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: Game stats have nothing to do with your LP gain/loss. If they did, it would be such an easy way to exploit ranked by taking no risks and sitting back farming all game. LP is done by a hidden rating called MMR. MMR is basically your "skill" and is different from your actual ranking. It's influenced by your wins and losses- both your win/loss ratio as well as the opponents you face. win/loss - If your losses are (significantly) higher than your wins, you probably aren't in the right ranking and the system will try to adjust you to the right place. This will mean losing more LP than you win, until you get to a rank where you stabalize to around 50% WR. The opposite is also true if you wins are (significantly) higher than your losses. You'll gain a lot more LP than you lose and will climb faster until your WR evens out. Opponents - If the opponents in your game are a higher skill than you, you aren't *really* expected to win the game. If you do, you often get extra LP for doing so. If you lose vs them, you get slightly less of an LP loss than usual. This is usually most noticable in ranked games played at weird ass times of the day when matchmaking is wonky, or in flex. An example of this being I was playing flex and lost against a stacked challenger team and only lost 6lp where I usually lose 16. Likewise, if you are on the higher skill team you may lose slightly more LP than usual if you lose vs a lesser skilled team, and you probably wont gain as much if you win. Anyway, MMR is largely secret and nobody really knows much about it other than the Riot team in charge. You can't check your MMR and any sites claiming you can are full of ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ . Your best bet to improving your LP is to focus on improvement and becoming a consistent player so that you can win more games and get ahead. GLHF ♥
Thanks for clearing this up {{champion:103}}
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