: LoL ripped off???
Pretty crappy game, trying to be relevant in the gaming scene by using heavy amounts of allusion
: I miss when Riot used to release champions the moment the patch went live.
They did that with Azir and he came out so buggy, particularly his Q, lancers and his ultimate which in some cases would perpetually keep people knock-up. I think they have learned since then; Riot is not going to rush through the PBE phase of champion release because it can get really bad. Not every niche case is explored when a champion is picked and they're trying to iron out Taliyah before full server(s) release.
: Rumble is corki no joke same abilitys xD
They're different enough. Main differences: Corki has a dash. Rumble has a movespeed boost. Corki has a long range poke ability. Rumble has more of a DoT Braum ultimate. Corki's Gatling Gun shreds armor and MR and is DoT. Whilst Rumble's deals DoT magic dmg. Corki can throw a bomb that grants vision. Rumble has mid range slow skillshot. Actually everything they have is different. ggwp
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Bipolar (OCE)
: Where can I report people for unskilled?
Riot says you can't anymore. Bcz it's hard to tell if they happen to have a really crap game/day or are actually 5 year olds playing on their family member's accounts. It also steps into the territory of Intentionally Feeding, so that was taken out for purposes of **CLARITY**. {{summoner:13}}
: Can we report for 'Refusing to Communicate' if:
You can report them on the basis that they are Refusing to Communicate because they don't use pings but can't be reported on the basis that they speak a non-English language in the chat. OCE's got multitudes of different cultures and languages and English is the dominant language here in OCE but it isn't as dominant here as it is in NA, which should be the case (personal opinion). Multiculturalism ftw. If this server was aimed just to accommodate the English dominant countries in this area then it wouldn't be called OCE. It'd be called ANZ server.
Bipolar (OCE)
: Warrior is more cancer than Vi and Darius combined.
: wtf did you think was gonna happen when you accepted his friend request??? he would commend you on trying your hardest to win the game and that hes sorry about the loss when its only your 2nd ranked game??? protip for no sack oce players like you never accept friend requests and drag the chat bar off your screen so you wont be triggered by smack talk
That's shit, shouldn't be like that IMO.
Blackavar (OCE)
: Almost everyone in my class at school are addicted to anime but they don't know the first thing about the manga. it pisses me off so much
> [{quoted}](name=astrapoof,realm=OCE,application-id=dQOcTl8O,discussion-id=tfwtg939,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-10-31T22:26:23.680+0000) > > Almost everyone in my class at school are addicted to anime but they don't know the first thing about the manga. it pisses me off so much The Manga is the shit.
GigaPube (OCE)
: but then when the melees reach you they'll blow your squishy ass up. only lissandra has the safest kit to escape and prevent fighters and junglers from destroying you
Lux, Annie and Ziggs are just as anti-melee as Lissandra. LeBlanc has an easy escape ability as well.
: I don't really understand what u mean.............. I understand some parts of it and it sound cool but I don't get the full picture, maybe more explanation is needed?
You get a stack of monster lure every time you kill an epic monster and you can place that lure within either top pit or bottom pit so you can spawn the dragon at top pit if you have higher stacks of lure than the opposing jungler who has lower stacks of lure who put their bait at bot pit.
: Lol at one point Teambuilder was the only queue available to under level 25's and you know what happened? No one played it still and new players stopped playing after 2 days. That changed very quickly when it became obvious Teambuilder being the only queue is a huge mistake. TB has had tons of encouragement, summoner icons, bonuses, better times than any other introduced queue. The reality is people like blind pick, no matter how much Riot throws incentives in the way of Teambuilder, which they definitely have. Now imagine if they did that for draft. IMO too much time and commitment went into trying to get people to queue for TB when they just didn't want to.
That's bullshit. Who in their right mind would pick Blind Pick champ select over TB champ select?
Jink (OCE)
: Ah true so if he is 0.8 seconds through his 2 seconds of pool and zhonyas's for 2.5 seconds - when he comes out he is still pooled for another 1.2 seconds?
Jink (OCE)
: If Vlad has say a 4 second pool then Zhonya's's
It overlaps, Vlad's main model is actually below ground and that becomes Zhonya's'd while the pool of blood around him is still a pool of blood.
Area2609 (OCE)
: Whats Your Champion Pool?
Area2609 (OCE)
: Whats Your Champion Pool?
Sephyre3 (OCE)
: Team Builder will be disabled on OCE
You know if you promote it as your primary queue instead of Blind Pick it would get way more players. I feel like you just put it there hoping people would stumble into it. Teambuilder is better than Blind Pick in basically every single way, why not just delete Blind Pick and promote Teambuilder as the best one you have? IMO, not enough encouragement from the client for players to queue for TB. Free IP would be one way to go about it.
: FireBreathingRubberDucks Recruiting
Why is this getting downvoted?
: Summoner Name
I think you are, just not "Riot". The official placement of the word Riot has to be in the front of the name usually followed by a space then the distinctive name.
LooL "We don't have tanks." True that.
: Azir's Shifting Sands
Shurima Shuffling was way easier when his E used to knock-up, it's much harder to pull off now.
MrPine (OCE)
: I just got to S1
Maybe you're closely approaching the rank were you'll be 50/50 win rate.
nDesu (OCE)
: http://lol.garena.com/home This is the SEA server
pretty much, i guess
: When the hell is 3v3 ranked coming out im dieing
: What's the reasoning behind the Riven changes?
I think the point was to address the early kill potential she has at level 1. Nerfing this means that lower MMR Rivens won't snowball as hard in Bronze, Silver or Gold but she will still deal as much damage, actually even more once she has items and has full Edge.
steel123 (OCE)
: Requesting a region for Asia
Not an Asian server, we already have a number of Asian servers. I think the more accurate name is a South-East Asia. SEA server. #**SEA** Singapore would probably hold the server. Riot needs a bigger playerbase in the Philippines. DOTA and Dota 2 dominates the country and the incredible skill needed for this game could bring a lot of Filipino player's mechanics to the spotlight if some turn to League of Legends.
kJs (OCE)
: Junkyard Thresh
Why hasn't Riot made this yet? :p
: Possible Oceanic server skin
If OCE only consisted of players from Australian and New Zealand it wouldn't be called OCE.
: Hello! I'm FerlynYoshimi, Esports Player Manager at Riot OCE, AMA!
1. Who is your favourite champion? 2. Who was/is your favourite DOTA and/or Dota 2 hero? 3. What genre of games do you like best? A top three? 4. If you wanted a champion to get a skin that doesn't exist now, what would it be? 5. Have you gotten used to riding kangaroos to work or do you use Emu's?
AliGantz (OCE)
: When to refund a champion
Don't refund champions. It's a waste of a refund. In ranked, if you want to secure a champion and the other player wants an Azir at least you have an Azir to trade with him. It's very useful to have champions.
Knuuckles (OCE)
: saturday night ranked
: How Do I Counter Nasus
If you're a range you can try to kite him. Vayne, Quinn do relatively well.
: It is actually 100% win or loss related. I have over 3000 games I still get paired with first time blitz who never lands a pull and pushes wave without warding.
I'm talking about LP gain/loss, not matchmaking. You provided anecdotal example that doesn't even relate to LP gain/loss.
: then why do they ban players who smurf
They don't, I think you're confusing ELO boosting for smurfing. They don't ban people for it because they can't really consistently tell who's smurfing who int he majority of games.
eLoQuEnCe (OCE)
: how are you ment to move up ranks when theres and afk or troll in allmost every other game?
The game can recognise that you are doing well. i.e. kda, objectives taken etc. Even if you have an AFK or troll in your team you still have some say in how you get better. If you start giving up you won't play as good. Treat every game like a learning experience - granted that you should already know a lot of how your champion works and your capabilities with said champion. Eventually you will get matched with better and better players. It will take a while, sure, but you will climb.
Zorphiax (OCE)
: Yes I agree with you, but Kayle ult only last for 2.5 or 3 seconds and targets any allied champion. Tryn is stronger because it's 5 seconds and provides him with 100 fury so when or just b4 his ult ends hit q gain 250/300 hp.(if still 100 fury)
I don't disagree.
Saythes (OCE)
: Buy ekko? Or...
Ekko is super OP against predictable opponents. If you can land his W well then you have pretty much dominated lane and game.
: > [{quoted}](name=mutley,realm=OCE,application-id=FjGAIbRv,discussion-id=OwZbKp3U,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2015-09-22T21:32:27.929+0000) > > I reckon that is immune to death should scale with level so 3/4/5 this only changes things early game but it's enough to make Tryn a bit less 'Over Powered' I would agree on this one. Considering facing a just turned lvl6 Trynd in lane is an absolute nightmare, and since that spell is inarguably stronk as hell, giving it 5 sec immunity from the get go at 6 isn't really the way to go imo. It saves the enemy team from a lot of hair loss as well.
It's basically a Kayle ult. Should be treated with similar care.
: Champions who are fun to play
{{champion:62}} Glass Cannon. Watch as their health bars just disappear after they wasted all their abilities on your clone. {{champion:14}} Full Tank. You're basically King Kong, no one wants to get near you and even if you miss your abilities you're still forcing them to get out of your way. {{champion:201}} You have a windwall to save your team mates. You're the tankiest support. You can ignore enemy damage whilst walking all over the map warding. {{champion:90}} No assassin with dive you if you don't waste your ultimate because they will just stop.
: Anything thats balanced and/or takes actual skill to play, none of that lee sin, riven or yasuo bullshit.
Lee Sin is probably in the more skillful end of the skillscale. He's kinda easy to do well in Bronze and Silver and Gold but he levels off once you start hitting the higher MMRs. Same deal with Riven. Fizz. Yasuo. Riot pretty much says, get better, to counter these types of champions. Which is fair in my opinion.
: more % health dmg items?
We don't actually need any more % damage items because 1/3 of the League roster has some kind of % damage in their kit somewhere. {{champion:114}} {{champion:96}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:102}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:59}} {{champion:60}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:429}} {{champion:223}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:154}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:110}} Majority of these work well with {{item:3153}} or {{item:3151}} and if they don't they already have strong anti-tank abilities. Garen and Fiora.
Bibimbap (OCE)
: Yasuo VS Akali... Just wondering!
: > [{quoted}](name=ninjaIRL ,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=7zqAaVpL,comment-id=0002000000000000,timestamp=2015-09-22T14:19:54.421+0000) > > Is that a branch of IT or is it a synonym for IT consultant? > or is it more labour intensive like changing cable lines? > I was thinking of doing that as well, maybe more on the mental side. > > Because people don't run out of electrical things to fix or make, they're right. Everything you can think of that has electricity running in it can be included into the field of Electrical Engineering. You're not fixing cables when you do this particular course, but rather you'd learn to understand, utilise and design electrical systems. The topics can vary from general wiring, power generation/utilisation, microchip systems to programming depending on which particular route you decide to head towards. As a graduated electrical engineer, one can involve with power plants, telephone/internet providers, electronic production line or even space programs if they have the skill requirement met. Electrical Engineering, Software Engineering and Mechatronics are related to each other and can all be quite hard to get by (still holds no water against things like idk, Quantum Physics though), so I really wouldn't recommend everyone to test their luck with these subjects unless you're really interested in these kind of stuff. I'm not. I made the wrong choice of enrolling into Elec Eng because I was pretty much only thinking about securing a job position that time when I finished HSC, and has since got stuck with it. My overall grade is too low to warrant a transfer and there are other issues holding me back too. It's not really pleasant, at least for me.
That sucks man. I hope it gets better.
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: > [{quoted}](name=ninjaIRL ,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=7zqAaVpL,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2015-09-20T18:01:04.863+0000) > > security reason? What did you choose? Electrical Engineering. It's more secured they say, which they're right, but that doesn't mean I am interested in or capable of it though.
Is that a branch of IT or is it a synonym for IT consultant? or is it more labour intensive like changing cable lines? I was thinking of doing that as well, maybe more on the mental side. Because people don't run out of electrical things to fix or make, they're right.
AleNh (OCE)
: Y lots of people dont know that Kennen can be supp.
Oceanic people lag behind the changing meta. No one experiments because everyone is too busy trying out the new changes that Korea and Chinese teams are doing in LCK. Everyone here is on edge for some reason. They are quick to judge and the community generally don't like experiments in their normal games. if you're good at it then just do it.
og1764 (OCE)
: Perth Royal Show
I don't think there will be. We're probably too isolated and low populated.
: I think it's better to learn a more general tech degree like say Science, Engineering, Applied Mathematics/Physics etc before you dive into the gimmick side of technologies such as Game Development. Because that way you won't be a 1 trick pony and your views/perspective on things wouldn't be limited by what a smaller scale degree offers as well. However if you really are not interested in those courses it's fine to just find one that suits yourself more as long as you know full well of the risk behind it. Don't be like me, who chose a degree based solely on "security" reasons which I only end up hating and getting stuck as a result. Ma 2 cents.
security reason? What did you choose?
Jink (OCE)
: Wukong is Gold.
{{champion:35}} {{champion:7}}
: > [{quoted}](name=ninjaIRL ,realm=OCE,application-id=FjGAIbRv,discussion-id=FR74sMJA,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2015-09-15T10:32:30.746+0000) > > He actually required a little bit of timing if you want to play him in Gold+ matches well. Timing with when to Q, when to W, and when to use E. > Regardless, he's probably the easiest champion in League with like, zero skill floor. Cool downs are everything when you verse higher elo players. If you waste an ability, they can abuse that and rekt you
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