: Id like to talk about how shit riots banning system and how non dedicated they are to their players
I think the automated banning system is pretty stupid. Having said that, I feel players should just mute fools at the first sign of stupidity. Don't even bother talking to them. You cannot educate a bronze in 20 minutes.
Preddator (OCE)
: ***
Those sort of games can happen, but rarely. You don't get that in more than half of your games. If you've played over 350 games and start to get stuck, you need to improve to climb further because you've hit your current level wall. No point blaming teams for it.
: I filled it out, and although I don't differentiate between 'casual' and 'directed' racism, I still think poor in-game behaviour is more negative than anything said in chat.
: Disgusting and highly offensive towards female players.
If people are sexist in real life, what would you do? Ignore them and get on with life. Hit the mute button and report them after the game. Problem solved.
: 2018 Season Preview: Part II
**Season 2018 Split 1 Part 2 real deal analysis.** **BOMBERS:** It's questionable to think that imports really improve Oceanic teams, unless they are truly superb players. Picking up EU West soloqueue salters does not give a great impression for this team, who retained their solid jungle, mid and support players. Similar to last season, if the opposition can find ways to shut down Looch (or if he gets himself self-banned by Riot again) then there will be no coming back. Should finish bottom half once again. **The CHIEFS ESPORTS CLUB:** This is the interesting team for me. After losing three core players, a lot of people will think well they are donezo. But I think this team will surprise viewers. Babip finally gets a chance in the OPL when he should have been given one by rivals Legacy, and Destiny is probably the best support in the competition now that EGym has retired. The wily Frank Li has picked up the superb Ry0ma to take Swiffer's place, and I think he will manage just fine considering his good performances last season at SIN. Expect to see this team in the grand final. **DIRE WOLVES:** A couple of changes here and Dire Wolves are slightly weakened, but will it make a difference? With Phantiks leaving the team entirely to take up a coaching role on Chiefs, i think it will. It will be up to Shernfire to control things, now that top lane is not so much a determining factor in the current meta. Will the young acquisitions hold up to their reputations? Only if they continue to improve (let's buy some control wards, Cupcake!). Top 3 team for sure, but will they win the split? It's hard to say, I'm going to go with no. **AVANT GAMING:** Another fresh look team with some truly young talent, this team has the potential to surprise. For the first time, jungler OnIy will get some solid laners to work with, Blinky was much improved in 2017, so it all comes down to whether Frae has the mechanics to match it with the best. We all know that he has a solid macro understanding, and if Jayke can help out with the shotcalling, this team has potential. Top laner Pabu will need to avoid wasting time on social media and trolling low elo scrubs on twitch.tv during broadcasts, and instead focus on his role and macro play (check LS for a load of top lane VOD reviews). If he can do that, he might be able to remove the moniker "dumb as bricks" and actually develop into a superstar. Overall Predictions: Chiefs 1st Dire Wolves 2nd Order 3rd Avant 4th Legacy 5th Sin 6th Bombers 7th Tectonic last
: 2018 Season Preview: Part I
**Season 2018 Split 1 Part 1 real deal analysis.** **ORDER:** These did a good shifty on Frank Li to create a new team, but what for? Chiefs had a strong line-up, you can't say that their Top, ADC and new Support would have held them back. Gerard Murphy must have made them a good financial offer. Can't argue with acquiring Swiffer there. If Tally can improve from being a wave management expert, and if FBI can make decisions on the fly rather than be a 'yes' man, these guys could have a great season. If Rogue does shotcalling well, he could well be the glue to this team. **LEGACY ESPORTS:** Some of their 2017 Roster was a bit overrated, this is a totally new look team bar the mid laner Claire, who was very up and down in 2017. The top laner Ceres was also rather inconsistent last season, so they have a lot of work to do to improve themselves. There were better options in the ADC role surely (who loses lane as a Kalista to DaSticks in soloqueue?). Decoy is an unknown quantity, but maintained a high level last split during soloqueue and might be a good pickup. Overall, this team should struggle in the OPL, don't think they will make top three this split. **SIN GAMING:** The eternal problem for SIN is the exodus of players after a good season for supposedly stronger line-ups. Retaining Juves is great, but the main thing about this team is their coach who makes vast improvements out of players that are seemingly not good enough to be on a pro team. It should take a while for this to happen, so I think they will struggle. A hard worker in the top lane, and a solid russian mid gives Bencel something to work with. **TECTONIC:** Now with the Tainted Minds saga out of the way, some people might be more inclined to support this team. But their roster looks extremely weak and I would predict them to finish dead last this split. I mean you can't really play Sona support every game can you? Coach Saiclone has a lot of work on to tame his rookie botlane, but with the acquistion of the improving Papryze at least its not all doom and gloom.
: Oceanic Pro League: Competitive Rulings
So how does suspending a coach work ?? They don't get to enjoy the stage, and schooners in the back room while the games are going on ??
ROX Kuro (OCE)
: Banning
Hey I was in ROX Kuro's last game (on the opposition team), and his teammates were flaming them so hard in all chat. I told them to stop, because Darius and the Bard were the only good players on their team. Maybe the automation was too harsh because most of his team ganged up on him in reports. They were saying things like "report Darius" and "Darius is an inter". He was the only one in their team applying pressure to the map, and trying to win. ROX Kuro did twice as much damage as their carries, and got more gold and was 3-4 levels higher than them. Perhaps they should be the ones getting a sanction for being abusive to the Darius!
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