Sn4ke (OCE)
: Hmmm falls of late and I used to play her. Her Q is hard to hit because people at my level know how to dodge.
Your level or your rank? She flies like a bullet over walls, her ulti can't be dodged, and you can't expect people to stand still for your skill shots.
: How about Diana? She is a fighter that is more of an assassin. Her E gives her CC, her abilities do tonnes of damage, and her W gives her a pretty huge shield. Not to mention her standard build path gives her a lot of HP too. She is also very mobile. To me it sounds like you have an interest in Bruisers. They have tankiness, yet deal a lot of damage, and most are quite mobile. Think Fiora, Jax, Camille, Riven. Go for the typical bruiser builds on them (Trinity + Hydra into tank, with Gunblade + Rageblade on Jax) and not the Lethality builds. Great Fioras and Rivens can solo carry games. Have you considered Nasus? He is a Juggernaut. This means he has a weak early games, but the more stacks he farms, the stronger he gets. Even in lane phase, he has incredible sustain, and come late game he is unkillable due to a full tank build (with maybe Trinity) and does LOADS of damage with his stacked Q, Armour Shred E, Dark Harvest, and Spellblade proc. What about kiting? With his standard build, you have enough CDR that you will be able to Wither someone permanently (that is a 90% MS reduction!). His ult also makes him much tankier AND deals AoE damage. The same applies to Nunu and Cho'Gath.
As a Diana main, I wouldn't recommend her to him. He seems to like broken champs.
Sn4ke (OCE)
: The Right Champion For Me?
{{champion:59}} If you want tankier, {{champion:57}} /{{champion:102}} .
: Hextech changes
Hextech = Hextech Chest.
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: New Client Rollout - Phase 1 Starting Soon
Yawn... I don't care how bad the client is. It doesn't affect my gameplay. All I want is my item sets editor and skin collection.
: LF duo partner with good attitude (B1-B5)
I'm not bronze, but I'll duo with you after kids come home from school (around 4pm GMT+10). I will be playing {{champion:35}} support. Until then, I'll be playing on my main. Add me before 4pm if you're interested.
Fitzky (OCE)
: Just like some people enjoy only playing one champion, some people only enjoy playing 1 or 2 roles. That's how some people are, just like in an MMO you'll always have the players who like to play DPS or Tank or Healers, and will stick with that for the entirety of the time they play the game. Forcing someone who likes to play DPS carries into a support role isn't healthy, and is why people are having these fits of rage, especially in League which holds one of the most toxic communities. If you're gonna force people to play every role at least stick it with the high elo players that are actually very good at the game and not bronze players who can barely carry games to some degree. Being good at 1 or 2 roles is hard enough, but for bronze and silver being good at all 5 roles is challenging and much different for diamond+ players.
It's not just about liking a champion/role. It's about what can actually be played. Also, an AP main being forced to ADC at challenger is much harder than in bronze.
Yaiamone (OCE)
: # If the initiator is reported, then *their own* actions count against them. You are judged on your own behavior, even if it is in retaliation/ "defense". If someone is being a ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ to you, defending yourself by pointing our their mistakes and pointedly speculating whether they have a neurological defect is not the way to go (not saying this is what the OP did, but this is usually what we see when people claim someone else started it so they shouldn't get banned). The best way to go about it when you notice someone is being a toxin, is to mute them. Mute them and don't try to reason with them. If you can't see their ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥, then it isn't going to bother you can you can focus on your own gameplay, continuing to communicate with the team via the smart ping system.
That's if you end up doing what they do. Giving advice or telling them what to do can get you banned. I know from experience.
: > [{quoted}](name=DiviXion,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=vYeGEJey,comment-id=000200000000,timestamp=2017-02-21T02:16:44.343+0000) > > Why not just try tell him it's a mistake to prevent someone from regretting a bad decision? because its his mistake to make. people need to learn from them. also it's funny.
It's most likely not their money, but their parents'.
: Mastery rewards
Getting an S is quite easy. It's only difficult on a select few champions. Multiple S+ would be somewhat skillful.
: How many Fps?
I don't see a price anywhere, but I'm going to say it's a complete waste of money... especially on LoL. Tripling your fps wont suddenly make you challenger.
Nightjar (OCE)
: If you didn't buy a support gold item and a sightstone, you are the type of support that I hate most and I main support. Also I think he means, the number of wards placed and wards destroyed might have something to do with your score (though I won't lie, if you want to get an S on a support, try to aim for around 80cs by 30min, depending on your champion, though don't steal it, just pick up waves your teammates aren't there for) Also that ezreal game it probably thought you were the adc. If you want to get S's as a support, your checklist of things to do (some dodgy) include: - place at least 20 wards, 4 control wards and kill at least 5 enemy wards - get at least 60-70% kill participation - dying less than 3 times - getting at least 8 kills - getting at least 20 assists - pick up farm as much as possible to hit 3cs/min or more - buy a support gold item (sightstone helps you hit the ward targets too) - generally have flash+exhaust/ignite (sometimes the game will register you as the wrong role) - Manage to get the sneaky last hit on at least 2 towers - Try to manage to get a killstreak - It seems to help your score if you steal first blood - try to either have tanked a fair bit of damage without dying (you'll be registered as a tank) or instead provide alot of healing (register as a healer) At least these seem to be requirements for an S on the supports or not supports I tested this with in the support role: {{champion:53}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:26}} {{champion:412}} these had high requirements to get S's that I listed {{champion:17}} {{champion:36}} these champions had requirements a considerable deal lower. This is as far as I've worked out the champion mastery system, I'm pretty sure the score calculation is done similar to the way the LOLSUMO app does it, with just a few extra parameters.
Some of your requirements are way too high for simple support champions, e.g. kills/cs/participation. I'm a support main and can easily get S on my first try on all my accounts for Blitz/Janna. S with Sona is much harder, and Thresh I only use at higher ELOs. Also, I don't think last-hitting turrets makes a difference (not confirmed).
Yaiamone (OCE)
: It is possible that it marked you as a bot lane carry instead of a support, due to your lack of support item/sight stone.
{{champion:35}} has a fear trinket. How much more supporty could one get? Do you think buying a sight stone 5 seconds before the game ends would make the rank go up?
: picking lanes
When you get to level 30, you won't have that problem.
: Can We Show Ping To All Chat So that they would know that we are lagging.
All: Hi, guys! I have a 2000 ms latency. Please come make me 0/10, knowing I can't fight you back. Thanks.
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magic558 (OCE)
: If I did did that mean they were perma banned??
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: you can only get a box on a champion once per season. So playing the same champ over and over wont get you more boxes
Oh wow... That explains it. How do you suggest I get the boxes? Just get an S with each champion? Also, can I do it during pre-season?
Essembie (OCE)
: Diana mains - help needed
Like they said... Buy Nashor's, get teleport and then just farm and push ALL game. By 20 minutes, assuming the enemy isn't gold+, you should easily be inside their base. {{champion:131}}{{item:3115}} {{summoner:12}}
: Runes Sale Schedule
I think it's just the most common runes everyone buys that are 50% off.
: For the glory of shurima! (I baked a silly cake)
It looks more like a ward.{{item:2302}}
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: Getting kind of pissed
Are you seriously complaining about farm bots feeding? Lol.
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Chris2fur (OCE)
: Suggestion with jacket design. There should be an area for the players in game name on jacket that would be good. I expect this to be already thought of.
I believe that's why they haven't been made yet.
James176 (OCE)
: this is just and idea but you should put what number they were on ladder and wgat region they are from on them
If they did, it should be no more than the top 10. Being 199 is quite sad despite it still being an achievement.
: 2016 Challenger Rewards
Wow. I wish I knew about this MUCH earlier. I would have spent my time trying to get challenger on my main instead of having fun on my bronze account.
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