Sonìc (OCE)
: IGN: ix sonic x Diamond V Support pref, can play mid top or jg (2 - 3Certain champs only in each of those pos.)
darkai (OCE)
: Darkai Plat4 Can play any role
and2277 (OCE)
: and2277 Bronze 4 (happy to learn) Jungle main, but can go everywhere except ADC thanks!
: TriggerLord Gold V ADC pref
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Frag (OCE)
: Creating Ranked Team - Recruiting
Mind if I join? I want the 10 wins reward. I main middle lane. IGN: Krylo
Vatler (OCE)
: Hey im adc/ supp main i finished g4 last season. Id love to join a ranked 5's team. Thanks. IGN: Vatler
Eradar (OCE)
: Hey, at the end of last season I was Plat 5. Been playing this game since season 1 but really played more for fun rather than ranking all the time. I'd like to join the team and experience team ranked and take more interest in ranked games than before. I'm a support main but able to play any role. IGN: Eradar
Dogma (OCE)
: Hi mate! I looking for a team, i'm closed last season gold2 and now I'm gold 3 support main. add me Dogma.
: So you seem pretty damn serious if you've played from season 2 and have waited until now to start a ranked team... Well i guess, I finished bronze 1 last season and i have been playing from pre-season 4. I main adc and support, and can play some junglers and top laners. I'm more of an objective focused player rather than a kill focused. I main Jinx, tristana, vayne, thresh, morgana, zilean, tryndamere (AD and AP). I have played some games in ranked 5's but none really passed the provis games. I study at uni full time.
Awesome Add me and PM me in-client so we can talk :)
orphic (OCE)
: Experienced Support Seeking MATURE Team
I added you :) My IGN is Krylo, thread [here]( Be sure to pm me in-client ! : )
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Test (OCE)
: [LFT] Plat 5 JG main, can top/sup
Here's the thread on what I'm looking for: I did add you. IGN: Krylo PM me in-client :)
: Looking For An ADC Duo Partner
IGN: Dwerer Away from client but please do add :) I'd very much like a duo to hit gold with. ADC main
trvpxlord (OCE)
: Gold 2 Support Main looking for team
IGN: Krylo I took the liberty of adding you :) [Here's]( a thread I made on what I'm currently looking for. Msg me in client if you want in, so I know its you :)
alrightm8 (OCE)
: Plat V looking for ranked team
IGN: Krylo I added :) I have a reddit thread going so you know what I've begun looking for! Please respond to me in client :) [Here 'tis](http://[](


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