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: Magicmilly, just unlock bulk cheap champs, rather than a couple of 6300's. The more different champs you play, the more you'll get a feel for what fits you. Get all the 450's and 1300's etc. Then pick and choose for the more expensive ones. Grind that ip, make sure to get your FWotD bonus every day (if/when possible), even if you just login, get a win, and logout.
thats a good idea thank you!!! im keen to try heaps of different ones so il try that yeah. thanks!
: I believe you there, i've even seen a Thresh ADC carry a game lol. He is next on my list of champs to learn.
ee thanks il deffs check him out then!! i feel TERRIBLE and shallow saying this but i hadnt tried him before only bcos he's looks a bit funny im so sorry hahah
Glow (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=magicmilly,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=0JNJkvYB,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-08-30T12:06:17.264+0000) > > thank you!!! ires my forever favourite she's so fun to play and her kit is SO GOOD i love her Ahhh yes! I get so scared whenever I hear about potential Irelia reworks because I love her the way she is :P
same :'(( but at least the last one was just on her ult which wasnt bad!!!
: LF normal folks to play with xD
sounds like the kind of person i wanna play with!! il add u tomorrow? :^)
Glow (OCE)
: I main Irelia too, really enjoy her ^_^ I would recommend Wukong, he plays similarly but has a much stronger teamfight and is more bursty.
thank you!!! ires my forever favourite she's so fun to play and her kit is SO GOOD i love her
: need a new champ
oo thank you for all the responses!! I currently own ire, raka, fizz lol, cho, and cass. il deff look into waking, leona, bard, and lulu? thank you!!
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: It's because they're on a different server.
oh NA thanks i should of read the bio more lmao
: Need some friends!!!!!
hey i tried to add you but it says user not found?
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Aidan7787 (OCE)
: Hey mate, I finish exams on wednesday. I'd be happy to play some games as I'm pretty bad bronze 5 :) Can play all roles
sweet! your better than me hahah, I'll add u now :):)
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