: That's silly though, plus let's say you have a bad game and at the end, what if your team reports you, even though your team won, since the person who auto locked just happen to win lane and carry game? He was gold and I m just level 30, but that doesn't mean he should be able to lock his position just cause he probably is better than me at league. I just don't think its fair that people get away with this.
i understand deeply but, the report will not ban or punish you because you were just bad, not a serious TROLL. So don't worry about it, if you didn't say any bad words. Rather you should report them, to bad behavior, negative attitude... things like that. it's just a normal game so.. i really don't care tho, i understand. I don't get why oce server just keep blind pick, not the draft one.
: Auto locking lanes on normals
I don't think riot gives penalty to instalocking... i don't like it either tho. because there's no rule about it. In korea, usually we don't call positions, just lockin your champs, and that's your position.
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: Optimal Onslaught Builds?
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