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: You can check what Mastery grade you got by hovering over the champion's portrait in the post-game screen. You will be notified in the chat box if you earned S- or above and if you are eligible for a Loot drop. There are currently no way to tell how many chests you have remaining in the Alpha client. {{champion:17}}
Thanks mate.
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: True, I have several icons that I don't know where I get it at all. If there are some description of it that will be perfect.
I think after the implementation of hextech crafting they should have considered a way of giving people a bit of background about their items. If you happened to only start maybe this season or last season you would not have any idea about 90% of the legacy skins and about the same amount of knowledge about all the summoner icons. It's the small subtle details Riot can introduce that will keep immersing new and old players.
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: Why not put in a SKIN collection in the alpha?
Something along the lines of a total net worth or something like; Ultimate skins: 2 Legendary skins: 4 Legacy skins: 15 etc would be cool. Maybe even being able to filter skin collections by rarity similar to something like Hearthstone type collection system.
JayQue (OCE)
: This could be cool, but may take them a bit of work depending if they have the backend for it in new client
It could be a bit of work, but I vaguely remember seeing a streamer with a third party extension that showed some stat's about them , can't remember the program for the life of me though sadly.
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: Either incredibly stupid, or just plain lying.
Pretty spot on! (apart from the "revenue" raising scheme, imo) Force banning the hate speech seems like such a simple idea, how has no one implemented it yet.


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