GigaPube (OCE)
: you probably wont believe me, but you have absolutely no idea about ryze
hence i'm asking questions about him smart ass
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Horizonn (OCE)
: As a jinx main, basing with 1500 gold instantly buy a bf sword and 2 pots and a pink ward. After that picking but a Runaans as your first full item is insane on jinx and the AoE from the rockets apply to the bolts fired from the runaan passive which increases her wave clear and damage quite nicely and if done right can destroy in lane if they are caught in their minion wave. Also Try buying a Cull as an early base item if you cant afford much else
Hey thanks for the reply buddy! Runnaan has the same problem though, it doesnt give you any AD. It's the about same as phantom dancer (+100gold). With runnaans it's really hard to freeze lane due to the bolts. With Jinx's increased base AS as you level there's no need for bolts really, but I guess they are good for teamfights. I think the question really is which is better, AD or AS+crit chance. Cheers for comment.
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: They actually do care about if you have fun or not. If you don't have fun you wont play the game, if you don't play the game you'll never spend money on it. Toxic players who create new accounts never spend money on the game, this is why accounts pre level 30 get permabanned in single instances of trolling.
"accounts pre level 30 get permabanned in single instances of trolling", hahaha yeah right !
: I think im done
Free to play games = unlimited number of free accounts = toxic players. End of story. Riot certainly doesn't care whether you have fun or not. It's all about $$$ mate, all about $$$.
Flyby (OCE)
: Normals 5v5 Queue Role Instalocking
I have seen heaps of players instalocking and not communicating to the team all game. It is frustrating as hell but as long as LOL is a F2P game, this will always be the case. You cant always get the role you want in this game, especially not in a community as nice as OCE. Instalocking isn't a reportable offence. If your team decided to have 2 jungles or 2 mids, then it should be considered as your team's 'strategy', if you lose, too bad. Some people like to play certain roles and don't want to fight for it. And let's be honest we've all instalocked once or twice whether you want to admit or not.


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