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: I was hardstuck silver since s4 up till last season and now i have 3 accounts in gold (s3 I was bronze). So trust me when I say I am the master of low mmr. I am also a jg main so lucky for you ill do u a learn. First things first you need a decent champion pool. 1 ad, 1 ap, 1 tank. My roster is amumu, kayn, skarner/yi. I HIGHLY advise against playing assassins in the jungle in silver. Yes, you will get a lot of kills, but so will everyone else, so what's the point? It is paramount that you focus on 2 things: Objective control (Dragon, Turrets, Herald/Baron), and team fight/skirmishing as they will be your win conditions. You generally want your pathing to play to your champions strengths. However my two favourite paths are 1. Red > Krugs > Raptors > Gank mid > Wolves > Blue > Gromp > Scuttle/Gank top > B > Krugs (Ideally, depending on what happens you may need to adapt) 2. Wolves > Raptors > Red > Krugs > Gank bot only if its free > B > Blue > Scuttle > Gank top or do gromp > gromp> gank mid or do wolves and or raptors > krugs > gank bot. (I always take this when i play kayn) The benefits of these paths are that you are maximizing your clear/gank efficiency. However, you are allowing the enemy jungler to have a lot of early gank pressure against your team if they decide to do buff > gank or buff > camp > buff > gank. If you are scouted out in the middle of your clear you also leave your camps on the other side of the map vulnerable to counter jungling. But with those things in mind they are strong paths. Now this is all well and good knowledge, but how do you clear camps? And how do you gank? Quick Camp tips: Gromps first two attacks are considered spells and steadily does less damage with each attack. This means you should rarely use your smite on gromp, as you will generally sustain through the clear back most damage he does overall. Wolves, if you have aoe use that and focus the big wolf but if you only have single target make sure to kill the small ones first. Raptors, kill the large raptor first, i like to smite it and kill the small ones on single target junglers but if i have aoe i dont smite. Krugs, you can position yourself opposite of the medium krug with the largekrug in the middle, this makes it so that the medium krug is constantly chasing you and unable to hit you, smite the large krug when low and you wont be needing smite since krugs take a long time to clear, however, they give the most gold and exp out of any camp. You should generally prioritise on killing krugs over other camps. Ganking: Always save your gap closers until they use their escapes. A lot of people think you can't gank pre 6 with champs like yi or amumu or even rengar, but thats completely false. For top lane, path through either the tri bush or river in order to come behind the enemy top laner, use auto attacks to apply red buff, when they flash or dash away use your gap closer, like gragas E or Yi Q. Try not to be tempted to dive for a kill, if you get a flash out of them then thats enough. If you succeed in killing the enemy top and they Tp as soon as they recall I recommend looping back top to instantly kill them again and completely end top lane. Teaching you how to gank mid is difficult without diagrams but if you look online you should be able to find how to use the fog of war to effectively surprise the enemy mid laner and avoid wards. Mid is sometimes the easiest lane to get a flash from since most mid laners have no natural escapes, if they're playing someone like zed, sit in the fog of war and wait to see if they use his w gap closer/escape before going in. For bot lane you want to utilize blast cone so they have no time to react to your gank, that said generally wards mean nothing when they're shoved under turret, which for some reason bot laners always are in silver. It is OK to focus the support if the kill is free and the enemy adc isnt going to kill anyone of you, at the end of the day 300g is 300g. Another advanced method of ganking is called the lane gank. When your ally is shoving in their lane but requires a gank, what you can do is path into a lane brush (either top or bottom lane) while the enemy has their fog of war restricted from being pushed in. Then when the wave bounces back you'll be in the perfect position to come out behind them and kill them. Generally using this tactic also gets you a lot of counter ganks since the enemy jungler is likely to path to pushed in lanes. If enemy jg is top lane, try to work with your mid and bot to secure dragons. If the enemy jg is bot side and you dont have time to contest them, go for a herald (as long as mid and top aren't going to get you killed). You want to start focusing herald and dragon around level 5. General gank rules: (That weren't already mentioned) 1. Do not gank if the enemy has a giant minion wave. Let your laner clear the majority of the minions first before going in. If they're at risk of being dove from this large wave, they just scare off the enemy laner so your ally can take the wave safely. Another reason for this is to let your laner match the enemy laners level, and so that you don't die to all the minions attacking you during your gank. 2. Tax only if your laner got the kill from a gank. (Taxing is when you take a couple of your laners CS as compensation for pathing to them). It is also ok to tax a few minions if you make the enemy flash and or recall. 3. Never dive someone higher level than you. 4. If an enemy laner is 3 levels higher than you and your ally, don't bother ganking. The ship has sunketh. (unless they're half hp with no flash) 5. Only dive if you think you and your ally can kill them easily within 3 turrets shots. (otherwise, refer to rule 3) 6. Don't gank if the enemy has double your hp (unless your ally has the same hp as them) 7. Don't gank on no mana. 8. If you kill an enemy laner and they don't have tp up, help your ally shove in the wave under the enemy turret to deny gold and xp to the enemy and also focus down a plate for more gold. 9. If your ally is struggling against the enemy laner and the wave freezes closer to the enemy, help your laner crash the wave under the turret so they don't get dumpstered. This pretty much covers most of what you need to know early game. Warding tips: 1. If a laner is getting camped or has died already, ward around their lane so they don't die to ganks as easily. This also goes for fed laners, if your top laner has a large bounty for example, you might want to drop a pink ward near their lane or in the top side jungle so they can see when they're going to get goon squadded for that shutdown gold. This will also let them play more aggressively and use their lead. 2. Buy a pink ward before level 5 so you can have control on dragon/be able to sneak it if you're strong enough. 3. If your pink ward is blocking vision of an enemy ward, if you decide to attack that enemy ward, that enemy ward will begin to give vision until it is killed (Meaning don't kill enemy wards that are blocked by your pink in the middle of a baron or dragon) 4. Warding inside the enemy jungle will help you understand how they path and let you know when you can counter jungler them. e.g if your ward reveals they are taking blue/gromp, you can path top side and take their krugs. 5. Try to think about where you're going to be in 60 seconds when your ward expires so you don't accidentally overextend yourself with no vision. When to call for baron: 1. When the adc is bot lane and you can 4v5 and your team is willing to group quickly. 2. When the enemy jungler is bot lane and you can 4v5. 3. When two or more of the enemy have died. 4. When you have super minions pushing into the enemy base and you are able to at least go even in a team fight against the enemy team. 5. When your top laner is splitting bot lane and they have tp up, or you know there are two or more enemies going to kill them. When to not call for baron: 1. When everyone is alive and you don't know where the enemy is. 2. When you have multiple team mates dead, (4v4 can be ok if you are strong enough) 3. When the enemy jungler is higher level than you and has the mobility to steal with smite. It can be ok if you team has heavy cc to lockdown and kill them before they can smite 4. When super minions are killing or going to kill your base. When/how you can end the game: * Taking bottom or top inhib makes it much more difficult for the enemy to defend their base against a push * Push with baron as 5 down either bottom or mid. Have 1 person shove mid and join back with your team bot or top to take the turret since its almost certain that someone will go mid to defend it. *If you have two enemy inhibs down, for the love of god just take the third inhib too, its too risky to try and end sometimes with just two inhibs especially without baron. *Getting a pick on an enemy late game and pushing down mid 4v5 *Winning a team fight at baron or dragon by either turning on them or by baiting it. (silvers fall for baron baits almost every time since they don't have good vision) *Silvers LOVE to neglect top lane. Sometimes you and your top laner can simply just walk down top and get an inhib for free and the rest of the enemy team won't even react. I could write tonnes more but i just realised i have a shitload as it is. If you have any questions for me feel free to ask
Ty so much for these tips really helpful, mainly the how to clear camps. How would u keep a lead though sometimes I might get 1st blood but then my games go down hill. Also how would u support a lane that is really getting shit on now I know I have many flaws as I’m silver but what if the enemy laner is just the better player and capable of 1v2 , what should I do
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: Practice Tool is now live!
: but I wasn't even afk for that long
and also we were winning and when I left It didn't make my team do any worse
: o that's y well thx for telling me
but I wasn't even afk for that long
: game giving me 20 min que
o that's y well thx for telling me
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plz buff rengar

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