: Didn't you notice the low elo category? In what way does the op's post relate to how good you are against them in anyway?
I am just letting them know that Annie is not a strong pick. I say Warwick in another comment. I am contributing to the conversation relevantly.
: Plat 1 (80% winrate - ADC Main) LF Solo/Duo partner - Casual/smurf
Toto1 - Plat on Korean server. Support main. Need proper ADC to Support. Only play very late at night. Add me if suitable.
: You're toxic mate, you flame people left right and centre, surprised it took this long for you to get banned
Have we ever played together? First one to admit that I can be unpleasant and get hung up on bad plays. Can't stand passengers, in game and in real life. You know the types. They contribute nothing, and they're just along for the ride. Much like when you get any other role besides ADC! Gosh, you're a complete non-factor when you don't get ADC. EDIT: And your CS... hope we never play on the same side, ever.
: You're a classic :P
: Annie, 0 mechanical skill (unless you wanna be fancy af), counters 90% of mids, works as 'supp' and destroys squishy escapeless adc's
Trolling? I have never lost to Annie mid. She is an absolute trash pick. Always has and always will be. There is a reason she is refunded her Q: so she can have some semblance of wave clear - which is shyte at best. Do not use Annie unless you want to go right down the shitter.
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: Best Low Elo Champion?
Mate, you can't go any lower than Warwick.
: Ban Appeal
Judge Judy Cracks Up When a Man Loses His Case in 26 Seconds Flat! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Cg3cUnYjYg
: Whats the hardest role for lowElo?
Support, Support, Support, and Support. Auto-filled Supports at any ELO are much wow. Much, much wow. Complete and utter passengers who need carriage like a mofo. Boy, do I hate them.
: Oh please. This idealogy is rather robotic in nature. How many people that are meet with unpleasant dissing gonna held their tongue? when people are offending you, would you say nothing? Stand up for yourself man! Insults is meet with insults. This is pretty normal in these sort of "competitive" environment. If you gonna punish 1, then might aswell punish the other person that started it aswell. I feel that you just pick the most neutral answer that you can just so you can be on the fence. is that who you are as a person? Too bad not everyone can be the middle guy.
This is North Korea now. You do as you're told, or else. Ya hear?
: Doesn't make any sense
Man... to get banned over Normals. Far out. I'm so far from perfect - in fact, I'm a proper piece of shit. But to get banned over a Normal game? JFC.
J0hnPhan (OCE)
: Looking for a plat support main to grind with during the school holidays
I can play all these champs. But if you are good ADC, and I play Thresh, we will be Challenger soon.
: ***
Fuck. Now that you've shed some light on it, you're absolutely right. His play was perfect.
HeartVine (OCE)
: > I really don’t get why people complain when they get perma banned. It's because a lot of people have a severe inability to take responsibility for their own actions. They use their lack of self control to excuse any negative behaviour, they take the easy road of finding anyone (and anything) other than themselves to place blame on, so they don't have to go to the effort of actually controlling themselves and preventing the issue in the first place. Typically, they're nothing more than brats.
So true. The worst one is: they were toxic and I was toxic, and I got punished. Why? {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: ***
Then plod on, friendo!
Asurine (OCE)
: can you send me the video?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GIi8-K5ahFo Watch it from 29:13. The muppet starts to make his way to the brush. Sits in brush for 50 years while TL do Dragon. 30:17: facepalm.
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: I'm so bad and I'm getting depressed
AND YOU'RE NOT UPGRADING/CHANGING YOUR TRINKET. I've just had a look at your match history, and your counterpart's. They are going Red Trinket more often than not. You simply are not. I'll tell you why you feel so helpless? Because you effectively are. The enemy is watching you and your team from a mile away. Why do I stress the importance of Red Trinket and vision control so much? Here is just one example: 1. a) WITH SWEEPER - With Sweeper turned on, you can walk to a spot on the map, knowing you aren't detected. Even if they have wards, you can sneak past them, or destroy them. THIS IS HUGE! Say you go from Dragon Pit to enemy's red-side Raptor's brush with your sweeper turned on and you detect nothing. You can camp that brush, confident the enemy doesn't know you're in there. This is called SETTING UP EFFECTIVELY. 1. b) WITHOUT SWEEPER - You go from Dragon Pit to enemy's red-side Raptor's brush without sweeper turned on. If they have one single ward, they see absolutely everything you are doing. You are sitting ducks, and will soon be dead ducks. The advantages are too many to list here. I guess my point is: if you don't go Red Trinket, the advantages you are depriving your team are immense. You can only expect to lose if the enemy Support is vision controlling and you are not. Think about it as this. They have map hack. You don't. Yes, vision control is actually that OP. If the enemy Support is just as bad, and doesn't go Red Trinket, then it's just gonna be a fiesta. It's bad beating worse. If you are going to main Support, you ABSOLUTELY MUST learn vision control. ABSOLUTELY MUST.
: I'm so bad and I'm getting depressed
You ain't even played that long and you're already Silver. Keep going. Also, sounds like you're in high school. If you keep trying and learning, you'll be OCE's answer to Faker one day.
: His only real chance is an Account Recovery ticket through support. They'll ask a whole bunch of questions about the account and if he can answer enough of them they should be able to work something out. I don't know how the process goes with so much missing login info but it's worth a shot. The questions are just a guide, so you can give them other info that's helpful as well as. Basically anything that is unique to the account but not visible on it. Could be things like, I bought x skin on release day, I bought x champion when they dropped to 6300, I transferred regions at roughly this time and so on and so forth. https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
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: I'm nowhere near as bad as I was. Used to routinely forget, now it's only once in a while. Any mod can censor the name and shames. It breaks the rules m8 :)
Haha, I knew it! Nah, you've got a job to do, I respect that.
Niplet (OCE)
: Shed some Light
Don't be afraid of ranked. It's a meritocracy. You'll be placed where you belong, or you'll end up there before long. Once you settle, you'll be able to learn different champs, hone the ones that need improving, and you'll find yourself climbing steadily. Don't try to test yourself with Normal games. They're complete and utter trash.
Teasar (OCE)
: Looking for Gold/Plat - Mid/Top main for flex (Potentially Clash)
I'll add you when I get home from work! I am the mid laner you are looking for.
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: You could be finding champs boring because your playing ones like Tryndamere.. I find more complex champs hold my interest. Everyone who has ever read one of my posts knows that I'm in love with Azir, Aurelion Sol, and Taliyah _(with Swain now close behind)_ The thing about those 3 champs is: **1. They're relatively difficult.** Difficult champs become boring far less quickly because you spend a MUCH longer time actually learning how to play them _(It took me a better part of 20 games just to stop feeding as Azir when he first came out.)_. Even once you learn them, they still keep you on your toes, its a constant battle trying to keep on top of them, making sure you don't get rusty _(if you get rusty on Trynd, you play 1 game and you're back in the swing again, get rusty on Azir... well... good luck.)_. So when youre playing these champs, you'll put in double the effort, and your performance will still be less than it was with Trynd. So not only is it a battle trying to play the champ properly, but it also forces you to be a better player just to keep at the same level you were at before. So thats a lot to think about and focus on, and its hard to get bored with that much on your plate. **2. They're interesting.** Azir's kit just has so much in it, from creating terrain, to summoning towers, to auto-attacking abilities, dashes, shields, slows, knockbacks. Hell his soldiers even dance when he dances, his kit has a lot to keep you entertained. While Aurelion Sol's kit is simpler, it is unique enough to be very interesting, and with over 30 mins of continuous voice over his game-long sarcasm and sass is always entertaining! Taliyah's play style involves playing around the worked ground, strategising about where and when you put it down, her kit requires a lot of prediction: Predicting her W timing, placing her E where it will do the most damage, predicting their movement when following with your Q, predicting the enemies speed when you Ult. That is something that always keeps you on your toes. **3. They have personality.** This is highly important for me personally. Champs like Jhin, Jinx, Aurelion Sol, Yorick, Ivern etc. have such amazing voice interactions, it just makes playing them so so SO much more enjoyable. From Sol's sass to Ivern's loopy logic, its something that keeps you enthused even during the boring parts of the game, like walking to lane, or wandering the jungle etc. When your champ is Trynd and only has like 10 lines, and those 10 lines are just "Blood!" "Kill" "Im stronger than u" it gets very tedious. So if you're looking for a champ to keep you interested, try finding some with those 3 criteria: **Difficulty**, **Interesting kit** _(there is a difference, you can be hard and have a boring kit, like Lissandra, or Sona)_, and **personality**. _________________________________ Obviously I can highly recommend Azir/Sol/Taliyah, but those champs _(especially Sol)_ don't always appeal to everyone. So some others you might be interested in are: **Yasuo** _(as much as I despise him and everyone who has anything to do with him, he's actually a really cool champ thematically.)_, he isn't hard to play, so unlike Azir you don't go through the brutal learning curve, but once you can play him, learning to master him is not as easy as it looks. His kit just revolves around the standard 'AA-crit' gameplay, but dashing everywhere and throwing windwalls and tornados out, makes his kit much more interesting than the rest of his AA-crit buddies like Yi or Trynd. His personality is pretty unimaginative, but the lone swordsman on a path of vengeance and redemption is always a classic, and never really gets old. **Kayn** He isn't really that difficult, but his double personality and internal convos with Rhaast, alongside his kit that has EVERYTHING, more than make up for it. **Ivern** If you like winning, maybe don't pick Ivern, but if you want to have a great time, he's definitely the champ for you! His difficulty comes, not from the complexity of his kit, but from the fact that he is outclassed by other junglers in pretty much everything: Damage/durability/gank potential etc. Hit kit is unique, summoning Daisy and bushes, but his main appeal comes from his wacky personality which has you in stitches even in a losing game. **Evelynn** I haven't played much of new Eve so I cant speak for her difficulty, but invisibly stalking the jungle makes her playstyle very interesting, and as for her personality.... lets just say, most guys _(and some girls too of course)_ very much appreciate it. **Bard** Bard looks simple, but playing him well is no mean feat. His kit has a lot in it for those who know how to use it. What really makes Bard interesting is that you can adapt his build path HUGELY, you can go full heal bot support with Ardent and Redemption, and all those 'be around me to live' items. Or you can build full hybrid attack speed, with rageblade nashors etc, and delete everyone. He's just so versatile. Despite having no voice lines, he does still have more personality than your typical Darius/Garen etc. **Gangplank** Not the easiest to play, not the hardest either, but highly rewarding. His barrels accompanied by his ult upgrade choices, make his kit pretty fun and interesting to play, while still retaining the power of a crit champ. And his personality... well.. he's a pirate... do you need more than that?
I need to learn Azir. Runes and laning phase details, please?
: Usually it's because I'm rushing to buy and am so worried about what items I forget about my trinket.
Buy that trinket, Seras! By the way, are you the one going around censoring all my name-and-shames?
: if riot dont care im will back to Kr sever
KR server is still Riot...
: racism
Dude. Riot don't care. I had to name and shame a dude called [removed] on the forums for action to be taken. [removed]. Let that sink in. He played with the moniker, [removed], and made it to Gold. I've seen so many iterations of "%%%%%%" it hurts. Have been called a %%%% so many times, it's water off a duck's back now. Just mute and move on. Forget to report after game most of the time. I suggest you do the same, but without forgetting to report.
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: Will never like another one of your posts after you beat me on thresh
Haha, what?! I would never! Next time I'll int for you :D
Scottez (OCE)
: Elaborate
You can't get over this idea that you're meting out justice. As Seras mentioned, it's just retribution - something not conducive to a just society/community. "Getting back at someone makes it bearable": ethics fail. Keep this scenario in mind. Wife comes home late from a party on Monday. Husband comes home from a party on Tuesday. Wife berates Husband. Husband says, "But you were late yesterday!" This doesn't change the fact that the Husband was late. It does nothing to address the Husband's lateness. It's a red herring and, if that was the end of it, it's a massive fail for justice. You're doing something wrong and then saying it's correlated to or caused by someone else doing something wrong. That may be true, but the test is: is your transgression a transgression on its own merits? And turns out, it is! Whether you're doing something wrong to someone who has wronged you, or doing something wrong to someone who hasn't, it's still wrong. If it's the former, there's a motive for your "crime", but it's still the same crime. You rob someone for robbing you. You're a motivated thief. You rob a stranger. You're a thief. I feel I've done a shit job of explaining this. It's late.
Scottez (OCE)
: I'm trying to exploit it in hopes of riot pulling their finger out and actually doing something to fix it, i have read many threads and posts and the typical response lies in riot cant guarantee accuracy in the game play aspect of the system and i understand that. What i'm proposing is that if there is something done, the amount of people who submit tickets due to inaccurate restricts/bans for game play issues wouldn't be as much as the amount asking for chat reviews. If they were to implement something that would help them, its group reports for starters. If someone was reported by 3 of his team mates for griefing, to me that sounds like there is a high chance that player griefed. If there is a premade, just count their report as one otherwise it would get messy real quick. Just add a strike to their name like they would have gotten if they were toxic. On another note i know 2 wrongs don't make a right but, getting back at someone makes it bearable. Yes it doesn't help toxicity in oce league, but it might make the player who instigated that reaction to think about it twice, rather than laughing in the post game chat knowing the person who responded negatively to their trolling got penalized.
: thanks for the games
Dude, play Ranked then. You're playing Normals - which is always half-arsed because people are experimenting, playing carefree, et cetera. "People feeding": I would probably feed in Normal as well because I'd be using a Champion I'd never used before. "Abusing each other and myself": It's probably people such as yourself who don't understand that a lot of people are just testing something or playing ultra casually. "People not caring": Dude, one word. Normal. I sure as hell could not give a single shyte about a Normal game. I'd try to perform the best I could, sure, but I couldn't care less if it went sideways. Play Ranked! It is a completely different game. Bloody fun. You play Zac. You will thrive.
Cola71t (OCE)
: Fun Champions?
Ahri! So fun! Flash and Ignite. Maybe Cleanse. Assassin: most likely. Electrocute, Sudden Impact, Eyeball Collection, Relentless Hunter. Celerity, Waterwalking. Lane dominance: against melee mostly Little Flying Dog, Wedding Ring, Celerity, Scorch. Stopwatch, 5% Cooldown. Wave-clear and DO THINGS! What do I mean by this? Wave-clear and then go ward. For example, ward Raptors if you think Jungler is likely to appear that way. Wave-clear and then go Control Ward either single brush. That is a significant route eliminated for the enemy team. Wave-clear and pick a side and walk towards it. You don't have to commit, just do it in case something goes down. Wave-clear and punish opponent under turret when they try to last-hit. There is absolutely no point sitting in your stupid lane, scratching your balls, waiting for the next wave to appear. If your opponent is melee, go Annoying Flying Dog and just auto them to death. It will be so tilting. When they are kill range, combo and ignite. Remember to use down-time to go and ward! How many times have you dominated your lane opponent, only for the enemy Jungler to come and wipe the floor with you?
BirdyDan (OCE)
: BirdyDan here, Permanent Ban appeal.
Chat logs please! Must have been some pretty toxic stuff! Entertain me!
Rioter Comments
: I'll try to keep it relatively simple because it can get pretty complicated at times. This'll probs still end up fair long though so bear with me. **tl;dr** Gameplay offences do get punished, but it's a slow process (much slower than anyone would like) largely due to confidence in identification. "Go eat a bag of dicks" is pretty obvious, but 0/10 could mean any number of things ___ **Reports:** It only takes one report to trigger a review of any given game, and only one valid report to issue punishment (or in the case of no punishment, a negative 'mark' against the account). Report weight used to be a thing (where false reporting a lot would reduce the effectiveness of all your reports) but this is no longer the case. ___ **Punishment triggers:** Not every valid report will trigger a punishment, nor will a particular number of 'marks'. 'Marks' (in quotes because it's not an official term of any kind, just the easiest way to reference) are essentially an indicator of negative history on the account. For example while one game might have been borderline, and therefore didn't result in a punishment, it will contribute to the decision to punish or not the next time that account is (validly) reported. What effect a 'strike' has appears to be variable by offence and consistency, as you will see some players with many valid but minor (annoyance type) reported offences that slowly add up, compared to some players that will have something that *just* doesn't get them punished which then pushes the next report over. An accounts standing can also have an apparent effect on this process. An account that has never been negative in 5 years of activity is gonna get a lot more leeway than an account that has had three punishments in 1 year of activity. ___ **Punishments for gameplay offences:** Gameplay offences will net you an instant 14 day punishment (or perma if you have had a recent 14 day ban). Typically punishments follow 4 tiers (10 game chat restriction > 25 game chat > 14 day ban > perma ban), but since a chat restriction obviously makes no sense for a gameplay offence, these punishments will skip those tiers. The reason gameplay punishments seem so rare or ineffective sometimes lies in identification. ___ **Identification of offence:** There aren't many reasons to say 'x racial slur' that shouldn't result in some form of consequence, while the same isn't quite true for going 0/10. It's entirely possible for a player having a bad game to have the exact same stats as a player who started of playing normally and decided to intent feed halfway through. Of course someone who runs it down mid from champ select is a different can of worms, and those players get banned pretty dang quick (there's a few posts here from players punished for a first offence). The issue is that most intent feeders *aren't* running it down mid from champ select. Most intent feeders do it because someone said something they didn't like, or the team didn't play the way the want or some other entirely questionable reason that doesn't come up until the game is well under way. A lot of intent feeders (I would even tentatively say the majority) are intent feeding between playing the game to piss of someone in particular, or as a shit way to vent frustration, or after the game is already going downhill for the whole team and there are other plausible explanations for dying 10 times. Even if a player has bad scores on a consistent basis, it doesn't mean there is intent feeding involved, though typically you'd see this with new accounts. For those players of a significantly lower skill than their MMR, there's no means to ultra rapidly drop that MMR. They'll drop fast, but they'll still be playing a lot of bad games before they drop to their appropriate MMR. The result of all this is a lack of confidence in what constitutes a valid report for this behaviour. Are they actually intent feeding, or was it just a bad game? I'll also just quickly address these specifically: >Large percentage of damage taken per death is done by enemy towers **- especially in lower skill brackets many players don't know how to play from behind/succumb to greed a lot, this can easily be attributed to tower dives gone wrong** Multiple deaths very early into the game **- getting cheesed by the jungler early, versing someone just better than you, especially if you are playing into a bad matchup** Time between deaths is abnormally short **- jungle focus, enemy powerspike, snowballed** Items may be very abnormal (mobi boots rush, we've all seen this before) **- if the account is new they could just be bad, for older accounts it's a bit more of an obvious indicator** Very low damage dealt to enemy champions per death **- just being behind will do this, especially if your whole team is behind, and especially if you're in alow damage role like tank or support** Abnormally low gold income **- again can simply be a result of being behind, support role, or being counter jungled** Abnormally low damage dealt to minions **- support role, stomped in lane, jungle focus** Strange selection of summoner spells (ghost/cleanse combo) **- can just be off meta picks though ranked is diff, same principle as weird items** Abnormally high deaths per minute **- being behind, getting snowballed, getting focused by the jungler etc** High number of wards placed inside tower true vision range **- obvious, but not a very common one** Summoner spells repetitively being used on cooldown **- again obvious but not very common, and on it's own not a significant indicator that something is up** Movement direction almost constantly in one direction without deviation **- same deal, obvious but also obviously avoided by anyone with more than no care** ___ **Actioning punishments:** In depth manual reviews (i.e watching a replay) would obviously reveal the truth, but they're also incredibly time consuming. The automated system isn't confident enough to punish many first time or few time offences. Tribunal had it's own host of problems that rendered it essentially useless. So what then is the solution? That's the kicker isn't it. The automated system can punish for gameplay offences, but takes quite a while (read: far more offending games than anyone would like) to do so. Manual reviews just aren't sustainable over the population and number of reports (especially given the many people who report for intent feeding anytime someone has more than 5 deaths). Tribunal almost universally punished too harshly and thus required almost complete manual (Riot) review anyway. We've ended up with a sort of hybrid, where those reported for intent feeding a lot, but aren't being actioned by the automated system will be manually reviewed, in addition to the normal function of the automated system and random manual reviews. There are other reasons cases/reports can be referred for manual review as well but I won't pretend to know all the details there. The minutiae are somewhat vague (to an extent intentionally so to prevent people from dodging punishments). This doesn't result in too many false positives (though I have no doubt they come up from time to time) but also slow and not terribly efficient punishments.
Thanks for taking the time to post this. Very enlightening, but a tad disheartening as well - since in-game transgressions seem to be so hard to detect. But honestly, how does No **ckies go under the radar? Like, shouldn't it be: one report, one ban? What's contentious? There are so many kids in game who use all sorts of racial slurs who have been reported and are playing to this day. Racism and KYS-esque comments are the ones I have the most problems with. So unacceptable. I'm not perfect. I'm probably going to get a chat ban soon enough - I get really hung up on bad plays and just criticise, criticise, criticise.
: in the past 2 days I have had 3 games where my top laner dies twice in the first 4minutes, their wave gets pushed to tower I take it after my jungle ON OUR TOWER and the top laner has no TP and hasnt even respawned, they spam ping me and leave the game or AFK between towers I am so fucking sick of this community why is AFK'ing / inting not a far more harsh penalty its a waste of not only the 30+minutes per game + you have to then play ANOTHER game and WIN jsut to be back were you started so the whole process of 1 fucking %%%% ruins hours of your day
Just out of a curiosity - do you remember their summoner name? I had one POS who was called [removed] and another called [removed]. Like, talk about straight out of Penrith. Reported the second one, but he's still happily playing, using the same nickname. I suppose Riot are happy for something as ambiguous as "[removed]" slide.
S T 3 V 3 (OCE)
: Can we discuss the punishment systems?
I want to know too! I reckon I run into those little rats who RQ, but hang around so they aren't detected once every 10 games or so. Would love to know what actually happens to them.
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Word (OCE)
: Racist Riot
Riot, wtf. Stop being racist.
: ***
Don't know what psychological projection is, I'm afraid.
: ***
Your attempt to be clever is so cringe-worthy. No, I wasn't getting defensive. No, what you said didn't apply to me. I could just see the person behind all your posts, and I didn't like him/her.
: What.. No. Adc is the eaaiest to play in terms of laning wise. We dont get ppl to ward and peel for us. Punished hard for a single mistake while have to be ready for tp so bot dose not fail.
Nah, ADC is harder than you think, because you need to know how to trade effectively. I've had countless ADCs who couldn't trade. Rather, they interpret a trade as an all-in and just get busted.
: ***
I couldn't even understand what you were trying to say. http://oce.op.gg/summoner/userName=iloveyoubabygirl
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: I have been permanently banned. I am a reformed League of Legends player.
fism (OCE)
: You say "low elo" but isn't gold low elo too?
Well, yeah - which is why I'm addressing low ELO players: the ones I play with.
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