PurpIe (OCE)
: Do you report others? How often and what for?
if someone gets pissed off for normal reason like someone just doing dumb shit not just being 0/5 but jst dumb shit i wont report the toxic person but if they are just toxic then i will report
: [](https://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/2007scape/images/f/f3/Fred_the_Farmer.png/revision/latest?cb=20151009044935) here is my design for what he should look like and here are the chickens [](https://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/2007scape/images/d/d3/Unusual_Chicken.png/revision/latest?cb=20141130115720)
https://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/2007scape/images/f/f3/Fred_the_Farmer.png/revision/latest?cb=20151009044935 https://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/2007scape/images/d/d3/Unusual_Chicken.png/revision/latest?cb=20141130115720
: Chicken Farmer Yorick skin concept
[](https://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/2007scape/images/f/f3/Fred_the_Farmer.png/revision/latest?cb=20151009044935) here is my design for what he should look like and here are the chickens [](https://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/2007scape/images/d/d3/Unusual_Chicken.png/revision/latest?cb=20141130115720)
: Who was the creative genius behind the Nasus change?
well nasus is a juggernaut so obviously adc cant fight him thats the point, tanky and do a lot of damage if you let them get on top of you but easy to kite and weak to cc. all the other juggernauts have a way of getting up in your grill if you run at them by your self garen q cho q darius e but in a team fight they become little more than a front line tank that will almost never get to the back line so they need to be able to fight the frontline so i dont get what your whinging about probably just salty that you got shit on by one nasus was garbage before when his only saving grace was being able to destroy a tower without minions in the very late game i havent played against new nasus yet but im glad he has been given a buff because he was so bad before
Canc (OCE)
: Its in PBE as of now...
cheers so does that mean it will go live soon ish
Fitzky (OCE)
: ARURF actually, Urf doesn't exist anymore according to Riot.
same difference
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bred (OCE)
: Why don't grades affect your LP Gain/Loss?
noo 1stly the grading system is a very arbitrary numerical value with no real correlation of impact in game the current system works by how your teams mmr compares to the enemy teams mmr which makes sense
: Need To clime out of bronze and Cant find Anything good i main top so help?
Addam (OCE)
: So basically what happened was as i hit the plant to be flung in the opposite direction, just straight after i hit the bomb kayns w then hit me. I then went through the animation of flinging over to the direction i wanted, to then back to where i was hit with the w and knockedup, so it looked like i was flung backwards.
so it seems like the game interacted the way it was meant to and you only experienced a graphical bug which resolved it self this could have been caused by packetloss or high ping happening in the instance is this bug repeateable in a training match it would be good if you could record it for riot though i imagine it would still be a low priority
: I've been getting honours almost every game, and have no idea how far from Level 3 I am. According to the FAQ, 1 honour from a non-premade teammate is enough to level you up... Apparently it's not, and now I'm very confuddled.
honouring increase frequency of keyfrags but has 0 effect on lvl progress
: > [{quoted}](name=jigglejigglwoosh,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=JqdBAkfE,comment-id=00020001,timestamp=2017-07-28T23:47:25.429+0000) > > if only riot would let you go play other games > its such a shame that they cant make this game suit you while also forcing you to play this and nothing else And where did I say that? In fact I said quite the opposite where I actually quit playing each time for a few months. Also make this game to suit me? Sorry for wanting a non toxic game where griefers are actually banned and sorry for wanting close games. I'm certain others and Riot themselves are striving to achieve the same goals. Your pathetic attitude is exactly what I'm referring to when I say the community is rubbish. Thank you for reinforcing my point.
excuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuse me how about you dont butt into conversations like i was talkinng to you
: Vayne mechanics anyone?
icant wait to kill yourlb in 1 crit as {{champion:119}}
Maraudaur (OCE)
: We are seeing our first honourable players hit level 3!
look at all these people leveling up on the same day so this shows that honouring is completely meaningless
: I got Honour 3 :D
while noone particularly cares the mr hhuang up there got his level 3 so many people on the same day shows that honouring plays means nothing at all completely meaningless other than maybe more key frags but im getting so many of those at level 1 its pointless
Addam (OCE)
: Kayn Bug?
typically speaking you should get knocked up in place did you go the direction you hit the plant
FIrong (OCE)
: Sigh why no comments at all
why did you think anyone would want to talk about your lame ass champ ideas
: the game has just gotten way to snowball oriented, the damage creep is through the roof, the game is "balanced" way to fucking often, same old meta champs every game..... and then we have lethality. the game is beyond enjoyable, might get one close enjoyable game out of 30, rest are a one sided stomp were i either get no enjoyment in winning, afk farm or just plain afk. the crappy game makes the community toxic. i used to enjoy telling people i play league irl, now if i mention it 95% of the time they'll chuckle and say something like, " i used to play but quit in season 4/5/6 and i now play x game, id never play that garbage again" https://cdn.meme.am/cache/instances/folder286/34849286.jpg
if only riot would let you go play other games its such a shame that they cant make this game suit you while also forcing you to play this and nothing else
: Honor Level 3
basically honours are only for honour rewards not getting reported levels up honour it takes about a month of regular play to get from 2 to 3
Gerk (OCE)
: There is absolutely no reason to permaban anyone other than to make more money. Can you make another account after being banned? Yes? Are you the same person? Yes? Will you be back in games with the people who reported you very soon? Yes. Money Money Money.
i cant imagine anyone spending money on the game in their 2nd account
: All good. good to see you learning from it. Honestly so. when you level your own account, i am willing to bet your mentality towards others and "YOUR INVESTMENT" will change. All the best
wow i bet i could go cast an iron sarcasm sign and smack you in the face with it while its still hot and you wouldnt notice
Jorsty (OCE)
: I'm fairly sure this has been discussed multiple times over the years and personally I don't see how this will solve anything. You're either going to report them and play a shit game because you're tilted already, or report them and dodge. If you're really fixed on reporting somebody do it at the end of the game
see a really big problem is thatmost of the reason id say 90% someone dodges is because they think another player is going to be a problem and cause a loss which particularly can be a problem if you have a good game because then you spend 70 minutes in a lost cause which is absolutely the worst
: if it kills the target the 2nd unit it hits takes massive damage just dont stand behind nearly dead minions its a big threat thats easy to avoid like a blitz hook also you must realise that ashe even for an adc is particularly squishy
also was she 10 mins with 80 cs having a bf sword and dirk because you can expect a lot of damage from that even that early
: This... is too much... (In regards to Miss Fortune)
if it kills the target the 2nd unit it hits takes massive damage just dont stand behind nearly dead minions its a big threat thats easy to avoid like a blitz hook also you must realise that ashe even for an adc is particularly squishy
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: Urgot feels Clunky after release
fatman dont move like rakan bg
Fitzky (OCE)
: Care to explain instead of posting a half-assed response?
i am yet to lose to him as yas sometimes he gets the 1st 2 kills but by lvl 10 im stomping him so idk
: Well that's the grossest thing ever. Try running a client repair and we'll go from there. (Settings > Initiate Full Repair)
it was so dirty because i couldnt tell who was fed didnt even know how many kills my laner had
: Thank you Riot!
this makes me feel like all my rreports are for nothing
: I disagree. Having a tracker would only help Riot. 1) How would you abuse the systems by knowing your level progress? 1A) Irrelevant. Any form of abuse in the system can be implemented with or without level tracking (it's just a matter of knowing how effective the abuse is). Other than 3rd party programs, the only way to "abuse" the system is by playing with friends and having everyone honor a single teammate regardless of performance. Unfortunately, this is already happening - very seldom do you see players honor teammates outside of their pre-mades. 2) Positive effects of having a tracker 2A) Players who know they are close to being "demoted" a honor level will be more likely to adjust their behavior to avoid demotion - which is what RIOT wants. 2B) Players can better see the effects of good sportsmanship, making trying that much more meaningful 3) Negative effects of having a tracker 3A) Players with high honor levels may find it "acceptable" to be toxic every once in awhile. IMO, this is a very insignificant side effect as having "high honor levels" usually wouldn't be the main justification of a honorable player losing it, while conditions like "2A)" usually has more impact 3B) Players begging for honors (easily ignore. Riot should also implement a "dishonor" option as begging for honor has historically been considered dishonorable). Overall, the negative effects of having a tracker is pretty insignificant. However, having a tracker may lead to impactful positive effects. The only reason I can see RIOT not implementing a tracker is to hide the fact that they're providing less rewards than what they've sold to their players (in which would cause a negative effect if the tracker was implemented) - which is exactly how their previous honor systems worked. Players who were dishonorable were being flagged left and right while honorable players were seeing little to no benefits from the supposedly reward system, resulting in negative PR and complaints. TL:DR. Trackers aren't being implemented because RIOT doesn't want you to know how little rewards are given out for "honorable" behaviors.
ive opened like 8 chests because of the new honour system
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: Draft pick on oce
cmon did you see the skin they gave us riot doesn't care about oce
: How to get S as a support?
buy redemption in lane phase and use it on lanes about to gget a kill
Hondom (OCE)
: Why Kayn will be popular even after a year of his release.
Elektrix (OCE)
: Possible reform to the leave buster system
I'm not sure I understand what youree saying the punishment should be
Tomblade (OCE)
: As long as you are a sportsmanlike/honourable player, your Honour level will move up and eventually return back to Level 2. If you continue that behaviour, you will keep leveling up to level 3 etc. Being at Level 1 does not lock you in there!
maybe its not locked in but is it possible to max to it at this point
Tomblade (OCE)
: In that case, with your permission, I can post the chat logs in this thread for you to review.
well like I said I'm not all that interested in the ban or why it happened this thread is about whether honor is going to be a mass grind to get honor back up like it has been so far because asking me not to be toxic is like asking a gay person to be straight its immoral and causes a lot of pain I don't want to continue to put myself through that if its not worth it
Nightjar (OCE)
: hmm I'd say if I had to counterpick, - I'd go teemo or jax for obvious reasons the dodge/blind shuts down trynd's damage and these champs can splitpush against trynd lategame too, - sion because the ranges of sion's abilities just seem to work well against tryndamere but eventually you get outscaled and so splitpushing becomes a problem because after a while you can't fight trynd anymore so you need a coordinated team which will listen when you ping objectives, - garen because it's garen and you'll outduel trynd for most the game thanks to the silence and movespeed shutting down trynd's escapes and chase, allowing garen safety in these fights and making it more risky for the tryndamere, - and ap shaco top because it's hard for tryndamere to kill shaco however splitpushing becomes a problem.
don't go teemo against tryn haha youll get stomped the best counter I think is akali as someone who has played a lot of tryn
HeartVine (OCE)
: You should have received an email with the chat logs, and there should also be chat logs in the client pop-up if I remember correctly. If you haven't received the chat logs for some reason, you can contact [Support](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us) or even just ask one of the Rioters (like, for example, Tomblade) to post it here for you.
I hadn't received an email at all and clicking on the chat restriction notification didn't do anything just a hover message saying unsportsmanlike conduct
Tomblade (OCE)
: Hi Jigglejigglwoosh! One of the common misconceptions is that honour is about grinding or "collecting" points to level up. The honour system is not about that. Just because you received 75+ honours, doesn't mean anything if you have been reported for a tonne of negative behaviour. There's no fixed amount of honours you need to receive in order to go up a rank. The only intended way to rank up is to genuinely be a good person in the game - not about points, not about score but just about being a sportsmanlike person all the time. > no idea what that is about I usually stay positive though am a heavy supporter of 3/1 is agree to ff In terms of your chat restriction, did you receive chatlogs regarding which games you were punished for? If you did, you could share it in the thread and we can go through why the exhibited behaviour was considered negative. If it's something you don't want to share publically, that's totally cool - but that should give you some sort of answer right there. > I'm at level one should I just throw out all that bs and go full rage at the assholes who are ruining the game (lane stealers, feeders, and idiots) because I'm otherwise fully stuffed for honor now anyways right ? or is there a realistic way with limited play time to get the level up Consistent and regular positive behaviour is the only way to bring your honour level back up. Don't focus on trying to level up honour so much - if you have sportsmanlike behaviour, your honour will naturally fix itself up.
where can I check the chat log assuming negative chat is why I got also the crutch of this post is - is this gonna take forever after so long not doing anything wrong to not level up then this happens, its doesn't seem worth the effort to not be toxic
  Rioter Comments
: I don't give a crap about the stupid code that no one follows guy, its not working and won't ever work so stuff it guy. Quit being a mark, because thats what you're being.
I'm sorry for being a mark now can you stop screaming before you wake the baby
: Any legal terms of use or anything written about the summoners code doesn't excuse them from business laws just because its on the internet, its a game, or they feel they can make up their own laws. Terms of use are not laws that govern fair trade agreements. Imagine if you were to rent a house for a month, and in the terms of agreement it specified if you are too loud, then you can be banned from using the house. Well you pay the rent for that month, and the landlord tells you that you were too loud when you paid, and bans you from the house for 2 weeks. Hey, you don't own the house, and you broke the terms of use agreement by being too loud. This is illegal no matter what the terms of use are because state and federal laws dictate what you can and can't do in tenant situation to protect people from being abused or taken advantage of. Business laws and consumer protection laws work the same way on the state and federal levels, it protects people from exploitable situations when making business transactions, which in this case is clearly exploitable. First the rules are not clear, meaning there is not an actual standard for being banned, its based on how others feel you have acted and its automated, so its not based on any standard. Also they don't tell you the things you pay for are rented, plus give you no way of getting your money back if they decide to ban you. Lastly the perma ban doesn't keep players from playing the game, it just takes access to the account with the money spent on it, which doesn't ban people from the game, it just steals their money and makes them have to pay for all the stuff again on another account if they want it back, which is exploitable. Why ban people if it doesn't work anyway, and why steal people's money? This is not legal or right no matter what they say in the ToU because they can't write their own laws, no one voted on these terms and on how to ban people, and its a unfair without and real clear standard.
ok if you can provide me with one example of a country who has clear black and white laws I concede your point is not completely retarded but regardless in basically any example of a ban I'm sure youll be able to work out why they got banned maybe a few odd exceptions here and there now as to whether this counts as stealing I'm not sure I don't know law well enough and I'm very sure you don't either anyway thanks to business law you are more than welcome to sue riot
: Essentially: Game has been flagged for cheating -> was a script, non-standard client, 3rd party program present yes/no? -> if no - no action, if yes - is it harmless or giving an advantage? yes/no -> if no - no action, if yes - permanently suspend account
what would be an example of harmless just like a different ui or custom skins
: Consumer Protection Laws regarding purchased items and permanent suspensions.
so despite legally agreeing to the summoners code you are stll toxic and they have only provided you with temp bans you should change your attitude buddy because people can be pretty dam toxic and get away with it
: As a Kalista player this is my opinion. Personally Im a fan of having to judge for yourself what will/wont kill someone. I think all champions should have to do this _(which is why I think Cho'Gath is spoon-fed a cop out!)_ That way a champion requires a little more skill from the player. That being said, it is quite hard to judge how much damage you are doing, as it is very hard to see just how many spears you have in someone, unlike Cho/Darius who have a set amount of damage you can get used to. Personally I think the best thing they can do for Kalista is to make her dashes unable to be slowed. _(why the hell can they be slowed anyway?)_. Already she is worse at kiting than many other champs like Lucian/Ezreal etc. _(and her whole niche is that shes supposed to be **THE** Kiting champion.)_ It's already hard to dodge things with them, seeming the windup and throw all happens standing still, and THEN she jumps. Even without being slowed, she actually gets chased down so easily by melee fighters, and if you cant kite them, actually what use is 'the Kiting champion'? As for the othsworn, I agree that there needs to be a bigger connection between them! _(something more visible)_. But I think a recall might take away from the specialness of Zayah/Rakan, I'm not sure.
with bork her kiting is already bs though
: Bronze isn't Elo Hell.
my connection is elo hell
: Fuck Placements
i WAS B2 won 7 placements and got b5 so deal with it
Maraudaur (OCE)
: It's definitely not allowed, make sure to report them under cheating and maybe even intentionally feeding at the end of the game. Your reports help us catch bots and other negative behaviours faster so make sure you remember to report if you come across anything fishy.
what about punishing players who dont want to be stuck in these games
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