: ***
Down vote for no reason when this is about a complete different skin, that's a but pathetic don't you think ?
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: Scrolling is hard, make it so monkeys can shop...
exactly lmao nah I just want to look at one set of skins not all at all times
: Patch 7.24 notes
Was the lancer blitz skins fixed as well in-game ?
: You can already sort the store by RP/BE price and from low>high or high>low.
yes you can but you cannot sort so you can ONLY see 520 or 1350 skins
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: Games at 15 minutes can turn around very quickly, which is why it has to be a 5/5 vote. If in five minutes the games is still completely unwinnable then so be it, but that 5 minutes can make a huge difference, *especially* in ranked when it is more than just a single game on the line. The 15 minutes surrender was introduced to help alleviate some of the pain of complete total stomps, it wasn't designed to let people run from games early because they aren't immediately going their way. It's an argument that has both sides. There are people who think that the 3/5 15min vote should be enough, but on the other extreme there are people who think surrenders should be removed as an option entirely, and of course every opinion in between. You literally cannot please everyone here. There will always be a significant chunk of people who think it's too harsh or not harsh enough. This is the best middle ground we are going to get that satisfies the most people. It'd be nice to everything the way *we* want it, but you have to be realistic here.
: 14 Days suspension just for this? What happened to chat restriction?
poof is extremely inflammatory and offensive and do you really think you can get away with calling people %%%got id its hashed out lmao nice try
: Report them with a comment saying what they did, Because if it's ranked/draft, they can be banned.
even in blind/draft people do it and there is no punishment for it
00shots00 (OCE)
: dear rioters can you please explain why im banned for calling someone toxic
copy past the chat logs please log in and and get them post them as a reply because we always see lairs like this
: Just because you think a game is unwinnable or not worth the effort doesn't mean the rest of your team does. I agree that when people are purposely prolonging a game it can be frustrating, but maybe it's the last game they can play that day and they want to get the most out of it? There are plenty of reasons to deny a surrender vote that aren't in any way related to trolling or trying to piss of your teammates that do want to surrender, just as those that try to surrender as often as possible can be annoying but can have a valid reason for doing so. If they're obviously trolling then report them, but if they just want to have fun and play their game then they have a right to that choice same as you do. If the vote was 3/5 it'd be way to easy for trolls to lose people games, whereas there isn't really any harm in having to play for another few minutes.
Just because you think a game is unwinnable or not worth the effort doesn't mean the rest of your team does." No. what im saying is if 4/5 people want to surrender we should not get stuck in the game just because one guy wants to keep playing 4/5 not 3/5 4 players out of the 5 in the team want to end
tts01008 (OCE)
: I don't see how playing late game champs automatically equals to trolling.
tts01008 (OCE)
: Is it that difficult for you to wait 5 minutes for the 4/1 vote?
what you just said proves my point, you're one of those trolls that keep players in games because you "want to still play"
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