Ritual (OCE)
: allies can go through aniva's wall
{{champion:48}} potential you say?
: Can't choose a main
Every champion needs a flaw to be balanced. If you're looking for OverPowered top of the meta champions then that should be easy to find. Just search them up, they're top meta after all.
Mar3thyu (OCE)
: Healthy Assassins
Healthy Assassins? That's oxymoronic. Assassin's are unhealthy by basic design. The most basic outline is that they either delete you or you delete them. It's a little bit like feast or famine style. It's much harder to create an Assassin than a Bruiser/Fighter champion because of the unstable nature of Assassin play styles.
: If you keep thinking "How can I circumvent this problem with my current skill level?" you're not going to get better. The key here is to get better so you can see that it's no problem at all. Also all you need is a qss to get around the wither. Although I suppose a lot of players in low elo will forget they even have it during a fight.
I agree that getting better at the game circumvents a lot of problems that said player will face but you missed the part where the OP's teammates are losing their lanes as well. Which means that the rest of his team mates are not doing well, underfarmed, likely can't buy QSS or Zhonyas or even if they did, I'd assume that that would be the only item they'd finish by the time their towers are lost. Nasus will chunk everyone in the OP's team. I'm not talking about a Nasus 1v5s the team, I am talking about a Nasus with his full team against an underfed team that the OP hypothetically described. A full team that brings CC, and even more damage. A Nasus can easily wither the target that doesn't have any cleanse items/abilities - the pressure that this 5th player (now dead) could have brought to his/her team would have been very valuable - and turn the whole fight into a 5v4. If the Nasus has over a couple hundred stacks I think he'd be able to two shot ADCs who get caught out in fights quite easily. I don't see why he wouldn't when he's farmed up.
Rioter Comments
: no. hes not fine dude. i feel that all true darius players know what im talking about , he needs that Q speed . atm he has no combo , you hook w then what? lol you have to disengage to try use his new Q, its fucken shit. totally breaks any kind of dueling abillity he had. long time darius players will know that this COMPLETEY fucks him
You're supposed to Q first, then Hook, then W Autoattack in between when you can. Don't lead with the hook, you whittle the laner down with Qs then hook them in and ult. I've never played Darius but the one way you can land your (now delayed) Q is to wait for your enemy laner to cs one of your minions, land it in a way that you don't hit too much of his minions with the blade as well as hitting him with the blade. The fact that Darius has a 10% heal off of his missing health means being low isn't really that much of a problem when you can just sustain with it. He's way better, you actually have to think a little bit more than just spaz on your keyboard; how old Darius played. This weakness in the late is a trade-off for strength in the mid to late game where you can actually be useful with your sustain with Q. Dead Man's Plate lets you catch people quite quickly.
: A common misconception that bronze/silver players have is that nasus is a strong champion. He's not, he actually sucks quite a bit. It doesn't matter if you have 1000 stacks cause you're just gonna get kited by the enemy team and you're never gonna get to touch any of the targets that matter. That being said in bronze/silver adcs and other carries don't really understand the key differences between ranged and melee champs so there's a question of whether they will even try to kite back. Anyway, point is, a nasus with more stacks is just a better splitpusher, he should never be able to carry fights for his team, so if you help your team win the game, a stacked nasus won't (read shouldn't) be able to do anything.
A common misconception that Gold+ players have it that every player knows how to kite and does it efficiently; this is bronze/silver. Half the players have no idea how to kite efficiently, at this level of skill Nasus has no counters once he hits late game with Q stacks. Nasus is freelo at this skill level because after you get past the early game, with stacks, you will be able to kill everyone on the enemy team with relative ease once mid to late game starts. Nasus has strong single target CC to lock down carries. The typical Nasus build is Trinity Force/Iceborn Gauntlet with the rest being tank items. Nasus will be able to tank for your team, especially well after he ults to catch people off guard. The only champion that I think does really well against Nasus in teamfights is {{champion:67}}. The invisibility will throw newbie players off-guard. It's not hard to tumble and condemn a Nasus away for saftey. The innate tank busting skills that Vayne has is a great counter to Nasus once the Vayne is fed. Of course the Vayne player would actually need to be good enough to get past the crappy lane phase Vayne has compared to other ADCs to actually get fed and delete Nasuses.
: Thinking about it, I agree that it being {{champion:39}} is a little ridiculous. As you pointed out, her weapon looks nothing like the Hyperlight "Alpha". As for {{champion:58}} it seems a little silly to count him out simply because he's a crocodile, Riot isn't beneath doing that, however I do agree it's unlikely to be him. His blade is more like a Bat'leth (yes, I'm talking about the traditional Klingon blade weapon) than the Hyperlight. {{champion:24}} to me seems like an unlikely choice, mainly because he usually holds his "weapons" at any point he can grab while he wouldn't be able to do that with the Hyperlight, since it's only got a small area in the middle to hold onto (arguably only able to use one hand). {{champion:11}} seems even less likely than {{champion:24}}, mainly because of the differences in {{champion:11}}'s usual weapons and the Hyperlight. With {{champion:11}}'s weapons, they only go in the one direction from the hilt. The Hyperlight, however, goes in both directions, clearly a big difference. I'm not ruling him out though. Looking at some other champions, {{champion:62}} seems a possibility. I know he usually uses staff weapons but they're consistent with the hyperlight in the sense they go both directions from where you hold onto them. It even seems possible (though unlikely) it could be {{champion:429}} (I know it doesn't seem like a spear weapon but, other than that, it seems to have a few similarities with her spears) or even {{champion:99}} (I know what you're thinking, but Riot have already turned her staff into a gun, do you really think they're going to shy away from turning it into a sword?) Just my two cents.
I highly doubt it's going to be {{champion:62}} that completely does a complete 180° on Wukong's weapon of choice. No other skin departs from that identity of Wukong holding a staff. {{champion:24}} more likely is the champion because it states in his lore that he can handle any weapon like a master; his title being "Grandmaster at Arms". "Alpha" and "Multi-Target" closely aligns to Master Yi's Q ability. The transverse double-bladed feature of the weapon could be used for Master Yi's Passive - Double Strike. (I know. It sounds like a complete ability rework; a legendary or ultimate skin). Other candidates are {{champion:107}} and {{champion:58}}. Their weapons have similarities with the Hyperlight Blade. Renekton doesn't match with any of the descriptions of the character, aside from multi-target, but Renekton doesn't target multiple champions, he simply slices and dices people in his immediate range. Rengar can hold the title of "Alpha" but his weapons (across all skins) has thickness and curvature, this Hyperlight Blade does not seem to have that. I go back to Jax. The weapon handle could extend to give Jax space to hold it with both hands, as he does with every other skin. ____ The seeming nature of the figure's multi-eyed head indicates that it is either {{champion:11}} or {{champion:24}}. You could say that those could simply be reflections of light sources in the vicinity but highly unlikely.
: 6 skins 1) Yasuo {{champion:157}} 2) Double guns = Lucian {{champion:236}} 3) Shield = Leona{{champion:89}} (shield stuns) 4) Plasma Cut = Irelia {{champion:39}} (single target at multiple angles, 2 blades) 5) Alpha blade = Renekton {{champion:58}} (multi targetted combat) 6) Pulse Saber = Fiora {{champion:114}} (single target, maximum repel power, lightweight) L2 read the clues
In addition to the other comments made by the players here: Jax could be the mystery skin. He bears the same "hairstyle". Has multiple eyes. He warrants having a blade weapon; in his lore it dictates that he can use any type of weapon. Admittedly it would be odd for Jax to have this weapon. He can multi-stun targets (I guess).
: Why can't i view the PROJECT: teaser?
Same, I can't load mine either, it looks like it gets stuck at exactly the same spot as you have shown. I let it load for over 7 minutes and it still hasn't moved, I recently updated by Chrome about 4 days ago so I don't think it's the browser. I play league at a 70 - 85 ping when no one is using the internet at my house.
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DOSman (OCE)
: Renaming Talon's E Ability - "Cutthroat"
Maybe "Handicap". "Limbcut." "Eviscerate." "Mangle." "Lacerate."
: devourer has made every champion that uses it strong lol. kayle, shyv, yi, fizz etc. Yi doesnt need a nerf and he isn't the worst out of them. He is still shutdown by CC. The devourer needs a nerf.
Yep. 100% Sated Devourer needs a nerf.
Olee (OCE)
: Lich Bane on Viktor? Thoughts?
Isn't that semi-core on him? Because of his Q: Where your next AA deals extra damage already.
: Looking for other girls to play casually with
[These people](http://boards.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/team-recruitment/zQjv1UWB-looking-for-members-for-an-all-girls-5s-team-) are looking for female members.
: let's talk nautilus q
I do find it incredibly easy to land. It's much harder than a Thresh Q, however I can't compare it to Blitzcrank Q because I haven't played the robot. The ability is very "champion attracted".
: Ever feel like the games are to one sided?
Low MMR players often play inconsistently and many are only there because the one thing that hinders their learning process is going on tilt/raging.
: You have to realise that most of the games aren't one sided because the teams are not evenly matched, they're one sided because people (especially people in bronze) are often very poor at playing from behind and tilt easily, and one small mistake, gank or whatever can easily snowball into a huge advantage for one player or team. Two equally skilled bronze players playing against each other for a bunch of games will not go even every game, most of the time one will end up way ahead of the other. Some guy that goes 10-0 in lane and looks like a god one game could just as easily be 0-10 the next game, even against the same players. Also, you can always learn stuff from games, even the ones that are a stomp one way or the other.
About the last sentence, hmm, some games are so one sided against me that I literally can not do anything in teamfights with amount of damage and CC a champion can bring. The decision that I often have to make in these uncommon stomp games is to just not join the fight because I know I will just get deleted and not contribute any CC or damage. Of course it depends heavily on the role that I must play in the match, and I take that into account as well.
kJs (OCE)
: Order of the Shadows Ekko
Come on Riot, You got to do dis! #JUST. DO IT.
: Except for the fact that's it's been very heavily proven that TB sucks ass, Riot disabled Draft norm's for shorter queue times then TB has atm (and this is Off peak high elo sort of times compared to normal times for everyone) Fact is OCE is better off with draft norm's then TB.
The only reason TB "sucks ass" is that no one plays it. Doesn't need to be "heavily proven", everyone knows that it sucks because no one plays it. TB fixes everything that Blind Pick has, Blind Pick being an inferior version of both Draft Pick and TB. I already addressed that issue as well. Delete Blind Pick, it's atmosphere is cancer for newbies and low MMR, and put in TB which is better in every aspect than Blind Pick, and then Riot can start having TB Draft Pick with TB Blind Pick and eventually TB Ranked.
Edday (OCE)
: What Are Some Great Top Laners?
Not top tier in soloQ or ranked 5vs right now but {{champion:62}} is still amazing, really good pick for teamfight oriented, or splitpush oriented team compositions *once* you get past the laning face with decent CS and not feeding the enemy top laner. The trouble with Wukong is he's kinda squishy early when building fighter. His passive is a very minute buff for 1v1s but not really a strong point. He has quite a number of strong counters in the top lane available to be picked against him, which makes laning phase typically harder for you than it is for you enemy laner. Those being: {{champion:24}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:59}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:150}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:98}} {{champion:102}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:68}} {{champion:126}} These are most who give you a lot of trouble lane phase. Once lane phase ends and you've got a couple of items you can survive and even destroy those in this line-up (who aren't tanks). Wukong isn't considered as freelo as Riven either because he has no sustain, he doesn't have tanky base stats (with high base damage to compensate i.e. Renekton) he has his gimicky, though effective decoy for defense and he has no CC other than his ultimate unlike many other top laner who do have CC besides their ultimate. If you camp him, he's not going to be very useful at all for the majority of the match, not until very late game where everyone already is at full build anyway. You can build him with tons of Armor Pen and AD (glass cannon-ish), imho the best way, not easy for the lane phase. Or You can build him tank, which he does a very disruptive job of when you max 40% CDR and have your ultimate up every teamfight in the lategame. Your clone is pretty much your team's damage soaker half the time, hilarious. ____ Regardless, Wukong is fun every time if you like challenges, that *don't* 100% stomp you. Examples that do is playing against a plat smurf riven or a darius who's actually competent or pantheon.
: I feel you. I dont know why riot has team builder. Draft would be used alot more than Team builder. {{summoner:1}} {{summoner:21}} would be used.
Riot is planning to eventually implement Team Builder (eventually with bans) into ranked. I say delete Blind Pick and force new and old players to play Team Builder. It would be almost exactly the same if everyone actually played Team Builder, the difference being that it will take a few more mouse clicks to set you up and that you won't have to race for roles in chat, like Blind Pick - which already creates negativity in the team.
: Complaints?? Feedback?? Fine I'll just post on a board.
The only advice that I can give you if you routinely get match-made with wankers like those, is to simply start making a habit of muting everyone whenever you go into the match itself. You can tell what type of person they are in champion select, but if they don't make any comments there then maybe give them the benefit of the doubt but as soon as they start making a negative comment towards your play or anybody else in your and the enemy's team, then simply mute them. ____ I've never actually ever muted a player in the history of my game life in League. I simply, (**eventually**) found it easy to ignore players once I got into the mindset of *really starting* to get better at League. Don't get me wrong, it does get to me whenever someone puts you down in chat, but my head is still strongly within the game. If I begin to realise that I'm pondering too much on that one negative comment someone made about it, I simply put it aside, forget it, and tell to myself that "I will get better, I do suck at this champion, or at doing this, that doesn't matter right now all that matters is that, I am working towards being a better player." That's all that anyone should really ask of you. You're aiming to improve there is nothing wrong about that. It's a small victory every time I manage to set that in place in my head. Of course it only is when you actually strive to get better at the game. ____ If you're too tired and can't be fucked focussing at that then get premades and do skype/TS calls. If you somehow can't do that then League is a hostile place until you can get those. ____ **Don't** respond to negative comments about you or anyone else. It's not going to help *anybody*, you'll be classified as on the 'other', 'faggot', 'noob' group that would exist within your team as soon as the flamers, ragers and depressing defeatists start spewing shit in chat. The chat atmosphere does get much much more mature (doesn't necessarily mean that there are less arguments) as you climb higher and higher in skill, but for the meantime, just do it, mute them whenever necessary. With the rework of the HUD, muting is as easy as tabbing and clicking on the speaker symbol on the player/champion portrait or to type /mute <playername> in chat. Another simple trick is to go into settings and lower the size of chat to its most minimum size whilst maximising the size of your minimap. It helps you see enemy and team positioning way better - make it a habit that you glance over the minimap every few seconds when skirmishes start happening because the midlaner could come and gank you, or their jungler comes to gank you and succesfully kills you when you had a ward placed there. Should always buy a ward if you have at least 75 spare gold, which you should work up to easily having every back. Plenty of tips and tricks on trying to get better in Youtube alone. Lowering chat size helps you focus on the game and not on the ragefest happening in chat between two or more people in the match. If someone insults you and makes negative comments about you, the best thing to do is ignore them and focus on bettering your everything (csing, map awareness, decision making etc. as well as winning the match. Work at not letting random people's comments get you down, truthfully, it doesn't fucking matter what they think of you or what they think you should do, as long as you are striving to getting better at the game and having fun working towards those awesome plays. At least that's what I find fun aside from playing with friends. GL; and hope you HF.
: Looking for a SERIOUS (WITH TRAINING) League Of Legends Ranked Team. Experienced Support!
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: Who should I buy with IP?
Unrelated Tip: Don't automatically buy champions with RP. ____ Buy {{champion:38}}
Erøse (OCE)
: I posted a similar post to this http://boards.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-creations/VQRr0pnx-zed-skin-leakedmecha-zed Check it out,it has some details in there.
It should be named. PROJECT: Zed
: Zed skin
#PROJECT: Yasuo - has an orange palette. #PROJECT: Zed - would be white palette. #PROJECT: Talon - would be purple palette.
Ediwir (OCE)
: Up to three for each account. Still, i think rito should limit them to RP purchase only. The amount of people who thought recycling IP was smart is unbelievable.
When you make an account you don't get three refounds. You get three refunds.
1 2 (OCE)
: Suddenly bad with main champ
Maybe you've been winning so much that you were placed with better players that better dodge your abilities. Or you're out of practice. Or hidden ping increase.
Bipolar (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Maraudaur,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=Q2HLQ31e,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2015-07-31T01:48:39.893+0000) > > Hey Wiggy, > > A couple of points I would like to touch on in this discussion > > [51% of players are between 19 and 25 years old](http://oyster.ignimgs.com/wordpress/stg.ign.com/2013/10/league_of_legends_infographic_800.jpg) - 2013 > [60% are enrolled in or have completed some University](http://majorleagueoflegends.s3.amazonaws.com/lol_infographic.png) - 2012 > > A large proportion of our players are over 20. > A large proportion of our players are in or have completed university > > Is this age range still considered angsty teenagers? or are they considered young adults now? > > In this situation you seemed to have summed it up well, "im fully aware that neither side was right here". So both parties will get punished is this thinking incorrect? "WHAT WAS RIOT THINKING?" > > TLDR: There is no silver bullet that solves negative behavior in online games. Players are a diverse bunch, and each player has different motivations and responds differently to different consequences. We design diverse systems using three core philosophies based on reform, punishment, and reward. > read more about out Player Behaviour Design Values here - http://oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/player-behavior/exploring-player-behavior-design-values > > Read more about what we already have in place here - http://boards.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/announcements/L65wrRYe-player-behaviour-faq-updated-for-instant-feedback > > And if you're really interested I highly suggest watching these great GDC talks by our Player Behaviour lead Riot Lyte > http://gdcvault.com/play/1017940/The-Science-Behind-Shaping-Player > http://www.gdcvault.com/play/1022160/More-Science-Behind-Shaping-Player No disrespect but those statistics are garbage, just like the one where it says you lose 12% more games if you abuse your team. I abuse everyone and sat on a solid 92% win rate in Diamond almost filling into Master before the season ended. The term is angsty-teenagers, which is correct, if a swear word offends you on the internet then you need to reevaluate your life. If you have the language filter off you shouldn't be able to report for offensive language, period. Riot Lyte is the worst thing to happen to this game since Riot added Riven and didn't fix her obvious animation cancelling allowing her to close gaps on people with no counter play. No matter how many times you chat restrict players or ban them, they are not going to stop abusing people. I am living proof of that. I have received more bans than most people, I'm damn well rivaling XJ9 here. You ban me, I'll just make a new account and stomp new players until I hit thirty, it doesn't bother me.
You could be an outlier. Stop abusing people. It's not nice.
: Can i refound Fiora ?
I don't think anyone has any refounds.
Alamo (OCE)
: ok
: Pre-Exile Dianna
She needs tranformations from level 1 to lvl 18. Kind of like Pulse Fire Ezreal. Transforming from sun worshipper to full moon worshiper.
Dragko (NA)
: Champions in league getting old?
New GP is great. It reflect how much he's aged. His experience. His epic strats. He can still move around as well. He's not some old frail grandpa, he's a grandpa that will shoot to kill and will cut you down by all means necessary. Ruthless Grandpa Gangplank. Not a nice grandpa. I think I liked Fiora's look better but I don't want to use that as some sort of fact to impose on people. This one's extremely subjective because they made a new model and everything. She looks bigger and more white-ish. Really different from jet black haired untargetable Fiora.
: > [{quoted}](name=GigaPube,realm=OCE,application-id=FjGAIbRv,discussion-id=dr4hhpO0,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-08-05T17:13:04.600+0000) > > yeah i agree but, in all srsness, it is just a game, and as long as it isnt ranked it probably isnt a big deal if they're not hard feeding I am not abusing anyone here or losing my cool but it is a formal request that I think is reasonable enough for other people to consider
Yes. People need to consider that they are tired, peeved, high, drunk they aren't going into a ranked match in their optimal state, unless being high, and drunk somehow betters your gameplay.
: Lately I have been losing about 85% of games.
Going on tilt sucks. Hopefully you find a way to cleanse the salt and rage and play from a refreshing standpoint, getting the 3rd icon before the end of the event. I would normally say take a few days off to cure the tilt but if your goal is to get those wins then I think you're just going to have to get a duo or trio or premade and "get carried" for the 3rd icon.
: You put a mana regen stat then said that it does nothing. Also minions don't have mana so you can't steal anything from them. #smooth one
I thought people would just use logic. I didn't feel the need to point out every single possibility. Also the base mana regen is supposed to be there just for format's sake. It's lol wiki's format to have all of those and besides, if Erl's passive gets Nullified by another Erl the mana regen there will work.
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Mar3thyu (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Katsprky,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=PEYPIZBI,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-08-02T15:06:03.632+0000) > > You might have walked into the middle of Cho'Gath's model where it spawns since his head is in the middle, which caused you to get hit. Talons e makes him go behind the enemy also just a little rant Talon had a 0.25 second silence that hit 1 enemy cho has a 2.5 that hits multiple
Riot's justification for that is that Cho'Gath isn't an Assassin. He can't just disappear and run away like all Assassins do (besides Rengar).
: It will probably just be a 750 RP reskin. A few months to a year later they will release Arclight Diana for 1350 RP forcing Diana players to cough up for the quality skin with the modified effects they deserved in the first place. Not saying her current skins aren't quality, because they are.
satisfy both wannts by designing her with both ideas in mind.
: if you cast ignite on him when it's about to end, 80% of the times he dies slowly and painfully afterwards. Or you can just try adding an AA on top of it after the effects are gone to make sure the chances are raised to 100%. Unless he has so much lifesteal, AD and have minion camps right next to him when he attempted his escape, he really shouldn't live long when his trump card wore off after the teamfight.
Chances are if the Tryndamere isn't bronze he can heal with Q right before you kill him.
: Gladiator Jarvan Skin Idea
Dragonslayer needs a VU it's out of date. So does Dragonslayer Vayne. But I guess her red chroma pack sort of makes her fit in with Dragonslayer Panth and Braum.
: > [{quoted}](name=Garens Harem,realm=OCE,application-id=FjGAIbRv,discussion-id=UAwTxENN,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2015-08-02T00:01:53.624+0000) > > TRUE, true > > i completely forgotten about that > i have heard this idea before of experimenting. > > remove blind pick for like a few days and see what happens "Blind pick has temporarily been disabled and can no longer be selected for normal play, teambuilder ques have been estimated to have a maximum of 50 seconds waiting time." 2 weeks later "Due to the lack of harrasment reports we have been seeing we are now removing the report feature at the end of game screen, you may instead lodge a support ticket with the data from your game and be assured that someone WILL actually spend time to review it and not hate their job." 4 months later, an online article reads "Valve is now taking notes from Riot game's popular league of legends as they are now the only online gaming company to completely turn around their community to become one of the most healthy and supportive gaming communities in the world. This coupled with the 40 million increase in profits and 4.5 million player base increase they have companies like Blizzard mimicking their model or risking bankruptcy" GG
Over Haul (OCE)
: New Item "Phase boots:
Phase Boots would be core on Assassins and ADCs I think. They need to get in and get out/reposition during fights really well and would be great on them. The cost though. If it's more than {{item:3006}} then might not be core on ADC.
: I talked about this a while ago with friends. Our conclusion was it should simply be added to the passive of Swifties. {{item:3009}} Probably the most under-bought boot type. Also with slows recently changed to no longer stack, swifties took an indirect minor nerf.
Swiftness is pretty strong on some fighters. Adding that new effect would make swiftness the most OP boots of all League history. I'd say Ionian boots is the most under-bought item.
Katsprky (OCE)
: But what if you're ahead 10k gold at 10 minutes?
Then you've brokened the game m8.
: Anyone interested in starting rank team Silver/Gold
Hey. I play Braum, Malzahar, Wukong and Quinn. Been trying to expand my roster for awhile now. Unranked. I deem myself low Silver/High Bronze at the very very very least.
: AD Builds on full AP scaling champs
Did you know that before they reworked {{champion:18}}, Tristana had zero AD scalings. It worked because of on hit damage buffs and the attack speeds she gets from her abilities. She still did have one of the longest range on her Auto attacks. So you had an ADC that had zero AD scaling on her abilities. ____ Volibear typically doesn't build any AP if any at all I'm pretty sure.
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