: 2015 ranked season is ending!
dammit ill never reach silver now {{item:3070}}
PG Pulse (OCE)
: Looking for High Bronze/Low Silver duo partner.
interested, add me lIlusionist, im b2 tryna get silver :P
: Vote for the IWCA showmatch!
The game mode "Ultimate Bravery" already exists at ultimate-bravery.com and can just be straight out boring when you have to build {{item:3003}} on {{champion:157}} . Doubles sounds amazing but champions like {{champion:28}} would have a huge advantage over champions like {{champion:81}} . A In terms of All Pick All Mid, we already have ARAM which is close enough. Random comps make it interesting whereas if the champions where pickable some comps would just absolutely stomp on others.
: Hi, I’m Riot Conquisitor, Community Manager at Riot OCE. Ask me anything!
Will OCE get a PBE server? There's plenty of you-tubers that would happily post videos of PBE changes, and it would be fun for all of us! :D
Skyla (OCE)
: Looking for an ADC , Im a support main.
Heyo, I am currently Bronze 3, (I blame my team mates as well :P) I main ADC and Top, and I play champions like JInx, Tristana and Ashe. I like to farm up in lane and play passively, going for that late game damage. I've been playing since Season 2 and am quite experienced. Tell me if you're interested :P
Loggel (OCE)
: Bronze 2 looking for ranked team
Heyo, I'm Bronze 3 currently, I main Top and ADC, I'd be interested in joining if there is any space left. I don't have IGN, but I can always download it. {{champion:17}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:17}}
: Bronze Player's Looking For Some Fun 5v5 Action
: Unfair Chat Restrictions
Thanks Aatrox, I'll remember that in the future :)
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: (Champion suggestion) Xex'zen Master of Rejuvenation
Interesting, would seem to be a champion that requires mechanics, but the role of a healing support has already been taken by {{champion:16}} .
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: Should i play ranked?
Just don't play Ranked. It'll sink you in to a never-ending world of stress. :(
: A tip to all bronze people
Uh huh FruitSalad is very right. VERY Arrogant
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: Bronze.
Thanks guys :)
Nova33 (OCE)
: Add Loading Screen Chat
Wumachine (OCE)
: Single Item Gamemode
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