: Rotating game mode queue now live!
love the random champs you could do a random mode like... everyplayer picks a champ then out of the 10 champs they get randomized to every player
: Thank You
hey riot i got the gift but it disapeered? is ther a way i can retrieve it?
: Hey there, Sounds like this could be related to a connection problem, but I'm not sure. There may be an edge-case that wasn't considered relating to opening hextech crafting at the same time a queue pops. Could you run through the [Troubleshooting Connection Issues](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201752664-Troubleshooting-Connection-Issues) support article for me, let me know if anything helps. * Are you able to reproduce this issue reliably? * Has this only recently started happening or have you experienced this since hextech crafting was introduced?
its only been happing for the last month and I cant explain what causes it. it happens now and again after a match and sometimes I could be in the crafting screen click out go back in and it closes. honestly I cant seem to find what is triggering this to happen but I know I'm not alone one of my mates also has this problem. but once it does close and you reload the client back up if u try it again it will close again its like ther is a timer on it because ive noticed that after 20 mins after the first close the problem goes away
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Draxx (OCE)
: Match history is broken?
yep same he played 5 games today wont show any of them it only shows games from yesterday weird fix this riot il be watching {{item:3187}} {{item:3348}}
: That seems highly unlikely. The Auto Fill feature only exists for High Diamond and above. It's not turned on for any other elo at all.
well its true its down the bottom of the screen and the tool tip appears telling you that auto fill is on to "save time in que"
: Lower your rank then, you'll always get the role you want in Bronze.
sadly I am but still get it
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: wow they made it really clear {{item:3187}}
ikr ther was the big ENLIST NOW on the games main screen
: Ocean Week points not working right
its got nothing to do with this post but the league stats in profile tab isn't working
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Turoc44 (OCE)
: Ranked Team LF TOP and MID laner (Bronze-Silver)
Role: top/mid Main: fiora Sub: malzar/jayce/kassidan IGN: Layowin Note: have 100 champs to choose from so can pick to counter quite well
Methu (OCE)
: Any enhancement about the server? I suffered terrible lag spike for a long time, even I played in the very early morning, it is always keeping lag spike, ping is like a pulse, from 30ms- 300ms.
if ur ping is 300 u got problems dude mine is constant 32-20 ms
: So basically he's an amalgamation of a few peoples ults?? The idea of the two headed dog is good. None of his moves work though unfortunately. Sorry his e isnt someones ult. Its {{item:3110}} and {{item:3068}}
I belive your on about the E skill that only effects AA no dmg from it
Zaps (OCE)
: Hi! I'm Zaps - ask me anything!
champion idea http://boards.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-creations/NLHHHOnU-champion-idea
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: HUD Update
i think this HUD is a great idea. yes we all have to learn the new HUD but look at it everything u need to no is in 1 spot means less time searching and more time to rek.
: That English...
i know it was bad ive fixed it up now i was shatterd when i made this
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: Rek’Sai: Scourge of the Desert
What is this champ gonna cost us


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