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: Extreme Lag
Cheers for the help this year lads
: 37 Tickets, 14 Days, Locked out from Riot Support - Calling a Rioter
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Yeah it's pretty shit. Of course no one from Riot has provided anything, as usual.
: > [{quoted}](name=LexPlode,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=NufQFM5l,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-12-19T13:22:15.306+0000) > > Dude I completely understand his viewpoint. The ping has been upwards of 300 for three weeks and people who've posted on the boards have gotten jack shit responses. Still, posting insults just like that is really not going to help anybody nor solve any problem. Venting frustration, urging Riot about the severity of some issue, or cracking jokes on the matter are one thing, but insulting others for no apparent reason because of it is another. Personally I am not really experiencing much issues, but then again, I just came back to this game so I won't know. But whatever method one is trying to get Rioters' attention, OP's way is just the least effective way one could ever think of.
I guess you're right. It's very frustrating to see however. On some occasions half of all the posts are regarding the ping yet there are no responses.
: Did someone kick your head (or your balls) and fondle your bum bum so hard you subconsciously open up the computer just to write this? I'm curious.
Dude I completely understand his viewpoint. The ping has been upwards of 300 for three weeks and people who've posted on the boards have gotten jack shit responses.
Saiqa (OCE)
: Lag of Legends
Yep, experiencing the same thing a long with a lot of people I've messaged in game.
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Sephyre3 (OCE)
: Player Behaviour FAQ (updated for Instant Feedback)
But how come, Riot, the game can't distinguish between AFK and lag-caused DC's? How about show the amount of ping players have like they used to instead of trying to earn money off of summoner icons. That way people won't report you if they KNOW that you've got issues
ƒamous (OCE)
: Did I say you had to read it? No. I simply stated a section of the agreement stating that Riot cannot do anything for you as you agreed to the TOU and EULA. This thread is pointless, stop complaining and "fix your shit" (internet).
I didn't say what I meant by 'fix your shit'. What I meant was that the current tribunal system for AFK/Leavers is absolutely horrible. In all honesty, I think that the new system where you're placed in lower priority queue has done more bad than good. Given the fact that the current software that League is running on is full of bugs, sometimes being afk is inevitable as you can't move in some cases (e.g. the red cursor problem). Furthermore, I do have stable internet, however living in a planet thats capable of RAINing theres not much I can do, can I? Honestly the new changes on the tribunal riot makes just seems half assed.
ƒamous (OCE)
: When people first sign up and register an account, download the client and log in, **everyone** agrees to the TOU and EULA, which both state that the player must have a sufficient and stable internet connection to be able to run and play League of Legends comfortably. It sounds as if you don't, and therefore nothing can be done in your case.
aint nobody got time to read that lmao
: What the actual F***
and fucking first low priority queue ever so like ? Riot should do fucking stand up comedy because their fucking tribunal is a joke lmao
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: Unable To Log On
Bump moderators
: Unable To Log On
Haha... I did start an account on China but my chinese is just cancer. Also i've probably used about a thousand AUD on RP and there isn't a way to transfer to the Chinese Server.
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: WTF is with all the chinese
I don't think they're chinese based in China. I personally live in China and I haven't played for 2 seasons due to being unable to log in. All my friends have the same problem

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