ghost42 (OCE)
: OCE does not have a large enough player base for virtually everything you've recommended. OCE will never have all the features and game modes other regions have because if we had them all queues for actual ranked games would be an hour long.
True, OCE's player base is pretty small compared to the other regions, but I didn't mean that the suggestions were to be exclusive to OCE only. I just think that the custom lobby needs a bit of spicing up since every aspect of the game since its release has been updated except for the custom lobby (or so I believe).
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Rude Name (OCE)
: Instead of another champ, I think it might be better as a skin. Ao Shin Aurelion Sol. Maybe just Ao Shin. In fact, I think all iceboxed champs would be cool as skins. Priscilla Elise? Seth Azir? Gavid Zyra? Just saying, it would be rather interesting.
Maybe the Ao Shin skin could be a human form of Aurelion Sol. Just an idea
: "You may activate 2 stances at one instead of just 2" ???
Oops typo, you may activate 2 stances at once instead of just 1
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