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SafeSpace (OCE)
: 25 Game Chat Restriction for /all Banter and Responding to Other Players Being Toxic
Hey SafeSpace, I understand you predicament, however you need to understand, being toxic is not acceptable. Even if your team are "bad". Looking at those chat logs was very cringing. Nobody likes to be told they "Suck" or "bad" you calling people trash is going to tilt others and yourself. If you honestly believe, that you should not have been punished based on those chat logs, then you honestly need to re-read those chat logs. Their is a lot of carrying on and toxic behaviour. The system doesn't need to be modified. It did the right thing by giving you that 25 game restriction. And by what you have already stated about the out of context Swearing etc, Online gaming AND real life swearing is seen as toxic/nasty. I'll give you an example below " SafeSpace: lol. SafeSpace: Wtf - Can be seen as a question (Won't be flagged) SafeSpace: fuck off - More along the lines of being toxic towards the other player. (Flagged) SafeSpace: just actually fuck off lmao - Reinforcing what you said in previous msg (Flagged) SafeSpace: your moron bot has no summs and comes in my jg?? - Now your personalising and directing this at a specific person/player. (Flagged) SafeSpace: what is your fucking issue - telling that player they have an issue but using a swear. (Flagged) " SafeSpace: this game is over lol - Now you gave up. (Which is against the rules) (Flagged) Now with that above would have triggered the System along with the player report. That's not including what else was said in game 1 and 2. "SafeSpace: fuck off SafeSpace: just actually fuck off lmao" - all of their laners were constantly invading my jungle, it was just friendly /all banter, if I could post the full logs with all the chat with gameplay in context it was fine, not toxic at all. Let me explain this ^^ I get to you its out of context yes, however you were reported for the entirety of the Match/chat logs. Regardless you can banter without the profanity. "SafeSpace: you have 41 cs bro SafeSpace: you're bronze" - Our Tristana was flaming me super hard saying 'this is all on you, oyu are a shit jungle you fucking retard' etc. and saying he was a smurf and therefore had some sort of highground on me, so I responded by telling him he had 41 cs at 20 minutes and he is bronze. I mean, I don't know if he's bronze but, bot wasn't even getting pressured hard at all so 41 cs at 20 minutes is a little ludicrous to be flaming someone for being bad. ^^Not everyone is great at cs, heck i'm terrible at getting the optimal cs per 10 minutes of gameplay. I'm much improved now due to heaps of practice. But i'm still needing to learn more! In short you deserved the restriction Here are some super helpful tips to make sure this is not followed up by a two week suspension and ultimately a Perm-ban. 1. Mute every player. (Don't mute pings unless their spamming them) 2. The only words you ever need to type in chat is "GJ" "TY" and "GGWP" any other is unnecessary and distracts you from gameplay. 3. Play "YOUR" game. Don't worry about others. Trust me if you worry only about yourself you'll see yourself improve your own gameplay and others. Hope this helped :) Orgastae
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