: Legit if I become a prefect for my school, I will start the conversation with the teachers for the younger years.
may i ask what state and area you are in. Dont have to say what school for privacy reasons
: Have you tried reaching out to a teacher at your school to see what they think? What would they think of this article and initiative? We can help start the conversation :)
Hello Littlemisscheeky. I am a high school teacher inner city Melbourne and would love to set up an ongoing tournament within my school and against other schools. I am well aware of the logistical issues you would encounter within schools. However I do believe this is a great opportunity for Riot to build their player base from grass roots and also equip young gamers with the right attitude in regards to toxicity and how it is not welcomed. I would like to partner up with Riot and with their help hold tournaments or in an ideal situation a high school based LCS type program. I am happy to communicate with you directly with this as this is the quiet time of year and would be great to plan how we could do this in 2018. I forgot to mention I have partnered with Riot in the past to host high school based tournaments at a previous school with great success
: 2017 ranked season ends November 7
In regards to the 3 chromas for graves for getting gold+. Do we automatically get the twisted treeline chroma because we only have very limited time to play twisted treeline. Can someone from riot please clarify howtwosted treeline and oce reward will work
Zezpon (OCE)
: Looking for team mates for ranked 5
Scabboy Support: main Plat 5
xuzhinhen (OCE)
: Looking for a Jungler + Support for a serious team
add me gold 3 96 LP supp ign scabboy
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Bados (OCE)
: LFM Ranked 5's Team Gold 5 +
hey gold supp ign scabboy add plz
Frost09 (OCE)
: Wanting gold/plat members to join team
scabboy currently gold V promo supp available most days


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