Arrrow (OCE)
: Hey need a support ?
: Clash Team (High Plats - Diamonds) Looking for Players
adc/sup/mid (in that order)
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Gehirn (OCE)
: Twisted Treeline Ranked Flex Premade Restrictions
Incredibly happy about this change. I stopped playing TT ranked last season because of this issue. I was always against the same very high elo people (despite only reaching Plat 2 in the mode). They were always in a group of 3 and I actually added most of them to avoid getting them in my games. They were always running the ad/sup strat and completely stomping.
: This toxic player is a terrible human being,
xSynx (OCE)
: Remove Auto fill please
So you'd rather wait 30 minutes+ for a game? If you really don't want to support then don't queue up for ranked when autofill is enabled. If you're in a promo series you won't get autofilled but other than that it's a useful feature (especially in higher elos) that makes queue times faster and gets people into games quicker.
Damocracy (OCE)
: You get two runes pages by default are you noob? You also get a garen and ashe for free. The whole set of tier 2 runes costs about 50 ip.
Dude, I know that? When the fuck did I say you had to buy rune pages? Are YOU noob? I'm saying the runes themselves are expensive if you calculate the cost of filling those two free pages. Jesus Christ. Tier 2 runes are terrible if you're level 30. You're way better off getting tier 3 runes and those cost over 100 ip each. You were saying?
: Xerath and abyssal scepter
Fiddlesticks, Sona and Viktor are very high magic damage champions, so having that Abyssal Scepter helps by giving Xerath some defensive stats in the magic resist, but also gives him CDR which is really good for Xerath too. Just because he isn't always in range for the aura doesn't mean it's a useless item on him. It definitely works. Plus champions like Viktor and Fiddlesticks have to get quite close to get a majority of their damage out, so the aura would most likely work in those cases. I think you need to stop giving people in ARAM build advice cos it doesn't seem like you know much about items and their effectiveness on certain champs, as much as you think you do.
: who beats rework fiora late game 1v1
She is a late game scaling champion so of course she's going to be hard to deal with at that point in the game. I'd recommend Poppy though.
ThatsBS (OCE)
: Wouldn't it make you the focus? Maybe the enemy team worked as a team and his/her team didn't.
Yes, it would, but if you're fed enough and play smart enough you can easily turn a fight around since you're so insanely ahead of everyone.
: Are you retarded? I did capitalize, i took those 6 kills and turned them into 32 kills. It didnt help that my team was quite literally useless (not figuratively i mean they literally just let me do all the work and walked around farming jungle and dying) and i had to 3v1 the somewhat fed vayne jinx and kha. The reason we lost is because i was the only useful person on the team and the second the two gold smurfs stopped trolling and they went for a 5 man push i couldnt solo defend the base.
When the fuck did you mention in the original post that you turned 6 kills into 32 kills? That just makes it even worse... you lost a game with 32 kills handed to you. You deserved that loss because you couldn't close the game. End of.
: They have been on my team before, i reported them then aswell. Now please sit your ass down.
I'd prefer if you didn't tell me to 'sit my ass down', thanks. If it's that much of an issue for you then make a Support ticket.
Damocracy (OCE)
: You don't need IP to buy champs you can buy champs with RP and you only need two runespages to play ranked. So you were saying?
Two runepages is still a massive amount of IP depending on which runes you purchase. And yes you can buy champs with RP but I don't think someone is gonna spend $100+ on 16 champions if they can just use IP to get them. You were saying?
: How do I deal with these kinds of people?
Just ignore them. This isn't even that big of an issue. Who cares what randoms on the internet think? Mute them and get on with your game. They weren't flaming you or anything so I'm sure it wasn't that big of a deal. But good on you for trying to be nice.
Miicka (OCE)
: Corrupt A Wish *Forum Game*
Granted. They've been invited to come on the Analyst Desk. I wish I was challenger.
: Harassment
: It may take time before people can play ranked, but some people don't have the motive to actually improve and continue to make the same mistakes. My biggest frustration is that carrying from the jungle doesn't involve my skill level most of the time. You are perfectly entitled to say that there is something wrong with my playing but whilst I'm no where near a challenger, the fact that in the majority of games I will triple my KDA ratio and at least double my KDR, which leads me to believe that I do have the skills and mechanical wisdom to climb. My issue with carrying from the jungle is that playing assassins (those junglers who take kills) is hard when all lanes feed but playing tanks (like amumu) can be hard if the laner doesn't follow up on the gank or even worse gets a massive lead then continues to die, which makes it very hard because assassins are too snowbally to be reliable unless the enemy laner is weak but tanks are unlikely to carry because some teammates just don't listen to engage. Then, when you play a laner, the jungler usually is of no help, which makes things very sticky in the long run. Anyways, I'll follow your advice and play a tanky/CC jungler whilst ganking as much as possible, but hey, maybe the guy who just went 10/1 in a ranked game as ekko and the game before went 12/3/20 as zac "belongs" in bronze 5.
I just checked your OP.GG and already off the bat I can see a plethora of issues that have nothing to do with your team. First of all, your win ratio is 18%. 13 wins to 60 losses. You cannot expect me to believe that of all those 60 losses, your team and ONLY your team was to blame. Absolutely fucking not. That is a garbage win rate and you most definitely 'belong' in Bronze 5 if that's the kind of win rate you have in an elo where you supposedly go '10/1' on Ekko in ranked (which was actually a normal and you STILL lost being 10/1....) Second of all, your KDAs are just as garbage. You barely hit a 1.3 KDA on each champ you've played this season (which for some reason is only about 3-4 times per champion before you move onto the next one). You need to stick to a couple of champions and roles that you're good at, instead of playing anything and everything. Master a few things rather than trying to play everything and I guarantee you'll start seeing some improvements in your play. And for the love of God, please upgrade your trinket. It's amazing what you could do with a sweeper and a pink ward. So yes, you do 'belong' in Bronze. I don't need an entire history of what goes on in your games about who died and why. Look at your own play first before you start bashing Bronzies for theirs.
: Just ask the question how many other supports do I have to specifically focus to make winning a team fight viable?
And the answer is none of them. No other support poses as much of a threat as Soraka.
: Soraka needs a nerf. Surely.
I think the biggest issue for me is her mana costs. Most Soraka's start Q instead of the heal, and she can spam that every 2-3 seconds whilst barely losing any of her mana. I think her abilities need to cost more mana to prevent Soraka from spamming heals and Q's for days. These abilities should be used in more strategic ways and less as a harass in lane, especially because Soraka shouldn't be allowed to half health your ADC with a couple Q's at level 1, 2 and 3. I also think the movement speed she gets on her Q needs to be removed. The Q itself already has a ridiculous slow, which makes it hard to chase after her, but giving her that added movement speed makes it almost impossible. She needs a bit more counterplay rather than 'just kill her'.
Damocracy (OCE)
: Not if your laner continues to cs or even runs back to tower and start going back. Bronzies do this time and time again. I hate jungling in bronze, the laners are so fucking retarded and only a few have some clue. You can't even tax lanes after a good gank ebcause they lose their shit at you but yet the minute you elave they are pinging for another gank. The worst is when both bot and mid killed their lane while I head and ping for drag while the enemy jungle is top but instead the go back. You ping on baron after acing the enemy team and they go jungle or go back. The whole problem is anyone that just hit level 30 can buy the amount of champs required and queue for ranked with no expereince at all.
Then don't jungle in bronze if you think it's that bad? No matter what, you'll always have something to complain about, regardless of what role everyone is in. Don't expect many mechanical plays from bronzies. The sooner you understand that, the easier it'll be for you to carry. And actually, it takes quite a lot of IP to gather enough for 16 champions and 2 rune pages. I recently leveled an account to 30 and I purchased about 2-3 champions with RP, and I am still missing about 10 more champions in order to start queuing up for ranked (I am also missing an AP rune page). Because it takes twice as less time to level an account to 30 now, you need a lot of IP before you're even close to getting enough champions for ranked. Players are allowed to start playing ranked whenever they think they're ready, and because you're in bronze, that is where most of them end up. How long did it take you between hitting 30 and playing ranked? I'm going to assume not much time at all.
: Ok, thanks for the info. Even on the .25 slow mo replay it looks insanely difficult to press spell button, click where you want it, press spell button and click first barrel to shoot it, press spell button for third barrel and click where you want it... All in less than half a second. But I guess if this is normal for a good GP then I take my hat off to those that can do it. Because that is just insane hand-eye coordination in my books I might head to a private game soon and try it out myself... End up looking like shooter mcgavin practising happy gilmores run and swing technique in private and looking like a complete wanker in the process lol
Yeah you pretty much have to place the third barrel as you're detonating the first. Completely catches most off guard if they're not careful.
: Gangplank: Botting or Skill?
LOL. It's a pretty normal Gangplank mechanic dude. It's called the triple barrel and it's all about timing your barrels correctly. There's no scripting or botting going on here.
AceAkali (OCE)
: Dear Riot
Good riddance, honestly. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: Banned
You deserved it for being toxic yet again after JUST coming off a previous ban. At least wait a few weeks if you really feel the need to be a dick in game. No one is forcing you to be toxic. You chose to do it yourself, got reported, and now you face the consequences. Don't blame your teammates. If you are getting frustrated with someone, the best thing to do is just mute them and move on. But I guess it's too late for that now.
: I'm Absolutely Out of Luck - Help!
If you can't carry from the jungle role in BRONZE 5 then there's an issue with your own play, not just the play of your teammates. You need to actively be in lanes and ganking, not just farming all the time. Play a jungler that has CC and engage, so it's easier for your laners to follow up. There is no magic role or champion that is going to get you out of the elo you belong in. Soz.
LaFrae (NA)
: Dynamic Queue Ranking System w/ Friends
You can queue up with anyone 1 whole tier above and below you. e.g. If you're gold 4, you can play with anyone between silver 4 and plat 4. If you're in a 5 man group, and your highest player is plat 4, but you're gold 4 and want to invite your silver 4 friend, the silver 4 player cannot join because the plat 4 player is over 1 whole tier above him. This also works if the plat 4 player tried to join the room. Everyone in your 5 man needs to be within 1 whole tier below and above each other. Hope that helps.
: Why does Ranked suck so much at the moment?
Yeah around this time of year is when everyone starts scrambling to get to gold for the end of season rewards.
: Diamond+ Ranked team
I'm keen! Congrats on Diamond. I remember when you were just a lonely little platinum 5 Anivia main :P
: Vayne should not be allowed to buy Sterak's..
Damocracy (OCE)
: Can't report or block player
You can go to your 'recently played with' tab on your friends list and report them from there.
: Does Riot want new players to intent feed?
SO DON'T QUEUE WITH A LEVEL 30 FRIEND??? What kind of post is this?? {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
Elzzup (OCE)
: Leaver Buster - Worth a read.
Damocracy (OCE)
: Wow, this is what I have to deal with at low elo norms.
It's because YOU'RE BRONZE. NOBODY in Bronze is good. NOBODY. Don't expect ANYTHING from ANYONE in Bronze. The sooner you learn that, the better it'll be for us cos you'll stop posting your bad games on the boards.
trenna2O (OCE)
: ranked system op op
There is nothing wrong with the ranked system. You just can't climb so you're looking for something to blame. What is with all the 12 year olds on these boards?
: Vayne should not be allowed to buy Sterak's..
Steraks gage is a really good item for ADCs because literally EVERYTHING kills them. I'm sorry you don't know how to play against a Vayne. That's not our problem. In fact, there isn't a problem here at all. You just don't know how to play against a Vayne and you've decided that the reason being is because of a particular item. Steraks gage is more defensive than offensive because the lifeline passive is life saving in fights where you're likely to be blown up by assassins and whatnot. Try playing ADC for once and you'll understand what I mean. Vayne is a LATE GAME scaling champion. If you let her get to that point in the game then she will absolutely destroy you if she has good positioning. Which it looks like this particular Vayne did. Instead of screaming and yelling because 'oh no steraks gage is broken!", look at your own goddamn play and figure out what you could have done differently.
: Yup if i was in silver elo thatd be fair enough because they have to go through silver to rank up a fresh account anyway. But these %%%%s purposefully dropped their elo to b5 just to pubstomp bronze games.
I'm sure you wouldn't be saying that if they were on your team and carried your heavy ass.
: Aight fed up with the smurfs time for the name and shame.
Are you kidding me? The guy gave you 6 kills and you couldn't close the game with them? I'm sorry but there's a reason you're stuck in bronze and it's not because of smurfs. Learn how to capitalize when you're ahead and don't give the enemy a chance to catch up. This is a dumb post.
: Don't play ranked if you can't play in more than one lane
The amount of complaining on these boards is absurd.
: Twisted Fatestooltips
This is already a known issue and it's getting fixed next Patch.
: Ultra Rapid Fire
It's returning in the next couple of weeks. Stop being a crybaby.
: Just something I thought of
The 50/50 chance on the W is something you'll never see on a champion. Anything RNG like that in an ability is just bad design and makes for little counterplay. You need to know exactly the kind of damage you're inflicting and the enemy also needs to be aware of it. Otherwise it's just a hidden OP that's also randomised for no reason. There's no way to play around it if you don't know what you're gonna get. Stick to one debuff if you really think it needs to be in the kit.
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: Girl gamers or noobs come learn with me!
RonyStark (OCE)
: Rarely lose lane, but losing game due to derp teammates
Your MMR is savage. You're playing with all bronzes despite being silver 2. It's definitely something you're doing on your end, sorry. There's just no way you could have this bad of an MMR from your 'derp teammates'
Epica (OCE)
: Name the game that's dragged you away from LOL for the longest period of time?
: Yasuo disabled for how long
Iosua Bot (OCE)
: The old HUD dies with the new patch
: Justicar Syndra's balls are barely visible in Butchers Bridge
That's probably just cos of your shitty graphics settings
: Girl Gamers
I can admit to doing this. I have probably only bought about 40% of my skins with my own money. The rest of them have been gifted to me. There are times where I've flirted for them (which sounds whorey af) but there are also times where they've just given them to me for the sake of doing so.
Xevach (OCE)
: Particle Effects Glitches
Yeah I've been having this issue for ages. I notice it mostly with Sivir's W, where the ricochet just gets stuck and continues spinning in the same spot.
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