: Ocean Week Recap
I will say I was hell happy when I saw the Tasmanian terrors boss as I'm from tassie myself glad tassie wasn't left out as it normally is from everything else haha rito awesome work P.S. is it sad that i dealt 103 damage over that event I play way too much haha
: Surrender at 15 available now
I like this change as some games is just way too far gone due to simple champ picks in champ select in some cases if your team scales well I can see staying until the 40 min +. but in saying that each game is different as every player's skill level is different and play style too. so a 15 min ff is not bad as those extra 5 mins just makes you feel like well why am I still in the game when they are already 1 shotting us under our tower and they just aren't finishing the game because they want to increase their kda.
killboy21 (OCE)
: loving alpha client
im playing on aram at teh moment its not ttoo bad on aram but will paly summoners soon just noticed one small bug for ranked stats was dispalying random champs that i dont play or even own
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: Patch 5.11 notes
Why they updating TT if its not even a permanent game type along with crystal scar i know people play it in customs but it would be good if after the updates to the maps they make them permanent game types in pvp


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