Maraudaur (OCE)
: Just wanted to jump in and provide some insight > As an update to this, we're not banning for any VO replacements, but as with every other modification to League of Legends, anything you change is at your own risk. > I'll provide some examples. > > Fine: > - Any software that does not interfere directly with the in-game player experience between when you press “Play” and the end of game screen. VO mods are fine, they're localised to you and they don't give an advantage to your team. > > Not fine: > - Exposing information that’s intentionally obfuscated (cooldowns or timers) > - Taking actions on your behalf (botting or scripting) > - Drawing conclusions for you (predicting enemy positions) > - Otherwise altering your field of intelligence (zoomhacks or global ult alerts) > > When I said "at your own risk", I was referring to the potential of your install breaking or other tech issues. Sorry if that wasn't clear! > > Additionally, and this part is important: > > Some third party programs do a large number of things and let the player choose which they want. However, if a program allows for the ability to do one of the "Not fine" things above in game, then we'll ban for the use of it, even if a player claims they are not using that option. > > Stay vigilant! > > EDIT: Here's a reminder of what [our stance]( on third party applications is.
I tried sending a support ticket but ended up with an automated response (even though i checked the box asking to not have one) which didn't address any of my concerns about being banned for the wrong reasons and repeated a message i had already gotten on the day of the ban.....
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stedys (OCE)
: What is a champion nobody ever plays, but everyone loves on their team?
Amumu being able to peel tanks and catch carries at the same time is pretty useful.
: > [{quoted}](name=kami sora,realm=OCE,application-id=FjGAIbRv,discussion-id=Q80tPLfO,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-01-25T06:51:23.284+0000) > > I have been playing since yasuo's release and I'm still bronze 3 I've also played over 2000 normal games and 1000 ranked games since then. I finally thought I was starting to get better when i managed to climb to promos to silver 3 with 1 win when ranked reset and I got placed in bronze 4 and started losing more than I won. I'm consistently able to get 70-90 farm by 10 minutes if I'm adc top or mid have decent kda's on the champs I play most. Since I'm not getting better over time I'm hoping someone higher elo could coach me and tell me what I'm doing wrong or could do better. here are my stats for season / pre-season 5 It's refreshing to read someone recognise their weakness is their own play and not their team holding them back. I would help you grind out if I had the time to play like I used to. I was in Silver for season 2 and 3. Once I stopped raging and blaming others I quickly climbed to Plat for season 4 and 5. It's clearly my peak level though and I'm fine with that. I would suggest just playing one role as much as you can which is a whole lot easier now to get. Try and focus on 2-3 chamions in that role. If you can win your lane then roam and get at least one other lane to win as well. Don't play extremely complex champions like Azir {{champion:268}} , Syndra {{champion:134}} , Lee Sin {{champion:64}} etc. Obviously it's possible to play these champs when you not good at the game but they take a lot of skill to fully utilise. Play champs like Annie {{champion:1}} mid, Leona {{champion:89}} Support, Renekton {{champion:58}} or Irelia {{champion:39}} top. They can all easily win lane from early and you don't need to be Faker to make the most of them. I'm not saying you will be Challenger just because you pick easier to play champs but if you take some of the complexity out of learning the champion you will be able to spend more time focusing on the game it self rather than just controlling the champion. Annie is probably my pick for someone that wants to climb. She is safe in lane, farms really well and has a fight winning ult. If I was inclined to climb to diamond that's who I would try my run with. I'm easily bored though and can't play a champion more than a game or two in a row. Hope that helps, Good luck.
: I'm not a high elo player, but these videos may help you: The trading stance - How to roam - How to carry - Watching these helped me immensely to get out of bronze.
Claire (OCE)
: just duo with me man
If you're not joking i sent you a friend request
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fum422 (OCE)
: need one more champion with first letter Q
Jihn rhymes with Quinn which starts with Q so close enough Kappa.
Sneed (OCE)
: doesn't learn from mistakes the first time fkn gg gonna complain about this one even though it clearly states that you have to lock them in
As I stated I'm aware this is my fault. It's just that some games are unclear on where your teammates are going so I never use to lock-in and now I've made myself a bad habit because you have to lock-in in the new champion select.
kami sora (OCE)
: You have to lock in picks and bans
Smh I just did it again another 30 min queue for me.... fun fun fun.
: Yeahh happened to me this morning, i was in queue for 13 minutes then didn't realise you had to LOCK after selecting a champ and now i have a 6 minute timer. surely a pick is an indicator that your there....
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Tele (OCE)
: How is Galio BTW? I have enough to buy him and I'm not very enthusiastic about anyone really, so might as well troll pick ahah
He's pretty strong and his ultimate is an aoe taunt with a high scaling but he's pretty reliant on flash to get it off, i think his w is pretty funny because alot of people don't understand how it works.
Tele (OCE)
: calculated
I think Quinn actually saved me with her e lol.
kami sora (OCE)
: Funny Galio 1v2 outplay
Quinn pretty much gets 1 shot with only being hit by my e and ultimate.
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: Looking for DuoQ Partner
I can play all roles but would be happy to support you and I know alot of the damage outputs on botlane champions I just sent you a friend request add me if interested.
: Ultimate Skin - Dragon Slayer Swain confirmed 2035.
I heard it comes out the same time as AO Shin.
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Olee (OCE)
: iBlameMyTeam ItsNeverMyFault lol im kidding
Where is the lie though

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