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: Hi guys, the OCS has changed a great deal this year and you'll find the article below: If you have any questions, please let me know!
Hi, bit late to the party! Does this restructure mean that the only way into OCS is by purchasing a spot from current OCS teams? My understanding is that current eSports organisations who have secured a spot in OCS will be there forever unless their spot is bought by another organisation. Without OOL, is there no way the bottom OCS teams will be relegated? Thanks!
: Someone told me they got to challenger in under 500 games from their first game. So that means that anyone with over 500 games has proven themselves to be dedicated enough to apply for your team, according to your own logic. Since I have over 500 ranked games on a single champion this season alone, add me and keep me posted on when the trials are so i can be ready, thanks.
If you are so frustrated by how teams are recruiting using a cutoff rank, you should make your own team and prove to us by winning rather than posting in all these threads mate. Calm your farm.


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