: if its a 20 second death timer and i have no global skills up then i will alt + tab. its easy to fill in the gaps between the last place you saw enemies and where they are after alt + tab.
WHY CANT YOU LEARN ENGLISH??? The point of communication is so every 1 can understand. Why do people talks in their own langue in a team game and then expect others to go the extra mile to stranlate it?? Huh!? explain that.
: Let me type bulshirt all game rather than playing the game. Wahh why was i punished... 🤣
how can you play a game with a person intentional losing? This isnt a single player game. A troll can ruin the game right off the bat. waaa, why dont i think about this...🤣
Ninox (OCE)
: I was responding to your comment "So aslong as am bad, i dont need to improve because whoever tell me that, they get ban". Intentional trolling is a whole other discussion and entirely besides the point because we were never talking about gameplay offences. I get the feeling we have very different ideas of justified. I don't expect people not to get angry at random assholes on the internet, I never said "don't get angry" I said "don't abuse them back". **_I_** get angry at random strangers on the internet, but I don't tell them to play in traffic because they were an asshole online. I ignore them, or rant at my screen, or on occasion might even get frustrated with them and type when it just fuels the fire, but there is **still** a big difference between getting frustrated and abusing someone.
IF, in a sense, SOME one is spitting in your face. Would you take action? or walk away to aviod confrontation?? Holding in your anger is worst then letting it out. All you will have is pent-up tension days after days, encounters after encouters, with these sorts of people. The system is CLEARLY protecting those that griefing ingame to get a rise out of other people. Because A, they say nothing to trigger ban. B pretend to type encouraging stuff while running it down mid or intentionally get caught out. The Ban SYSTEM dont pick up on that. It prioritise the ANGRY RETORTs of the victims of these players. While TOXIC INGAME BEHAVIOUR is last on the "ban pick up list". This community is cater toward Kids. Basically you want a PG rated chat. Telling it as it is, is too much.
Ninox (OCE)
: How is KR in any way relevant? This isn't KR, this is OCE. Vastly different cultures for one, just as OCE is more lenient than NA, OCE and KR have significant differences. Being good at something is also entirely irrelevant. What does it matter if you are Bronze or DIamond? if you're being an asshole, you're being an asshole. Bad is relative, Bronze is bad to Golds and Gold is bad to Diamonds. If you think you get the right to _abuse _ someone because they're bad at the game relative to your perception (and fyi, you're in their game for a reason), then yes, you're going to be punished for it, because that's called being an asshole.
THE KEY WORD IS INTENTIONAL. The kind that after a death hear some 1 say wtf are u doing. Go on feed mode to get even. Or the kind that come in game deciding to have "fun" and do whatever the fk doesnt care about winning. The kind that straight up trolling. Yes they dont type anything so they cant get ban. When the insult is justify, it justify. Do you think people just get angry over nothing? No! they get angry because of the action of others. You keep talking about having a bad game and such. But fk me. When some 1 is actually bad VS intentionally trolling, and dont want to win BS. Ever played with a boosted fk? legit like 20-29% win rate in rank?? The actual bad players are no where close in population COMPARE TO THE REST of the mentioned one.
Ninox (OCE)
: Allowing verbal toxicity because "someone else started it" hardly creates winners either. It creates people who think that as long as someone else is an asshole first, they're allowed to be as well, and that self control is meaningless and shouldn't be something to strive for. How is that a good thing? The gameplay systems aren't perfect but that doesn't mean we should be ignoring chat just because they aren't up to par. By your logic it's fine to say "kys" so long as someone intent fed first because "they started it and it was just an emotional response".
You just described Korean solo Q. And look at how high lv their solo Q players are. Not some kindergarden tone down BS you feed people and give them the mind set it ok to do badly intentionally, we will punish those speak against them. So aslong as am bad, i dont need to improve because whoever tell me that, they get ban for hurting my feeling. By your logic there is no different between ingame bashing and suicide encouragement. Is that how you wanna spin it?
Ninox (OCE)
: Standing up for yourself isn't the same as firing back. If someone says "why are you feeding", there's a big difference between "I'm behind an have had no pressure" and "f**k you". It's not the other guys punishment that is in question. If the other guy said the things claimed, then it's likely he either got punished or got negative history marked on his account, but it's irrelevant because we're talking about the OPs punishment here.
A tiring respond would be "Fuck you suck". Do you think most people would put in efforts to ask the obvious; To a dude that've been dying and creating problem ingame untill boiling point?? Do you know what your system is advocating? **People who feed and be a burden, and aslong as they keep their mouth in check it is ok**. Those who respond negatively to it, get the short end of the stick. So what do you have in the end? The troll, the feeders and others ingame Bull shits; Get benefited when they piss others off. ASLONG AS THEY STICK TO YOUR RULES. SAY NOTHING or TYPE SOME fake nice chat ingame to play pretend. Your system is not Creating winners.
Ninox (OCE)
: You aren't responsible for the Vayne's actions, you're responsible for your own. Instead of just muting the guy and moving on (or just ignoring him) you started abusing him back. It's not a fun time for the rest of your team. Your 14 day reform card would have looked something like this: https://i.imgur.com/U4XhEGo.png The key sentence being: "If this behaviour continues, your account will be permanently suspended."
Oh please. This idealogy is rather robotic in nature. How many people that are meet with unpleasant dissing gonna held their tongue? when people are offending you, would you say nothing? Stand up for yourself man! Insults is meet with insults. This is pretty normal in these sort of "competitive" environment. If you gonna punish 1, then might aswell punish the other person that started it aswell. I feel that you just pick the most neutral answer that you can just so you can be on the fence. is that who you are as a person? Too bad not everyone can be the middle guy.
: Dodge this guy!
Here we go, the white knight team of mod and friend has arrive. Defender of feeders, griefers, trolls, OCE wide. Here you will be safe. Aslong as you follow the rules, we will protect you from other's frustration. Pffffft what a joke this forum has become. Did you model yourself after north korea?
Achenar (OCE)
So, when i read this. The story is pretty much BUILD on the fact that you have to know ahri as a character in Game for this to make any impact. After the introduction of location, this line. " There, Ahri could find Life. Sustenance. " Its pretty much asking you to know the character beforehand. Instead of introducing the character. In A reader point of view who dont know ahri, this is a really weak introduction. then this "A scaly, grey film hugged her body like skin. " So in my head am imagining the old film tape. then this come in to confuse the image in my head " It coated the girl like a glowing, pulsating tar, covering her from chest to toe." Like what? film to tar?? like a zombie wrap? followed by "The girl was an abomination. " So is the story writer telling me, the girl was the monster hidding before hand? or the girl has turn into an abonimation after she got killed? I droped it after this, sry but this writing paint a weak visual. And for a story with no dialouge; it need to be good in visual description.
: *Cough, what do I do?
He seem like he dont belong at that rank. Did he get his hand on a "handed down account"? Or he bought it off some one?
: I never said I played at a Gold level. If you could read, you would see that I said that if the generic tips in the video were all I needed, I'd be playing at a Gold level. Clearly these generic tips aren't all that's needed.
> [{quoted}](name=Best Evelynn OCE,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=y2mclFBy,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-03-24T09:42:19.444+0000) > > Well... **According **to this, **I should be playing at a Gold level...** > > Maybe instead of generic tips that you could get from pretty much every single "tip" video, actually think of non-generic and actually helpful ones? > > {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
: Meh. Each to their own. The reason I'm not climbing is not because I can't do the things in the video, it's that there are other things that the video doesn't cover that I struggle with. I simply pointed out that there are enough "generic tips" videos that don't really do anything, much like the clickbait "5 THINGS CHALLENGERS DO THAT YOU DON'T" videos. Instead of following that trend, why not actually do some good and put effort into making a great video?
Generic? Those tips give good insight of what low rank players lack! Have you seen your games? You dont do any of them!! You dont ward well, you dont biuld right, you cant cs, you dont roam, you dont ganks, your laning phase suck, ill bet your mechanics is lacking aswell. So what do you mean you should be playing at a gold level. What make you think you know all these things?? Mere arrogant?
: Really? I don't feed in any role. I lose lane sometimes in every role, but I never feed. I understand match-up. If I get rolled, I go defensive items and play conservative to stop the bleeding, and will play macro game to be relevant again. I am 100% reliable in every role.
Being a none factor untill you get items to be relevant due to being set back is not a good way to climb. If anything, you are reliance on your team mate to win. And not feeding. Your 3 weakest role is as expected. worst to best. adc>top>support. Your win rates on those roles are lower compare to your mid and jgl; given the # of games played.
18cent (OCE)
: if you cannot play every role you should not play ranked, it absolutely tilts tf out of me when someone says pls no support i main mid then they end upv going 1-5 before 10 mins like um ok.
People that played every roles. They are know to have atleast 3 roles they will FEED in. To say that you can play every roles and climb, it would be saying this game is too easy, i can climb with every single position; That is PURE shit and you know it. There are roles people just cant play well. Dont expect a tank jgler or top main to play adc well and not feed. He would servely lack the knowledge to lane 2v2 due to, insufficient games played as that role, champion play time, and grasp on match up.
Ninox (OCE)
: The thing about ranked is, you'll only climb quickly if you aren't yet where you belong. If you're climbing by improving then the process will of course be substantially slower. A gold player in bronze is going to climb quickly, because their skill is already higher, a gold player in gold has to improve to plat level before they can climb to plat (a simplification but you get the idea). If you find yourself unhealthy because of League then you need to change up your lifestyle. You're playing too much and need to find other healthier outlets for that level of attention, whatever form that comes in for you.
Ey, nice job on moderating. You new moderators are keeping OCE forum view counts low. Do a comparision, then and now. As far as stat goes, your method is destroying the community. Keep this up and instead of growth you will see decay and death. http://forums.oce.leagueoflegends.com/board/forumdisplay.php?f=59
serenart (OCE)
: How can you say he has a narrow mind set when he has adjusted the comp to suit the team. You are clearly pulling rubbish out of mid air to make it look like you know what you are talking about, BUT YOU DON'T. He's always listening to other team members' views and will adjust if necessary. And how can it be a scam when he is not asking for anything other than people to listen to the shot caller just like any professional team would have to do.
Adjust? you mean doing the **same things** differently? Am not sure if he **listen** or not, but i still see on op.gg the **same terrible crap** that is being used. What adjustment have been made? Listening is 1 thing. But taking advice is another. The only advice/change that seem to be taken, is that if people like the direction he is leading them to "with that terrible draft and set up". Anythings other than that, seem to be throw out the window. When i'm refering to scam "If you know scam email or any form of trickery" they always give you a guarantee that everything will be sucessful if you followed their instructions. In this context, it imply that this "100% win, if follow" method is nothing more but hollow words, spoken in ignorant or inflated ego. I've spoken to some of the players that played with him and been introduce to his ideas. He want to go professional and he want to bring his ideas to the Professional scene. You see "as refered by Rectum", this is what a frog in a pond is. Knowing so little yet think he has what it take to make it to the top. He cant even get into plat + or high gold. To be even consider for pro play he need to demonstrate in solo Q he has the ability to reach challenger. And stop blaming team, a smurft would have **no problem** getting to challenger, so why does he think he is that good when he cant even climb the ranks? Pro play, yea right. Sound like this guy hasnt held a job his whole life. WAKE UP. If you watch kitchen nightmare, he would be one of the failing restaurant owner "Thinking they have good foods and all, but its actually shits and are too low skills to see it".
: That's so sad... Riot don't give a fuckkkkkkkkkkk. They're chilling sitting in Hawaii sipping on mochitos laughing at their game
There is bots in every popular games. Take wow for example. BOTS, cheaters. Is this the only online game you play?
: > [{quoted}](name=oOMoonLordOo,realm=OCE,application-id=mR0UmRrp,discussion-id=cwibOO3A,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-03-01T01:49:47.166+0000) > > This is what i see reading this. > > Looking for a free slave, step right up. Free chain and cuff handed out. Exprience as a slave is not needed, whipping training will be provided. > > Man, you are not looking to play with other people. You are looking for a slave and master relationship. Essentially, yes I want players who want to win, not have fun.
People that want to win, learn from LCS, LCK. You know, the PROFESSIONAL industry. Not from a kayle exhause/heal. ~~Get camped, cant farm, cant even trade in lane either, trade with E pushed lane, get punished. Demand jgler support 24/7 make the game pretty predictable.~~ Oh shit, sry it not a top lane, it a support ROLE. oh yes, now it turn from a bronze 1 to a bronze 5 status. With almost the same scenario as my previously stated points. Kayle support for what? W and R? Disgusting theory; For example a Taric can do a better job.
serenart (OCE)
: What a ridiculous comment, if you want to win just join the team, get coached for free and climb the ranks.
How can a person with delusional view and narrow mind set is going to coach any 1 toward sucess? I'll give a quick analyse from reading this post. ****"follow the video guide prepared as well as all commands given in game."**** 1. isnt interested in other people's input. "probly shut down any idea and replace it with, no but this, but that and resulting in: mine is better" 2. A terrible team mate because lack of step back view "Meaning, only see things from one perspective". ** We offer free wins to those who follow all instructions given to them.** 3. Is so certain that the method is a formula to sucess. Get real. When people make guarantee like that, its either a scam pitch sale, or the person have No effing idea what they are doing.
: Looking for support silver gold flex
This is what i see reading this. Looking for a free slave, step right up. Free chain and cuff handed out. Exprience as a slave is not needed, whipping training will be provided. Man, you are not looking to play with other people. You are looking for a slave and master relationship.


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