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: Zyra Talk
I like this idea of pulling Zyra out of meta. I've only just recently started player her (thanks to free rotation) and I find her play style exciting, though not easy. She has the ability to put down a lot of damage, but it is very zone reliant. If you're against a carry like Graves or Lucian, you may struggle to get the damage you need as they can dash out of your damage zone. But, when you catch someone, oh the pain. Playing her bot lane as a carry is a great idea and would work pretty well with aggressive CC supports who can catch opponents in her damage zone. But, it also depends on team comp and if you have another source of AD damage. Give it a try and see how you go. I'm sure you'll catch a few people by surprise.
: new player with question about roles
What you've described is not strictly a 'rule', it's the meta (Most Efficient Tactic Available). The meta will change from season to season and patch to patch. In its base form the meta is something like this: Top lanes for tanks / bruisers due to the distance between towers being the furthest. You don't want to get caught as a squishy target because you'll die before you get back to the safety of your tower. Mid lane is usually for mages and high mobility champs as they can roam to other lanes easier and get access to buffs. Bottom lane had the damage and support champs as the distance between towers is shorter and there is access to Dragon. The jungle is pretty flexible, but usually has a champ with some sustain to clear the camps and engage to pull off successful ganks. Supports come in an array of skill sets. Some are aggressive, some protect, some heal. As you play more you'll find who works with who and suits your play style. {{champion:104}} in top lane is pretty devastating as he has tank and burst damage. There's a reason he gets banned at pro level. If you're playing normal or co-op games, people shouldn't be too concerned with the meta. Play who you like, where you like. But, be mindful there are champs that are better suited to some roles. If you're against a champ that is better suited to that role, you might struggle if they are the same skill level as you. The first rule of climbing in ranked is: Play who you're comfortable with. Especially at low ELO. TL:DR The rules don't matter in normal or co-op games. No one knows how good you are with a certain champ , so play who you like.
You sound tilted. I've had that happen to me. While it is frustrating, take 5 minutes to read the Riot news, or browse the store then come back. it's not something that is going to need a client fix.
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: Patch 6.2 notes
So, for the Beautiful Vision change, does that mean that activating a trinket will no longer cancel recall?


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