: Anything about the complete inability to stop her once she is fed? Shyv is a great champion, but she is one of those champs that once she gets far enough ahead, absolutely nothing can stop her. period. Do we have any counter play for that?
Counterplay isn't about how to stop someone when they're fed, but how to stop them from getting there. The loss of resistances in passive and ult make her squishier with fewer items. Juggernauts are unstoppable meatshields in the late game but have weaknesses in the early game. Shyvana isn't going to be great at ganking like Lee Sin or a lane bully like Renekton. However, she will be able to dive your backline and get to your carries. League is an incredibly complex game. Being able to counterplay requires an understanding of how a champ plays and what their win conditions are. Being able to stop a champion getting fed and being able to play around when they are is a skill worth developing. TL;DR Shyvana being fed doesn't make her op. Counterplay exists for all champs. Maybe except Syndra and Rengar and vayne
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