: When champion buys an item that increases their strength a lot. E.g. Varus and Kog'Maw power spike on Guinsoos Rageblade as the item synergises with their w's and scalings very, very well. Before they buy that item, they are no way near as powerful. Tristana powerspikes on 3 items, Infinity Edge, and 2 finished zeal items. She powerspikes on 3 items because on 2 items she is strong yes, but when she gets those 3 items and hits 80% crit chance a long with the high attack speed and such, she starts outscaling and out damaging other adcs or champions as their 3 items aren't as strong due to synergy between the items, and synergy between her kit.
Hmm, I see. So when you say that a Tristana on 3 items outscale other ADCs, have you come to know that purely from experience, or is it based on some crazy maths you did, comparing the power curves of ADCs? (I've also being playing League for many years, but when I trade 1-on-1 as ADC, sometimes I win, sometimes I lose. When I'm up in levels and gold and executed my combos right, I sometimes still lose. I feel like there are so many variables in League that you can never know for sure. And if you want to do crazy maths, looking at leveling stat increase, comparing items, level, attack speed, crit, damage, hp, armor... ability scaling.... ugh... it get's too crazy and not fun at all)
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