: OPL 2018 Split 2 is just around the corner
Live Stadium Final When? {{summoner:13}} plz
belquin (OCE)
: Hey OG1764 - aiming to have something out as soon as practically possible - we apologise for how late the announcement has been but we have had a number of changes and are working to get something in concrete for you ASAP! {{summoner:3}}
Thanks Belquin, Looking forward to attending!
: How the OPL Finals Gauntlet works
Any news on viewing parties for the OPL Final / Worlds?
: Get the most out of your OPL
Will ~~the OPL Podcast~~ "The Pod" be coming back or was it deemed a failed experiment?
: but this looks like someone did it in powerpoint in 5 minutes...
[motivation. work. improvement. team.](https://twitter.com/Origengg/status/871065290796392448)
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: Early insight into the OPL in 2017
What sort of solutions have you guys considered to keep the stadium final? The most obvious ones (I believe) are not giving out physical items other than thundersticks (skin codes / hextech / whatever instead) and increasing the ticket price. For a potentially 6 hour event **plus** player interaction, Atlus dunking, and everything else, $25 was an incredibly cheap price. Another idea would be to hold it in Sydney again to minimise travel costs for teams, talent and equipment. I don't know if any of these are practical / in line with what Riot as a whole want to do, but I really enjoyed the event in Brisbane and it would be a bit of a pity to not have it happen next year.
: #WeAreChiefs AMA
Great job on the weekend guys, it was great seeing you all in person and being able to watch you guys defeat legacy. You've managed to get my dad to support you even though he had no clue what was going on. Apparently it's because big swips looks like John belushi (?), but I think he was just going for whoever won game one! Anyway, @Swiffer, how did it feel having your face on a massive poster outside the venue? @everyone, create and name your perfect sandwich! Good luck in Brazil, the schedule was released today so it looks like I'll be getting up at 4am in Perth to watch you play. Also if you guys win worlds I'll get Chiefs tattoo! Thanks for doing the AMA! #CHFWIN
: International Wildcard Qualifier 2016: Match Schedule
So I'm guessing that there won't be any Hoyts viewing parties, especially in Perth?
: Hi, presently we have Gametraders selling a select amount of League merchandise. We will up date everyone if this changes in the coming weeks.
Just to add to this merch question, do you know if any of the new PROJECT Merch will be available for purchase on the night? Or will there only be the figurines and plushes that they currently currently stock? Thanks
: OPL Final showbag reveal!
Hey will the lanyard definitely be the Thresh-Lucian one? Or will they all be different? Furthermore, will we be able to choose the size of the t-shirt or will it be a lucky dip? Obviously you'll only have limited numbers of each size if its the former.
: OPL Grand Finals - 13 August Courier Mail Piazza Brisbane
Hey GeneralCoxy, I was just wondering if you have any ideas about when the floor seats will be available? I'm flying over from Perth and floor seats would be amazing, but I'd have to be sure that I could get normal tickets if the floor seats sell out super fast. Thanks, og1764
: OPL Last Hit
I asked my friend this and he said: "Well given the Grasp nerfs currently on the PBE, I guess they're just getting used to playing with it now, given its clearly the second best option."
Maraudaur (OCE)
: Unigames Rules and FAQ!
Hey Maraudaur, I was just wondering if any of the OPL casters would be coming over to Perth to cast the final? Thanks
: Thank you for the feedback :) I'll definitely take note of it and will also pass it on to the teams, players and shoutcasters themselves so that at least in one form or another (whether it's an OPL snapchat, or people's individual accounts etc.) you'll get a glimpse of that "world" you're seeking.
Hey LittleMissCheeky, Just wanted to let you know that I've noticed that OCE now has a snapchat; IAMOPL I don't know if you had anything to do with it or not, but thank you! :)
: Watch the MSI finals at HOYTS!
Hey guys, The Hoyts Viewing Parties page says that the Finals run from 3pm AEST, but over here in Perth the Hoyts session starts at 1:30, whereas it should be starting at 1pm. Is this an error, or does it actually start half an hour later? Thanks :)
: Rotating game mode queue now live!
Can OCE get dominion just for a weekend?
Maraudaur (OCE)
: Want some tips on your behaviour?
Give me some tips? I feel I'm mostly ok but... idk. Maybe im super toxic and I just dont know it.
Penny13 (OCE)
: We literally had dominion last weekend.
We had Ascension last weekend? Dominion and Ascension are two completely different things
Chezyboi (OCE)
: Doing swag bags? It was awesome having something to take home from these events.
They said at the OPL Split 1 finals that they wouldn't be doing swag bags this year, but you will be getting thundersticks. In Perth, pixel expo has some swag that they give away as prizes and stuff, I'm not sure if that happens everywhere though.
: Rotating game mode queue now live!
I think that doom bots and dominion (for the freaking first time in OCE) would be cool
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: This link will help. Here is all of the events that Riot are streaming at Hoyts: http://promo.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/hoyts-viewing-parties/
Yeah, I'm drawing off that list of events. Last year (in Perth at least, and to my knowledge) there wasn't a viewing party for MSI or Worlds, so I just wanted to double check that it was a certainty :)
: Patch 6.7 notes
You know what makes me cry? When there's 29 open brackets and 28 close brackets. Rito please. {{item:3070}} > ["(An unmatched left parenthesis creates an unresolved tension that will stay with you all day." - XKCD](https://xkcd.com/859/)
: HOYTS and League of Legends viewing parties update
Hey GeneralCoxy, The event last night was really good, and I was wondering if you will be screening the IWCI Final and the MSI Final even if the Chiefs aren't in the finals, or don't attend MSI? Thanks, og1764
: Hi, this year we will not be doing bags but you will receive a 3 Day IP boost with your ticket.
Is it going to be like this all year? If so, would you at least consider sending out some of the thunder sticks? They really added to the atmosphere and made it a significantly better experience than just watching it at home while on a Skype call with some mates
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: Hi og1764, I'm the social media manager for OCE so I am probably the best person to answer this, for our region at least. We currently share any behind the scenes content for the OPL on our existing social media channels; Twitter (primary), YouTube and Facebook. Snapchat is a trending social platform and may be more suited to sharing BTS content, but because there isn't as much engaging BTS content as compared to other regions like NA / EU (e.g. we don't yet have players playing in a live studio etc.), we don't have enough to share to warrant it. It's a pretty poor experience to have players follow an account just to see a piece of content once every few weeks. What I do suggest is that if you're really looking for that extra content, I recommend that you follow the individual OPL teams social media accounts to fulfil that need. Hope that answers your question!
Thanks for your reply LittleMissCheeky, I think the main issue that you believe is that there simply isn't enough extra "stuff" to be showing on Snapchat. But I believe that the number of people who will reach out to the snapchat will be happy with small glimpses into the way that things are done. In order to be engaging, you don't have to be showing pictures of players all staring intently at the screen, as that's what everybody who plays the game does anyway. People want to see the casters getting makeup on, photos that include the cameramen, the cue-cards. People want to see the analyst desk reacting to some dank play. Snapchat is the perfect medium to do this. We don't want super high production quality on the short photos or videos. We want to see the actual people who do what we love to see. We want to look at the casters practising, watching old footage to get better. We want to see all of the cameras being put into the right place. To be honest, it doesn't even need to be of the OPL itself. You could show videos of scrims (if you happen to spectate), the Riot Office in Sydney, show un-spoilery bits of code that people are working on. Old bits of concept art for ocean week, or perhaps stuff from past events that definitely isn't going to be used, but someone thinks it looks cool. I'm sure that all of the people who would watch the Snapchat for the OPL, would also be interested in a look at the way Riot works and the environment that Riot employees work in. I'm trying to say that what we see doesn't have to be different every week. We can look at the same sort of video of people getting ready for the cast once every few weeks. Production value can be low. We will consume it and we'll love it. Snapchat is perfect for the sort of unplanned, rushed photos of things that just "look cool". I'm sure that this post won't be the one that changes your mind in regards to this, with only one non-rioter comment, but I hope that you might be slightly persuaded to reconsider your stance on it. Thanks again for taking the time out of your day to reply to the original post {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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: So if their was a Convention with adequate seating and Great Internet, this could be a possibility? The reason i'm asking, is i am representing Esports at Pixel Expo and the location and facilities should be more than adequate. http://pixelexpo.org.au/ I have been meaning to get in contact for awhile, i was going to wait till after Christmas but i thought this might be the opportunity. We have been hosting the Hoyts Cinema events over here in WA since they started. If this is the wrong Channel, let me know who and when to send an email. Thanks, Cassius
Can confirm these people who run the Hoyts events in Perth are amazing {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
AyeDrian (OCE)
: we should get some more deals to compensate for this???
Probably not. The snowdown shop is open for something like three weeks, so anybody who is trying to get their deals now, most likely has time to access it again sometime before it ends
Gehirn (OCE)
: Sorry guys. We've got a team working on this all night but I've not gotten any new info yet. I do believe OCE was the next region to receive the Snowdown Shop. I'll try to give one last update before I log off for the night. UPDATE EDIT: As of 12:45 AM AEDT, Snowdown Shop is still experiencing issues and will remain offline for at least a few more hours, possibly extending well into the day. We want this feature to be as good an experience as you'd expect, so thank you for your patience as we try to get it online and working correctly.
Thanks for the updates Gehirn, I know you're experiencing a lot of negative feedback, but thanks for keeping us in the loop. :) ~~Are people working on it overnight? Is there some chance that it will come up some time tonight or is work going to resume some time in the morning? ~~ Obviously you can't give us definite time frames, but do you have a **ROUGH** idea that is **completely likely to change and shouldnt be taken as word of God** ? Thanks again for all of your help EDIT: I should learn to read...
Vier (OCE)
: "very soon"
damn, it was 2 hours ago?? Oh, wait... scanning resources.... Nope.
Gehirn (OCE)
: When it does go live I will reply again here. I can't be sure but my hunch is that you may have to restart the client for it to appear. I do know that we expect it to go live in OCE very soon.
Gehirn (OCE)
: Hey there, Your Snowdown Shop is currently experiencing issues. We are working to get this fixed ASAP. EDIT: Confirming that we're rolling this out to stores server by server, and discovering/fixing any issues along the way. This roll out will continue and Your Snowdown Shop will come to OCE ASAP.
Would it be possible for us to receive a notification when the snowdown shop is rolled out to the OCE server? Will we need to restart our client to have access to it?
: OPL 2016 Season - Q&A
Would it be possible for us to have a weekly or fortnightly PTL-esque show? Given the difficulties of implementing for split 1, maybe it could be trialled for the finals and then, depending on various factors like fan response and cost efficiency, it might be able to be implemented for split 2? You could have different segments where you get a player from a local team to be a special guest of sorts, and more "traditional" segments like The Penta could probably be made with relative ease. Mic-Check, on the other hand, would be difficult as you might not be able to obtain recordings, but it would be cool. There could be predictions made for the upcoming games and you could even have some form of tipping ladder going on to entice some friendly competition between casters. Maybe Spawn could redeem himself. ~~neverforget~~
koreoes (OCE)
: Im not sure where I got it from, but the snowdown stuff usually started on 9PM AEDT like when the mode, and skins came out, probably snowdown shop will be like that aswell.
Its past 9PM AEDT right now isnt it? Its 6:30 AWST and its still not up :/
Tele (OCE)
: Your Snowdown Shop Still not active.
guys calm down, it says > Check out Your Snowdown Shop, **opening soon!** Chill guys, its Rito's famous Soon™
: Kayle a possible illaoi counter?
Counter new champions? {{champion:10}} can do it
: http://au.audionetwork.com/browse/m/track/storm-master_84237?keyword=storm%20master
Thanks for the quick reply, sorry I didnt reply earlier I was too busy making it my own champion select music. Do you have a playlist of all of the music that the OPL uses for their streams, similar to the way that the NA LCS and the EU LCS has a list of music [that they use for the LCS **here** ](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/203822794-2015-Season-LCS-Music-List) ? Thanks again, og1764
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: Which cinema are you going to? Most are being headed by community organisers, so they will be in charge of the showbags. Tracking down one of these people on the day will help you out. If you're coming to the SA viewing, that would be me!
I'm going to the one in Perth. Also, at what time do the games start on Sunday? I swear that I read somewhere that they would run from 8am to 6pm, but the Hoyts session starts at 9am (Perth time), and the session time is 427 minutes, or only around 7 hours. Is this all correct? Thanks, og1764
DK Dizza (OCE)
: Hey if I buy the $25 do I get the show bag... or do I have to buy the $40 version{{item:2050}}
the $25. The $40 comes with a lol cup (from hoyts) and also $3 refills or something. It says on the Hoyts Website
: Are you coming to HOYTS next week?
Hey guys, If one of my friends are coming in late then what can we (myself and him) do to ensure that they get their swag-bag? Should I ask the Rito people to give an extra to me so I can give it to him when he comes late, or should he ask them when he gets in? If he's asking when they get in, then where in the cinema would they be sitting for him to find them? Thanks, og1764
: Each day has a different skin code. Hope this helps and they are not mystery gifts.
Cheers GeneralCoxy, you always seem to be on top of answering all of the questions that require answering with these community events. Good Job :)
: All-Stars showbag reveal!
Are the surprise skin codes codes for a mystery gift or are they just a surprise for the day?
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