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> [{quoted}](name=ionex,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=cEIqtcP7,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-09-12T03:52:30.190+0000) > > so with the new honour system players are supposed to receive loot with higher honour levels (correct?), im currently honour lvl4 and i use to get maybe 1 capsule of loot and some key frags once a week which i think is fine, but as of late or for about the past 3-4 weeks i haven't gotten a single loot capsule and only 1 key frag, have they changed the amount of loot you get or was i just getting lucky before or am i getting unlucky now? i worked to get honour lvl4 and now im here im getting a fraction of the loot i got whilst i was lvl3 so i feel kind of cheated, anyone else have any thoughts on the matter or has anyone else experienced a similar situation? UPDATE: i have now since logged in everyday to collect my honour loot rewards and still nothing, it's been well over a month and this point i'm really interested to know if buying rp affects the drop rates or if getting games in affects it too, i have bought a little bit of rp and and not really played many games recently so these might be key factors, either way im still kind of bummed :(
: I been lvl 5 for some time and only always ever get key frags, like seriously i got nearly 100 key frags! The other day i got my first capsule, i was devastated when i opened it to only received 2 key frags, however i did not notice it gave me 2 lots of items and was pretty happy when the 2nd was medieval twitch skin! i generally get honor rewards everyday i log on.
interesting that you get them so frequently, it might be a truly random system but knowing riot it's almost certain that there's an algorithm behind it
: You "worked" for level 4 honour? and expect to be rewarded? I'm sorry but did you completely miss the whole point of this honour system? It's to promote sportsmanlike players, with positive attitudes. The reward is the positive community it hopes to create. Don't be ungrateful.
I'm by no means being ungrateful but you do have to take into consideration there are people still stuck at specific honour levels and although mine isn't the highest, that doesn't mean i didn't put effort into being a sportsmanlike member of the community as i usually am anyway. To add to this as well, the honour system also serves to replace random key frag drops after matches and is designed to reward players with an incentive to keep being sportsmanlike and getting games in, so to say that i shouldn't expect to be rewarded is essentially saying you would work for free, yes work gives you experience and you can meet new people and friends, but the incentive to maintain the behaviour or continue working is always there and it's a large psychological part of riots new system. This post wasn't designed for these kinds of arguments, more it was designed to help me and any others who feel cheated by the system to get closure on their situation.
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