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: SUP MAIN Lf adc main/duo (gold5 +)
Have you found anyone yet? I know a top adc (not me) looking for a support main.
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: Lf adc main/duo (gold)
I have added you on behalf of another player. Please add me to discuss his details.
: Looking For Duo (Gold to Plat)
I have added you on behalf of another player. Please add me to discuss his details.
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: That's definitely not the kind of behaviour anyone wants to see, except I suppose the trolls themselves. Personally I would recommend sending your list and any supporting evidence you have (screenshots of chat etc) to Player Support. They can't give you any info about anyone else's accounts, including even alluding to any form of punishment so you will just get a generic "thanks for your report" kind of reply, but at least then it should be followed up since apparently the automated system isn't catching them.
Thank you. Fortunately because I have the list of names I always dodge so I don't have any recent history. But I will submit it to support to see if anything can be done about it in the future. They would be getting so many reports about them anyway to substantiate my claims. Thanks for your help Seras Dragon.
: Of course, and it sucks. Normally you wouldn't be matched with them again but I suppose at midday (give or take for timezones) a lot of people are at work or doing other things. It's not the ideal scenario.
I agree with you, however I've seen this sort of thing at night as well. In particular specific trolls (not naming any names) who do the rounds of choosing champs that can destroy their own teammates (i.e. Anivia, Trundle, Ryze etc.) and therefore force a loss. The leader of this group is constantly being reported and he admits in his own words "i've been reported hundreds of time but never been punished". I get matched up with him at night because i play mid and he doesn't. So I can be teamed up with him time and time again. I have to check his account on to see if he is in a game before I can play again. These guys are ruining it for me in OCE but he's not being punished, I am cause I have to dodge when I'm matched with him or his mates (again not naming any names, but I have a list of them and they still keep on playing leaving a trail of lost ranked games behind them).
: It seems likely he received a chat restriction. 14 day bans are typically reserved for repeat offenders or things like hate speech.
Thanks for making that clear, however it still leaves me with having to dodge from a badly matched teammate yet again. That's my point. It's ruining my games not his.
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: LF flex team
We need a jg/mid for our silver flex team. Add me please.
: How can a person with delusional view and narrow mind set is going to coach any 1 toward sucess? I'll give a quick analyse from reading this post. ****"follow the video guide prepared as well as all commands given in game."**** 1. isnt interested in other people's input. "probly shut down any idea and replace it with, no but this, but that and resulting in: mine is better" 2. A terrible team mate because lack of step back view "Meaning, only see things from one perspective". ** We offer free wins to those who follow all instructions given to them.** 3. Is so certain that the method is a formula to sucess. Get real. When people make guarantee like that, its either a scam pitch sale, or the person have No effing idea what they are doing.
How can you say he has a narrow mind set when he has adjusted the comp to suit the team. You are clearly pulling rubbish out of mid air to make it look like you know what you are talking about, BUT YOU DON'T. He's always listening to other team members' views and will adjust if necessary. And how can it be a scam when he is not asking for anything other than people to listen to the shot caller just like any professional team would have to do.
: Wtf, who would even do this
Me. I joined and got more than I gave. I'm a happy team member. I couldn't win without this team in flex. In fact, whenever I get invited to play with any other team I lose. So the results speak for themselves.
: This is what i see reading this. Looking for a free slave, step right up. Free chain and cuff handed out. Exprience as a slave is not needed, whipping training will be provided. Man, you are not looking to play with other people. You are looking for a slave and master relationship.
What a ridiculous comment, if you want to win just join the team, get coached for free and climb the ranks.
: Looking for support silver gold flex
Hey I've joined this team and learned so much. I no longer feed, I've learned to play safe and when the whole team follow the shot caller we win, win, win. I don't consider myself a slave, in fact I got free quality training and free wins. Sure it might be boring at times playing the same champ but I get to climb the ranks because we are winning with a Captain of a team that really knows what to do to win.
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: > [{quoted}](name=whitePumah,realm=OCE,application-id=mR0UmRrp,discussion-id=htiEOmqn,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-10-25T14:44:59.705+0000) > > Someone told me they got to challenger in under 500 games from their first game. So that means that anyone with over 500 games has proven themselves to be dedicated enough to apply for your team, according to your own logic. > > Since I have over 500 ranked games on a single champion this season alone, add me and keep me posted on when the trials are so i can be ready, thanks. Don’t think they accept gold V if you read their thing
I think he is trying to point out that they are implying that the result they are after is the determination and dedication, so he is trying to provide them with an understanding that he has already proven himself in a different way other than achieving the rank they have set.


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