: Please tell me that the release skins is going to be Outback Kled. Fuckin' frilled neck lizards and shit :3
Its sort of general kled skin but I think they may revive the western skin chain for him.
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Nopadaw (OCE)
: Why does no one respect pick order in ranked?
THERE IS AN OPTION TO BE PICK SUPPORT. Picking bot is picking adc. IF ur fill and someone is bot. That means that your support.
Essembie (OCE)
: To ascend the mountain, I had to let go
: Why do people say, "Bait out Fizz E, then fight him?" as counterplay advice?
Its is kinda hard to bait it out when its on 6 second cd
: Announcing the Australia/New Zealand localisation pack
{{champion:122}} DAZZA BE ON ROIDS M8 {{champion:119}} Adopted {{champion:79}} Fridi Avo {{champion:121}} AW JESUS F*CK ITS A BUG {{champion:43}} Black Widow {{champion:420}} Average Wog Woman
Egoscan (EUW)
: It's delayed after editing or before editing?
Rx13n (NA)
: Jayce Hammer Stance, Lag switch?
Sounds like more of a problem on your end. What is your average fps and what graphics do you play on. Turn the graphics down and see if that helps.
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Ezking15 (OCE)
: Zyra Rework/Update Idea???
I would prefer if they treated her more like Illaoi allowing her to spawn plants without using abilities
: Cosplayers to the rescue! The league cosplayers dealt a devastating strike against the crab, but what you don't see is the one Madara Uchiha cosplayer (who went to the wrong event) that ripped the thing in half with a single thought. But on a serious note, if someone dressed as a Pirate, a Ninja and an Explosives maniac and jumped off the sky tower onto a giant crab. They would be my heroes... Not gunna lie.
They would be dead that's what they would be. Either that, or they would look like that -> {{champion:6}} by the end of the battle
: This is the cringiest thing I've read from any Oceanic community member.
I feel like it would be more like "THATS RIGHT BRUH WE FUCKED THAT CRAB UP"
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Well fight fire with fire
: Lore
I feel like it would have been cool if they found someway to incorporate the league of legends into the lore, whether it was destroyed or had it survived. A cool twist would that a champion, perhaps Jhin or someone else with reasons to assassinate a person/persons such as Leblanc (she would of course orchestrate it as someone else) broke the rules of the League by committing murder outside of the League's boundaries, thus denouncing the League's name and leaving people sceptical about its effectiveness of keeping the battles for Runeterra contained. This, in turn, would lead to an event which left the League powerless, destroyed or very weak, in hopes it would recover or reform at a later stage, and release the carnage that was once contained upon the lands. After this, alliances would have to be struck due to the weakened military forces of the various cities/cultures as they have no/very little way to defend themselves. It would be interesting to see who would side with who and what the ultimate outcome would be. Would bilgewater stand alone against the other factions or choose to team up with Noxus? Or would once warring factions team up to defend their land against other factions or third parties such as void creatures (or an entirely new void faction) or people such as Karthus, Xerath or other power hungry/destructive forces. Wow I wrote a lot, please feel free to comment and expand. I also have reddit if someone would like to link me to a good lore conversation or expand on this topic. Time to get back on the fields of justice, cya later summoners (wait I cant call you that anymore can I? Um........ Onlookers... no not it........ DAMNIT){{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: An unhealthy obsession!
Why doesn't Riot get a team going on a professional balancing system which would be implemented into tournaments and be available to high divisions to play/practice on as well as have a casual system which would be implemented into normal.
: Idea for a new AFK system
I won a 4v5 when we lost our adc in ranked. The key you ask? Olaf.... all u need to know
Jinsu (OCE)
: I just bought a 50x win XP boost and a 7 day XP boost, will I get half of the RP back?
If you message Riot support, I am pretty confident you will.
: {{summoner:2}} bring it back baby Leave a comment
I only used it when I played Ap Ezreal lol.
: tfw you just bought a rune page, and now i could've got 2 for 1 :'c
Message Riot support, they will help you out.
: Literally changed my summoner name 2 days ago. Rito. Come on.
Message Riot and say you did, they will give you the difference. Riot is nice like that. I am pretty sure you go to support and go to payment methods.
Cabbages (OCE)
: Apparently you only get notified if you are the last report to be the 'tip of the iceberg' and give the final report that makes the chat ban/ban. They should make it that you get some sort of notification maybe like, "Your report is one of a few for this player. We are aware" or something
This isn't true since me and my friends were playing together against this really toxic Vayne. When we proceeded to report her after the match, we all got the notification that she had been punished. However, since we all reported her in the same game, it might have been a case of we all reported her at the same time so we all got the notification.
Erøse (OCE)
: Rito Needs To Nerf Some Of The Tanks!
I would prefer an Olaf nerf tbh. Probably just me but I feel like with his ult If he gets any sort of sustain he becomes unstoppable, unescapable and unkillable.
: Enlist in Ocean Week!
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Zorphiax (OCE)
: 90% of the time Flash is the best summoner spell but some champions like: Singed, Hecarim, Fizz(sometimes) and some others prefere ghost for the extra mobility. But 90-95% of the time flash is preferred: for getting over those walls, over terrain or just to dodge some of those skill shots that are going to kill you or put you in a bad position.
Ghost on Hec because of extra aa damage due to passive. Its a terrible boost to mobility tbh. They need to buff the speed or something
Gragozz (OCE)
: I have said this before and i will say it again, its not yasuo himself he is ok before patch 22, its the items and masteries that need patching and if you guys go over to Surrender at 20, thissite tells you what riot is planning to do on the PBE which usually what ever happens on the PBE happens to live servers. Riot is patching this masteries with the crit stuff and are also nerfing the crits on items so, Yasuo doesnt need nerfing, its the way he interacts with items and masteries
Shouldn't we try and balance champions for the current meta rather than change major gameplay aspects?
Olee (OCE)
Akali. I dunno wtf they did but for some reason she has so much hp right now with no damage penalty


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