: The HUGE problem with "illaoi"
Illaoi {{champion:420}} has a lot of inherent weaknesses. A few of these include : lack off cc, lack of gapcloser/escape or being useless without tentacles. Laning Phase Pre-6: When fighting Illaoi {{champion:420}} pre-6 you should try and trade while dodging tentacles if you are playing someone with decent early game damage. If you are a ranged champion you have an easy time harassing Illaoi {{champion:420}} and taking down her existing tentacles. If you are playing a tank, build armor asap and only take trades if you are sure you won't take tentacle damage or getting ganks. Try and get ganks before level 6 as she can't 2v1 just yet. Laning After 6: After level 6 you should try and bait out her ultimate. Try and bait it out by either faking an engage or half engaging then kite afterwards. Do not get ganks from you jungler if she is on full health and has ultimate up. If she is on low health but has ultimate, be careful about her healing if fighting. If she doesn't have ultimate, there is room for ganks. Play as if you were pre-6. If you are a tank you can start taking more trades as you should have some armor/health. Teamfights: This is where her major weaknesses are exposed. You can just kite her out and she will never get a good ultimate off. If she {{summoner:4}} ultimates you or manages to get a good ultimate off, you should kite away and let your peel/cc do their job. She doesn't have a great gap closer so she can't catch up to you; she doesn't have any hard cc so she can't keep you in her ultimate. Remember that just because Illaoi {{champion:420}} is 0/10 doesn't mean she can deal a load of damage; she is useless without tentacles and/or ultimate. {{champion:420}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:420}} *edit* This is just a basic summary of how to play against Illaoi{{champion:420}} .


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