: Draft Normals matchmaking is so garbage
lol again: https://imgur.com/W2rwPEG
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: Community toxicity has reached ridiculous levels. Thinking about quitting after over a decade.
Had a Morde int after doing badly in lane. Ended the game with 15 deaths. Reported him. Nothing. He keeps playing the next day. It's a joke. Riot isn't going to expend resources shrinking their customer base.
: Why am I getting secondary role for 80% of my games?
And tonight I play 5 games without getting my primary role a single time. Ridiculous. This is the only game I know where it doesn't even let you play what you want.
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: Find your name on the reef!
*Sigh* Was my name omitted because it's "offensive"?
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: Current game getting paused?
I'm getting constant lag and attempting to reconnect. Can't play and can't quit. My game had 'Big Tedd has unpaused the game'


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