: I’m getting worse and it’s making me toxic
Dude, you're Bronze. You're supposed playing bad. You are bad. Just keep playing and learning all the match-ups. You'll improve soon enough.
: Koreans
플렛보다 높으면 치추하십시오.
Meyovir (OCE)
: New at Ranked
I'll be your acclimation coach. YOU ARE FUCKIN' TRASH, YA HEAR ME? Wow, you are actually the worst player I've ever seen. Nice. 50 CS at 35 minutes. Never played ranked again. Seriously though, just jump right in. It's the only way you'll improve. Normal games are a piss-take, so you'll never get good at Ranked until you dive right in. Mute anyone being toxic, and just try your hardest.
: Don't you think this kind of thing happens just a little too often now?
What items did you have? If that's before your Zhon, he must have been fed as fuck.
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: ***
Sigh... you're really stuck on the notion, that since I'm Asian, I must be racist. It'll serve you best if you get over such hateful views.
Shovel (OCE)
: no he also "words" it out or are you ignoring the part of my post where i said he spam pinged and flamed me? albeit in their ugly broken english as is tradition but thats all well and good because somebody reacted no we arent the same because i didnt troll, flame and intentionally feed because i died. its not me "playing into his hand" its riot oce :) when this server is dead and all you have are non english speaking flaming asians playing because literally ANY level headed individual can see how ridiculous this whole system is and they have all moved on well see how things are! keep your community cya later!
All that effort put into telling people you're not racist, and you end up wearing it like a badge of pride. Slow clap for you, Shovel! How many times are you going to say goodbye? Jesus. Talk about hanging around.
Shovel (OCE)
: ***
Are you still here? Mate, just plod on.
Shovel (OCE)
: ***
Of course that %%%% should be instantly banned too. As long as you're telling us the entire truth, of course. Yeah, you did ruin the game. You were a %%%%. Yeah, I've got an IRL persona - which is a bit different from how I'm conduct myself online - gasp! But if I see an idiot crying because he's contesting a ban after he's been a racist twat, I'm probably gonna say stuff to them - much like I'm saying stuff to you. Yeah, I'm racist to a server. That's very possible.
Shovel (OCE)
: all anybody has said ANYTHING about is me saying "THESE ASIANS ARE RACIST" LOL. nothing in regards to the actual game or the WHY of it all despite ALL evidence and context ive provided. how sad
IT'S A SEPARATE MATTER!!! It's like you beating someone up because they robbed you! You'll get punished for your crime, they for theirs!
Shovel (OCE)
: ***
What an absolute tit. Stereotyping an entire ethnicity by broadly attributing qualities is racism. Examples: Asians on this server are racist. Caucasians can't jump. Black people are good at basketball. Now, whether it be derogatory or insulting is another matter. But it is racism. Don't worry, you'll learn logic when you go to uni.
: As a consumer
You sound so disgustingly entitled.
HeartVine (OCE)
: > is context just completely ignored? It's important to note that you will be judged on your own behaviour, not the behaviour of others. You may call it "context", but really it's not that relevant to the fact that *you* did the wrong thing. > This player had a tantrum and just trolled and intentionally fed and thats ok? No. Why would you think it's ok? Just because it happened? Bottom line is that harassment and abuse aren't tolerated, whether you're the instigator or retaliator. > Can you please point out the racist part of my chat log for me Sure: > Shovel: its these asians Shovel: they full racist You've basically just implied that Asians in general are racist with these comments, which *is* racist in itself, believe it or not. That said, it's only *one* instance so it shouldn't cause any escalation to occur. > as far as bans being over turned and you for whatever reason trying to act smug and say that this other person doesnt know what they are talking about well they do because the rioter did. it was a similar case and the person WAS unbanned. whether i will be or not is not for you to say. you also dont work for riot so you wouldnt know anything and i see spend all your time on these boards basically laughing at people for being banned you seem like a real class act. I feel it's relevant to point out that I spend about 6 months as a volunteer, dealing with a *lot* of players coming onto the boards with ban appeals. In that time, there were maybe one or two cases that actually got referred to a Rioter, and that was *after* the player had dealt with Support. As someone who has spent *plenty* of time dealing with this kind of stuff, and has *plenty* of experience regarding it and a thorough understand of how Riot's systems work, I can confidently say, with 100% certainty, that you wont end up even getting your case forwarded to any Rioters. I'm not "trying to act smug", it's just a simple fact. So far as your chat logs go, you've exhibited a constant negative attitude, thrown around several insults (including the one I just pointed out could be considered racist) and threatened to afk just because of a bad situation (regardless of whether you followed through). As I have already told you, these logs indicate that you *should* have received a punishment of some kind, but without further information on previous punishments you have/haven't received I can't say, with *any* certainty, which punishment seems appropriate. That's something you'll have to take up with Support (as I directed you to do earlier), unless you're willing to discuss that further here by providing the relevant information. Now, you can sit there and act all smug by "calling me out" for my supposed "laughing at people for being banned" but the bottom line is that I know a *lot* more about all of this stuff, in regards to Riot's systems, them the *vast majority* of players, due to actually finding out information on it and spending a couple years or so actually actively trying to help people by explaining why what they've said/done is against the rules and directing them to the place they need to be to appeal. Now, unless you have anything further to say that is *constructive*, don't bother.
Out of the dozens of ban appeals I've seen, only one ever seemed legit. It was this dude who was quoting another person while defending himself. He said, "He told me to kys". Shovel, you won't get your account back. Get on your bike and get out of here.
ArdenRoy (OCE)
: Plat Top Main looking to join a team.
Your CS is awful and you die way too much for a Top laner. This is OCE, I guess. You can get away with it.
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: Looking For Duo Partners Gold 3 +
He doesn't level Ekko's R. Super strange.
Meyovir (OCE)
: 'Nico & the Niners' Korean based OCE Club
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Crzy (OCE)
: Jarvan one shot any squishy, no counter
Thank you! I love J4, but fuck me dead - I am terrible at him.
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Socon (OCE)
: Forum Mystery
It's Lord Sesh.
Socon (OCE)
: Wow Kaboomblah. I thought you were cool. Vsing you in the bot lane support on support when you steal my thresh. Upvoting your daily tips. Smh. Sad world.
Haha! Please don't hate me. I upvoted you. I still remember that game. You kept walking up to me, so I had to Flay yo' arse. Nothing personal :)
: Thresh does nothing by himself and is only as good as the person playing him what are you talking about?
He has a stun, slow, disengage, engage, bail-out, zone control, damage and scales infinitely. He's absurd. Trust me. I've been abusing the shit out of him.
Socon (OCE)
: He was broken yes. But now is garbage. If they just reverted him back before they changed him he'd be fine with increased q damage instead of going invis every 2 seconds. Now he has nothing. He's just dps. Why would an assasin be dps? Its retarded. Also why would you downvote this entire vote just because you're mad about one version of Kha'zix that i wasn't even talking about. Kha'zix is shit now, hes not broken lmao, i wasn't saying pre-nerf kha'zix was balanced, I was saying they changed him so many times for no reason which made him a broken champion which they had to nerf and because they made him broken he's now garbage.
I didn't downvote you, ya gronk :) Look, they make a lot of changes, and sometimes those changes suck monkey dick, so they need to backpedal. Give them some slack though. You know there are, like, over 30 billion possible champion combinations on Summoners' Rift? Just try to understand what's strong and what's not. Yes, in a perfect world, it'd have Starcraft levels of balance. However, it's a much more dynamic game, so infinitely harder to achieve perfect balance. DO NOT USE SONA IN ANY OF MY GAMES. BIGGEST FUCKING PASSENGER PIECE OF SHIT CHAMP.
: Played 10 Placements games lost 9 won 1 and got placed silver 5 WTF
Looking at your stats - I have no fucking idea how you didn't get placed the lowest of the low. I mean, I've never been Silver/Bronze, but gosh - it must be absolutely terrible.
Socon (OCE)
: List of champions Riot has ruined and stubbornly won't fix/revert
Um, Kha'Zix was utterly broken. Evolved R would give him true stealth, movement speed, and synergise with his passive. He was literally unable to be beaten, not by any means - skill, macro, anything.
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ThatsBS (OCE)
: My big one is bullies..... When someone stuffs up, does another team mate have to make em feel worse? Y cant you just say nothing and help em out? Instead of start a chat argument...
One time is fine. But when the mistake is made incessantly, then it begins to tilt and anger teammates. I think that's totally fair enough? When my Top laner has died 5 times in 10 minutes, I will ask them to stop. if they continue doing so, I will openly question their intelligence.
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: So, you don't want to duo? I mean, you're right, honestly in the retrospect of this region, OCE has always been behind everyone else, because we lack raw talent. And most oce players who achieve highly in challenger are often graded as NA Diamond or low Korean Diamond in other regions. The main thing about OCE players is that we are more toxic, meaning that we don't listen to macro plays. We are also very selfish, in the mindset of "you must carry, and the 4 other people on your team are useless". But hey, if you think this region is awful, come play with me and you'll get a taste of how truly trash this region is. {{sticker:sg-ezreal}}
Let's play! I am trash too - don't worry ^^
: Looking For Support Mains Gold 2 - Plat 3
I'm a Support main. Was Diamond in Korea, cannot go back on OCE. Can only reach Platinum, and then drop back to Gold. Happened twice all ready. Honestly, OCE is really, really, really, really bad. People do stuff that makes no sense. There is a reason why OCE is non-existent on the international stage. There is no home-grown talent - you guys are all quite bloody awful.
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: Just because a particular champion is meta doesn't mean that they're going to win you a game.
I'm very aware. I'm also very capable of carrying a game, as long as my team aren't literally 300-gold minions.
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Nightjar (OCE)
: I think this video helps explain the way electrocute works through a funny little interaction between the cast checks for leesin ult and electrocute. https://youtu.be/GBqbmsTJzZo
Um, just saw this. What the fuck are Riot doing?
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: Electrocute isn't about instances of damage. Its about hitting the target with auto attacks or abilities. It doesn't specify damaging them. E.g. If I land 1 Q and 1 AA with Karthus, my W _(which does no damage)_ will proc Electrocute when an enemy touches it. All you have to do is land the spell, not damage them with it. So even though Panth is blocking the damage, he still got hit with the spell/auto. ________________ Tbh I think its kinda weird that they put in a rune that is basically thunderlords, but have it work under very different rules. It works too efficiently on some champs e.g. Ryze or Kog, who can land 3 autos/abilities in 0.5 of a second. And screws over champs like Taliyah who even if she hits all 5 rocks on her Q, wont proc electrocute. Its hardly a fair playing field. Thunderlords was dumb on ticking spells like Morg's puddle. But at least it gave everyone a fair chance of procing it.
Dude, that Karthus example - shut up. Real? Mind blown - I need to go back to school and learn how to read. Thanks!
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: > [{quoted}](name=kaboomblah,realm=OCE,application-id=ATM3HYki,discussion-id=Q0u4JEwE,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-05-20T12:06:45.112+0000) > > Who the fuck posted this garbage? > > KZ are gods! U ok there buddy? Your commenting on your own post. Did u mean to swap accounts first?
I'm just an enthusiast. Also, wow, KZ fucking stink.
: Why is LCK so bad at this game?
Who the fuck posted this garbage? KZ are gods!
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: > [{quoted}](name=kaboomblah,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=xdgi2rz4,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-05-20T07:35:59.603+0000) > > It's as simple as: it's not. _Obviously_.... My point is that it **should** be. Other champs, once you press the button, you've committed to using your ability, for better or worse. I don't see any feasible reason why Darius should have any special treatment? Should Veigar's ult reset if you Zhonyas before it hits you? And I don't buy the _"It has counterplay. You just have to be the one champ in the game with the single ability that blocks it."_ speal _(for any champ, not just Darius)_. One champion, i.e. Fiora, with one of her abilities i.e. W, does not provide significant enough counterplay to justify being a champ's weakness. Skillshots are countered by mobility. Mobility is countered by AoE. AoE is countered by range. Range is countered by Mobility. Tank is countered by sustained damage. Sustained damage is countered by burst. Burst is countered by tank. These things are general, not champ specific. So as a general rule, champions with higher mobility are a rough counter for every champ that relies on skill shots. So if Ezreal is trying to slap you with his Q, even champs that dont have dashes can still move and weave about. That is counterplay. Specific champs with specific abilities _(e.g. Fiora's W)_ that nullify another specific champion's ability (e.g Darius' R), is counter-picking, not really counterplay. No matter how many movement speed items you buy, you cant move and weave out of Darius' R, therefore there should be another general method to avoid it _(no ability should be unavoidable and unblockable, therefore must have a counter)_. And one would assume that becoming invulnerable the second before it slams into your face, would suffice.
I get what you're saying. His R is largely unavoidable, and there's no punishment for misusing it. Trust me, he NEEDs that to be the case. Have you ever seen a late-game Darius? You just point and laugh. You used Veigar's R as a counter example. Let me tell you why Darius needs a cannot-be-whiffed ultimate. And why there needs to be a significant risk associated with Veigar's R. Darius is a lane bully, and he has this enormous early power spike, one or two items in. Like, absurd to the point where he can - if slightly fed - 1v2 easily, 1v3 viably, 1v4 possibly, and even 1v5 is improbable, not impossible. Darius' objective is draw an inordinate number of enemy Champs to deal with his arse, or group to shit on the enemy to take everything off the map and end it relatively early. If the game goes on, Darius is a weak-arse piece of shit that gets 1v1'ed by the enemy ADC. He, believe it or not, NEEDS that un-whiffable R, along with its rests, to remain a viable Champion. Veigar, however, has a kit that enables 3/4 abilities to scale without end, and allows his W and R reach one-shot-anything heights. It needs to be whiffable. Imagine it being like Darius'. You walk up to Anivia, press R. She Zhonya's. Your R doesn't go on cooldown. You wait. Press R. KFC. It'd be game-breaking.
Yi and Warwick no-skill champs? Hah! Do you know how complex Warwick is... HAHAHAHA! SORRY, COULDN'T KEEP IT STRAIGHT. Whenever I see someone play Warwick, I actually feel the slightest bit sorry for them. You got to be a bit dumb to have fun using that Champion.
: This is why I always babble on about 'counterplay'.
Dude, you're too engrossed in thinking that Zhonya's and Vlad's W is indeed a counter to Darius' R. It's as simple as: it's not. Something like Fiora's W is an outplay device for Darius' R.
Congrats!!! Dude, I'm on a massive streak. Doing myself proud. Plat IV to Gold III.
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