: Riot doesn't care about the community so why should the community care about Riot? Think about this before you answer.
Sorry I saw this went away to think then forgot about it. I cant remember where I saw it but I saw that Riots goal is to provide the best player experience and to be most player orientated game. (not exactly what it said but I cant remember where I read it to quote exactly) In their Legal Jibber Jabber page relating to copyright, when players feel inspired to make things related to league, it states: "We believe that League of Legends should be free, and that encompasses the whole experience, not just the game itself." Of course this excludes skins and content they make. They also hold many events where players can get free content, or just have fun, like Ocean week or the new missions. They are also continually improving player satisfaction by changing things (e.g. removing lvl 30 cap to reduce the amount of smurfs that ruin new players games) But I do want to know your side, and why you think this?
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: OCE boards generally isn't the best place for pitching new ideas to Riot. As far as I know most of the development team is over on [NA](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/) and [EUW](https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/), so those might be good places to start. But I think you'll have the best change of being noticed if you send in a question directly to the League design director, **Riot Ghostcrawler**, [here](https://askghostcrawler.tumblr.com/).
Okay thank you :)
: Yeah is a good idea, however i don't feel it will stop people inting or misbehaving. like 2 games of ranked i had yesterday, {{champion:122}} fed {{champion:23}} 8-0 the then said {{champion:23}} snowballed into our {{champion:157}} mid and ended up with a 17-1 {{champion:23}}! as {{champion:21}} adc (end game 5-4 kill -deaths) a 17-1 {{champion:23}} was like an unstoppable cancer. OR a game prev to that one where i was {{champion:89}} suppc(1-6-13) and our top lane {{champion:245}} fed {{champion:85}} and {{champion:81}} to the point they finished at 11-4 and 15-2! OR how about when i went mid lane {{champion:3}} (6-5-17) my team adc {{champion:67}} fed my mid lane opponent {{champion:41}} 3 kills before 5 min mark (the adc just literally walked into mid tower and let mid kill him and ranted toxicity towards everyone) which resulted in a 14-4 {{champion:41}}. Any idea how hard that is to deal with, even though we still somehow managed to win that game, it is a massive problem for me going through rank and it is a big turn off sometime for me to play ranked games. That's 3 out of 5 ranked games i played yesterday which were trolled another typical day of ranked for me! I do file reports on such behaviour, as i don't want others to go through such hell! So i do hope i maybe wrong and that your idea will help make a change!
You have a point in it won't stop it all. I know that that wont happen, but I do know that some people will read it and think twice the next time they are toxic. Some people don't even know about the summoner code, I didn't till about lvl 15, then i heard someone say it in game and i had no clue wtf they were on about. I also report people who are toxic or int. I will usually tell them to, just so that they know what they are doing is not okay, and if they continue to do it it will likely end with them being banned for some time. But here's hoping it makes a pretty big dent in the community, instead of just a little one. {{sticker:cass-cry}} ( i was tryna find a sticker and i saw this and chose this, even though it really doesn't have anything to do with what we were saying i just like it XD )
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: You're god damn right :D I can't do anything about having it in the client, but I will ask the team about maybe giving it some visibility on the boards. I personally think having a link to the Summoner's Code next to the Universal Rules could be a good idea.
Would me taking it to player support maybe set me in the right direction to try to get it in the client? I thought maybe the boards were cause I know that the dev's often check out the boards for players ideas.
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: Mate I faked sick to stay home and play league and this is what I get SMH {{item:3070}}
My day off and the servers are down :') rip
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: Star Guardian Fanwork Contest
I'm guessing we cant do the current star guardians can we?
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: Pixel art contest 2017
Rip Maraudaur answering "It must be recognizable as League of Legends" over and over again. {{item:3070}}
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: I swear, if all we get is some sort of summoner icon I'm gonna neck myself
: yea im currently sitting on 11k ip, dont really need any more and dont want to spend it on runes since they are being taken away.
Lol me too i have 13k that i was saving for runes then they announced the new runes for free
: Ocean Week Community Goal
Male: Teemo {{champion:17}} and Gnar {{champion:150}} Female: Lulu {{champion:117}} and Poppy {{champion:78}}


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