: As many games as it takes for your MMR to reach Gold IV or V. If you check your OP.GG, and you notice that everyone else in your games are Gold IV or V instead of mid-high Gold or Plat, then that's a good indication that you will be demoted within a few games unless you get your MMR back up to Gold I or Plat level. Hope this helps :) {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
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Glow (OCE)
: I'll add you ^_^
Added you back :)
: Secret Santa
Twisted Fate mystery skin please :), rank 7 on him and I played him from bronze to gold last season. If not, any mystery skin would mean a lot to me. Thanks
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: Gold V to Silver I
Rioter Comments
: Looking for people to joining ranked 5 (Mid Bronze - Mid Gold Pref)
IGN: proMINscuous Lane Preference: Mid, ADC, JG, Top, Supp Have Discord. Op.gg: http://oce.op.gg/summoner/userName=prominscuous
: When do we receive our Ten year Riot birthdays gifts?????
All i got at the moment is the summoner icon :(
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: why the remake?
I think as long as someone hasn't connected, remake goes ahead even with first blood.
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: Why keep playing yasuo??
Holy crap, I can't agree more!!!!
Quixotic (OCE)
: Looking for support duo Silver-Diamond
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Erøse (OCE)
: How To Decrease Ping While Playing!
Pretty sure everyone knows about Ethernet. The problem is that not everyone has there router next to their computer, which means this doesn't really solve anything sadly.
: I hate bots that spam
Remove the link, in case someone accidentally clicks it somehow
Légs (OCE)
: Which champion did you fall in love with FIRST.
: Looking for Twisted Fate main!
I main TF mid, I got 137k points with him.
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: [REQUEST] Riot, URF on ANZAC Day
yeah good idea, however Anzac isn't a celebration day more of a rememberance day... since URF is extremely fun I'm not sure if it would be suited on that day...
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Skythe (OCE)
: Recently hit lvl 30... 1 promo down 9 to go and need advice
Always play your mains if you want to win, don't get influenced by the enemy picks, for example, I play quite alot of Twisted Fate in ranked and every single time I pick Twisted Fate, the opponent almost always picks something that counters me (LB OR FIZZ ETC.) even though they have never played that champion when I look them up, which is absolutely pointless and stupid, first timing a champion in ranked. Play champions that you have played before and practiced before and you are confident with those champions I would suggest for your champion pool, I recommend playing champions that have an impact on the game or playing a hyper carry, basically playing champions that are effective in team fights or playing a champion that can support another champion on your team to hyper carry, for example the reason I like playing Twisted Fate is because his ult is absolutely amazing in helping your other lanes getting ahead or try to assist any losing lane.
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Olee (OCE)
: My TF SUCKS or at least has been sucking lately. Give me general TF advice
ayy a TF player like me. Yeah same with my I've been doing terrible playing Twisted Fate as well :(. I always watch this guy "Gross Gore" you probably already know him but I like watching his TF plays despite people saying how annoying Gross Gore is. If you don't know who he is, check him out.
Tomblade (OCE)
: hey proMINscuous! Yep that's right. This season we introduced Promo Helper. Check out this Season 2016 page: http://oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/site/2016-season-update/ranked-improvements.html Scroll down to Promo helper :)
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: Why i should not get a ban for sitting at base
Name shaming is not allowed, please remove the name thank u.
Mindstar (OCE)
: Next step then will be to [submit a support request](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new) and one of the Player Support team will be able to work with you to get to the source of the problem. Cheers Mindstar
So i restarted my computer and a pop up saying "League of legends path has not been set. please browse to your league of legends directory." what do i do?
Mindstar (OCE)
: OK - first step work through the solutions in the [patching issues](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/202969434-Patching-Issues) support page and let me know how you go.
tried deleting all the stuff that I was told but still doesn't work, still getting Unspecified Error Check Logs For More Information
Mindstar (OCE)
: At what point are you getting the error? Patching? Logging in? Loading into game?
During the patching phase, everything is downloaded and when it says "Applying patches" it gives me unspecified error
Mindstar (OCE)
: Patch 6.6 is live!
I get unspecified error please help
Mindstar (OCE)
: Patch 6.6 is live!
Can someone help me please. Im getting a unspecified error
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marvoa (OCE)
: Not true? And i'm not guilty? or at lest i didn't know that i was, i had no idea that it was even a bannable thing. people do it all the time. Half my friends would be banned if it was a rule. or at lest enforced it! I didn't lie to anybody. You are the reason people are toxic, sly comments like that.
Doesn't really matter since riot detected 3rd party application and it was on your account, you get banned. Your account your responsibility pretty simple.
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: Need 8 RP Riot
submit a poem or drawing something LoL related to riot ticket, and pray
Talon12 (OCE)
: "Free Skin Promotion"
Chained Alistar: Send a support ticket saying that you subscribed to their youtube channel and they should add it manually to your account. Dread Knight Garen (I think that's how you spell it): Just follow them on twitter I think Riot Girl Tristana: Follow their Facebook page I think :P and I think that's all the skins you can get for free from riot, unless you include the future free skins that brofresco was talking about (hextech annie etc.)
kami sora (OCE)
: Perma banned?
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Hilmi (OCE)
: Nearly got that pentakill :(
Haples (OCE)
: Somethings wrong with my patch again
Hi, This thread may help you, http://boards.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/miscellaneous/8sVhOttr-solution-to-log-on-client
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Fitzky (OCE)
: Riot won't give me 63 RP
Hm maybe you can try again and this time you draw some sort of league related picture?
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