: A Heart Without a Beat (ノ◕‿◕✿)ノ *:・゚✧ ฅ(^ω^ฅ)
k,. jokes, good luck <3 ! ill definitely be voting for you :D {{summoner:14}} {{champion:75}}
: Mac Client will not launch.
I had this problem. Honestly, just fixed it rn! What you need to do is drag all applications related to league in the trash. Then redownload it and a dmg should come up with a pic of ryze in the background. Right click league and open package contents click contents, LoL, RADS, system , drag user kernel out of it and put it on ur desktop and exit all of the applications you have opened. Then go back into ur finder, click on applications find league, then right click it , do the same thing , package contents, Lol , rads, system. This time drag the current user kernel in the trashcan, delete it. Then drag the user kernel you have left on ur desktop back into the system folder. This time its reinstalling league and tah dah!


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