: Hey mate I am a night owl but find it boring to play by myself if we want to play together I am in but I am in Bronze 4 my aim is Gold division if we could help each other out would be great I just hate getting matched up with kids/trolls turns me off playing the game which is the reason why I am still in B4 if you wish to play together my user name is (ASH IS 1) looking forward on hearing from you in game cheers mate.
hey dude im sorry but im not actually looking for a duo partner, im simply looking for a team ranked for the end of season rewards
: LF Ranked team for late night games
yeah man im still down do you have anybody else?
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: Creating Ranked Team- 5 Wins (15 points) For the Ranked rewards!
iDpsMyKids S5 atm but been higher Top and Mid main but can play any role check out my stats if needed
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