: Dude, everyone has read your post. Bottom line is that "transferring ownership" of accounts is a blatant breach of the ToU and EULA, and practically guaranteed to result in a perma-ban. Not only that, but using 3rd party software is also a blatant breach of the ToU and EULA, and practically guaranteed to result in a perma-ban (and practically every account that is up for sale was levelled using bots). You ask in your post "What is the reason the account I bought was picked up?", and you have been given not one but **two** *very* good reasons (botting and buying).
Hey man. Fair enough reply. After thinking about it now I know the ban is completely justified, was just looking for a quick way to 30. However my question at the end is better worded as: 'why was my account picked up while others have not been?'. I know the reasons it was banned however I know of plenty of other bought accounts that have not been banned. Why was mine banned and theirs not? Cheers
: Just level from scratch noob...
'noob' says the poor kid that in the five years he has been playing has not achieved a positive winrates and barely reached gold. Don't overstep yourself champ
: "My main issue is that I am the only person being punished here however I have done nothing wrong. No one gains anything from banning my account so what is the point of it? All they are doing is upsetting me, who has put a lot of time and effort into this game and thoroughly enjoy it. " lmao its against the rules to buy an account. even if rito took pity in you because it wasn't YOU who botted they would just ban you for account sharing https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/202290340-Don-t-Buy-Accounts-
Can you suggest any other way to get back to my previous rank without having to go through the tedious process of levelling up to 30, gaining enough BE required to buy the min 20 champs and then having to climb to my elo. Riot needs to implement something that allows existing players to make new accounts at the rank they are at. I can't stand much more of playing with the bronze-gold elo. Low gold is the real elo hell and the most toxic (I can tell you that from experience)
: It was a bought account, riot says thats against the rules so instabans you
I don't get some people's need to post useless comments. Your comment has nothing of value. Why waste yours any my time?
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