: Looking for team
Hey I'm a Bronze 1 ADC/support. I have only gotten back into the game recently after a few seasons break. Used to be Silver 1 when I played.
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Lunä (OCE)
: Support main LF duo
Hey im Bronze 2 ADC main :) add me if keen :)
: LF ADC DUO Bronze
Hey, I main ADC bronze 3. I was bronze 4 and am on 84 LP in bronze 3. I only started playing again after a year break two weeks ago. I would be keen to duo :)
: Lf Duo
Hey I would be down, though I have just started playing again and am in bronze, but if you still down add me :) punchybrah
: People still live in Canberra? Last time I was there it reminded me of those Olympic stadiums that got used for a couple weeks then literally abandoned when the games ended.
yeah there is still a few of us lingering around in the shadows of the infrequently used stadiums.
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: LF Support main to join me (ADC main) or a team looking for ADC- Normals or Bronze Ranked Only
Hey, im in bronze and I main adc/support. Happy to play with you! I only play ranked though. add me if you want - punchybrah
Fombrill (EUNE)
: A Bronze dude
Hey im down, I play bronze and would be keen in being part of this. Add me : punchybrah
: Need Players For MELEE MISSION - Add - Im Washed Up
: keen I main mid + support, plus I'm learning adc :)
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Phraser (OCE)
: Looking for Mid, Top or ADC Main
Hey im bronze 2 and ADC main, hit me up if you keen.
: Bronze OCE Players
Hey, I would be down to play. Im bronze 1. add me :) I ADC main.
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: bronze player looking for team
Hey im down, add me if you want to play :)
L33t King (OCE)
: Looking for people to play
Hey, im down to play. I have just been playing kinda casual for a bit as I stopped playing before and am keen to get into it a lot again.
harpii (OCE)
: LF Ranked Players for a Team I'd Like to put together :)
Hey im down, I am bronze and adc main but can play mid and support too.
Xviper (OCE)
: LF Someone to climb out of bronze with
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djsicka (OCE)
: Casual Any ranked Summoners to join our social CLub
: LF team :)
hey mate, my team needs a jungler but we are all bronze or silver.
FS Skans (OCE)
: LF Team
hey my team needs a jungler!! ill ad you
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CoistMunt (OCE)
: add me bro i play any solo role
im coming online to add you.
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DarkDerma (OCE)
: ADD ME :) mid/support main but can play anywhere gold 5 atm add so we can discuss further if needed :)
Hey, I might be on for a game this afternoon and will add you, if not I will be on thrusday due to going away tomorrow.
: I wouldn't mind Joining, i play Top,jg or support. I am Currently in Gold 5
Hey, I might be on for a game this afternoon and will add you, if not I will be on thrusday due to going away tomorrow.
traloop (OCE)
: I'm down, bronze 3 in solo Q (Gold 3 in ranked 5s) I main support and can play just about all supps. Extensive knowledge of 5s. Add me if you want. Prepared to be committed. Kind regards -Traloop
Sounds great! I will add you when i get home in an hour and am keen to team up in norms this arvo!
JGambit (OCE)
: I main support so im in, love to be apart of the team
absolutley, ill add you when I get home.
: hit me up. jungle main. gold 4
Will do, Ill be home in an hour. keen to team up tonight?
: Creating Ranked Team (Any ranks welcome)
Hey, im looking for a team to play with! I main ADC but can play anywhere. add me !
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Keishi (OCE)
: LF people playing that wanna normals or ranked team in a group
Hey, I am down to play some norms or ranked. just want to find people to play with.
: looking for team to join for casual ranked play
Hey I need people to play with! I am in bronze but just became ranked. if you want to play please message back :)
: Recruiting a team (All ranks may apply)
hey I would love to join!! I can play anywhere and am in bronze!!
Slayayals (OCE)
: Sup LF Duo
I only just started playing ranked but want to find people to play with!
: LFT Bronze II Support/ADC main
Hey!! I'm in bronze and would be keen to play! looking for good people to team up with.
: Hey guys. Anyone to play with? (Skins for fun too)
Hey!! I am looking for people to play with and would be keen! I don't have any skins yet though.
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