranks, not to mention internet cafes. Its also pretty hard to detect players that are smurfing. Some players have really good games/streaks of games where they play really well. Some people also pretend to be smurfs after doing really well in games (idk why) and give the name of a random high elo account/ a friends account. They don't just exist in low elo either. I'm plat 2 and get matched with players anywhere from plat 1- challenger in ranked. Most of my games have smurfs in them too. Just think of it as a learning opportunity, watch what they do. In the long run, the challenge will be better for you :D
thank you for your advice :)
: I did, i also checked your recent few ranked games (i stopped before your victory) and there are 0 smurfs there.
that ashe is a plat 1 smurf a few guys pointed that out that to me when they got the main account off him/her
: Just because someone says they are a smurf, doesn't make them a smurf. (also you don't even play ranked.)
i don't play it often because i keep losing and won 3 :) look at my stats
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hey im cloud

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