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Claire what mid laners are you most scared of? (Claire again) Also name 1 thing wrong with each of the other top mid laners and don't give a pussy answer. Carbon, in an interview you said that you were used to losing, so how does it feel to always be second to the chiefs? (I may have selective memory around chiefs :P)
: I do appreciate your support JubJub, I may be gone from casting the OPL on the regular but I hope to be back as often as I can! The OPL will always have a place in my heart, as will your support.
I love you rusty but you just fucking capitalised both j's. Jubjub, jubjub, JUBJUB but never JubJub xD
: I dont like pizza. So I dont care!
: I dont like pizza. So I dont care!
: Ted is good. I do add everyone I currently have no pending invites so thats unlucky. I dont believe in hitting Rustys they are not to be messed with.
I tried again, after trying for the past 2 seasons maybe this time will work? :(
belquin (OCE)
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Rusty why are you a traitor, we want you back >:( Spawn can you slap rusty for being a traitor Who's your favourite fan rusty and why is it me? "I add everyone" - Spawn 2016 *ignores jubjub when he tries to add spawn* - Also Spawn 2015-2017 Oh and hows ted :D #SomeMemesWillNeverDie http://i.imgur.com/CYZzYgu.jpg
: this is bullshit
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Claire ur a god, have my babies Carbon, how often do you and egym talk about personal stuff nowdays?


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