: Homophobic slurs have always been treated very seriously, because for every person who says it completely and innocently in jest amongst friends who accept it, it encourages and normalises the behaviour for those that don't. League is a public space and such language is not tolerated in the wider community. In more recent times, such language has been labelled zero tolerance, meaning any offence of such a nature will result in an instant 14 day suspension (skipping chat restrictions), or a perma if a 14 day ban has already been issued. --- While the system has changed somewhat in the last 2 years, you will not, and to the best extent of my knowledge would not have received an instant permanent suspension for any behaviour related offence except cheating (scripting, 3rd party abuse etc). You will always receive a 14 day suspension first. A perma ban will only ever be removed or reduced if it is issued or escalated in error, a valid permanent suspension is just that, permanent. Even in cases of proved reform, permanently suspended accounts are not returned. Such systems were attempted, and had an almost universal relapse rate. Reform rates at permanent suspension are so low that such a system is just not scale-able, as it would have to be highly personalised. Even if you can prove reform, if the account was not suspended in error, it will not be returned. --- Without your full logs, noone can tell you if the punishment was warranted or not. Without your full punishment and report history (which only support can see), noone can tell you for certain if the permanent suspension was appropriate. You cannot bypass support, though you can reattempt your appeal. Tier 1 support is often customised macro responses, if your first response does not offer the context you desire, just reply to the ticket stating as much. Keeping your tickets short and to the point is beneficial as well.
Yeah I get the whole "It might not hurt you but it hurts them" sort of thing which is what I meant by maturing, I just keep my mouth shut now as opposed to retaliating. I received no prior punishment to my perm ban and even asked both the support staff who handled my ticket how it was justified to which they replied "you had a 10 game chat restriction a year ago", not those words exactly, it was more formal. Problem is I don't know if my ban was manual or automated. I know for a fact that in 3 games in a row i was reported by the same 2 people who were tolling in all 3 games for telling them to "F up and F off" and calling one the word I've already posted. Even when asked about this they wouldn't reply. So I don't know if it was automated due to constant reports or manually implemented. I don't want my account unbanned because I "reformed". I want it unbanned because it shouldn't have been banned in the first place :/
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: Managed to get 2 banners for Shotcalling/tilt proof and a 14 day ban within 5-8 games
Dunno man, I'd have to be reported heavily to get a 14 day ban within 5-8 games, considering how many honors I got, and how many people added me from both sides, I got I struggle to see what I did that was "severe" to warrant a 14 day ban without even a mute, probably some snow flake working with the automated system, made some "bad" words instantly shred your account. This games a waste of space, needs a system in place like the tribunal where punishments are then inspected by an actual employee to see whether or not they're warranted, then again some employee probably made "fuck" a 3 day ban on your first offence so GG.
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